Don't ask questions that lead to arguments, heated discussions, or opinionated answers. There are lots of forums out there, but this is not a forum. Okay, I feel like a guinea pig. This could go two ways. You are related to some sort of college that wants to know how people think, OR you are the NWO that wants to round up those people that REALLY think differently, that KNOW differently, so differently that they are of detriment to this NWO. The way I see it, everyone is giving opinionated answers. There are very few books mentioned. Is it an opinion when a physicist writes it? I get all my words from books and the explanation for my experiences comes from books. Everybody's opinions come from books. It's just that some of those books are written to lead us off the straight and narrow path. I don't want to be labeled as a teacher. Teachers are questioned really hard about what they teach. I see most of the people writing here believe they are physical and then die. I have written the best I can to change that. Believing in death must be tortuous and leads to more torture. I have been trying to save my fellow beings from torture. Some of the first words I read were about the 100dreth monkey effect. This was someone's way of bringing to light that existence is a matrix of electrical energy fields where we all are connected. Nonlocality has been proven. We are ONE, we are LIGHT itself. What one photon knows they all know. Whom is it that doesn't want us to know this? Whom wants God/intelligence out of the picture? The only delimma I see is this super wrong information that drives people apart, that causes ALL the abuses and tortures, prisons and wars on this earth. These are the ones that push that life is physical to give themselves, these NWO people, the most wealth money wise. The video AGENDA Grinding Down America says communists are tearing people/families apart of purpose. The video BEHIND THE SMOKE CURTAIN: THE 9/11 PENTAGON ATTACK says evil/diabolical nazis in the white house did 9/11. The soul creating me has put me in this position to say these words. They are my whole life mission. These words belong to the electrical soul creating me. I don't apologize for them.

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As for your first sentence, are you referring to the site's faq ? The site is under new management.

(08 Dec '21, 14:31) ele
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Hi @MagicallyEternal science is faced with a dilemma because classical time/space science and quantum mechanics science contradict each other. Scientists today are beginning to see what yogis have been saying for yonks ... that there's more to this world than meets the eye.

There's a simple scientific experiment (scientific because it can be proved time and time again by any normal person) that you may enjoy, the rice consciousness experiment inspired by Dr. Masaru Emoto on youtube

update; what is the difference between science and magic? nothing ... they both boil down to the constant dancing of ying and yang energies ... just as the native peoples of northern america using bows and arrows were overpowered by europeans using guns could have said "their magic is stronger than ours"


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Hey, jaz "but this is not a forum." These words come from the rules on this website. So how am I to behave? I have read an Emoto book. Wonderful pictures of what emotions look like as they are frozen into water Have fun? How can I have fun on an earth where people believe there is a dilemma between classical physics and quantum physics? I KNOW that what is called classical science would not exist without those quarks bursting forth as light. Super INTELLIGENT LIGHT that is creating constantly

(10 Dec '21, 08:08) MagicallyEternal

I have more words than these spaces allow. With all those billion dollar colliders built around the world that never find solidity, how does anyone think they are hiding? Slavery is created everyday hiding quantum physics from view. Do physicists literally have guns pointed at their heads? This slavery is all locked up in that PHYSICAL word. "keep them thinking they are physical bound to catch a germ, which WE will make billions of dollars from". This is what those trillionaire oligarchs say.

(10 Dec '21, 08:12) MagicallyEternal

The INTELLIGENCE creating me decided that I be born 2 a female that believed she was physical-bound 2 get sick and die. She WAS sick, vicious and super stressed out. Her emotions would have been very dark and twisted in that frozen water. Not her fault. She didn't know that this INTELLIGENCE was her body, her face with a mission of its own. Her stress was supposed 2 lead me to all the books I have read that say WE ARE NOT PHYSICAL But did she have 2 tell me that I was the one that made her sick?

(10 Dec '21, 08:19) MagicallyEternal

yes very interesting @MagicallyEternal we're all both physical and non physical, many humans are unaware, afraid or refuse to admit it including some scientists

(11 Dec '21, 01:35) jaz

the rice consciousness experiment is an easy and practical way of introducing people into the world of subtle energies

(11 Dec '21, 02:03) jaz

According to SOME dogmatic, opinionated physicists, quarks exist. Gell-Mann won a Nobel prize for his theory of quarks which spin as 3 points of light that are forming atoms, which we all consist of, all 7 billion billion billion of them. AND atoms are electrical energy fields. When you use the word PHYSICAL are you saying electrical energy fields are physical? Yes you are. When you ask "where is that electricity coming from?" Are you saying "where is that physical electricity coming from?"

(11 Dec '21, 08:43) MagicallyEternal

yes @MagicallyEternal i'm ok with electrical energy fields or rather the tension between magetic/electric that creates these fields that project physical reality ... at the moment i feel the limits of my 'physical' body, i'm using essentially my fingers, eyes and thoughts to create this message on my pc ... i'm pretty sure that when you receive this message you will also be using similar equipment ... i also admit there's a lot more to physical reality than meets the eye ;)

(12 Dec '21, 03:33) jaz

Jaz! You are JUST okay? Electrical energy fields means you are being created right now like a computer, but a whole lot more complicated ! WE HEAL ! WE GO BACK TO OUR PERFECT SELVES EACH TIME WE HEAL. What computer does that? Those quarks and atoms must be the codes creating us constantly. Each time a quark bursts proves constant creation itself. These quarks bursting forth are the BIG BANG ! You feel the limits of your 'physical body'? Are you imagining that you have limits? Why must you admit?

(12 Dec '21, 06:00) MagicallyEternal

Jaz. Admitting means U have been totally taken over by the oligarchs on this earth, who have closed our blinders with their words.Have U picked up that HANDS OF LIGHT book yet?We R light intersecting all other lights.That is what we R here 2 learn. Truth--I have closed up myself.I no longer feel energy flowing through me.I feel the resistance this body is instead.Writing about this subject is more about being my own cheerleader.But I have failed.I have found no 1 to jump up and down with in joy.

(12 Dec '21, 06:18) MagicallyEternal

sure Magically i easily feel the limits of my physical body however from a subtle energy point of view i know all the riches of the universe are flowing in and around me and i can manifest everything that i wish ... i studied 'hands of light' many years ago, very useful ... you speak of oligarchs? what does oligarch mean to you?

(13 Dec '21, 00:37) jaz

... and what happens when human cells are placed in a petri dish?

(13 Dec '21, 23:41) ele


Are you talking Louise Turpin type mother ? That's a hard one because she knew right from wrong. There were 13 children. The oldest daughter has memories of a time when her mom was 'normal'. The younger ones don't.

You did NOT make your mother sick! I sure hope you KNOW this.

(26 Dec '21, 15:38) ele

As for severe bullying - had your classmates known what was going on at home, I do not think that would have happened. As for your teachers - epic failure.

(26 Dec '21, 16:00) ele
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human science seems to view
the context of the world in
parameters our five
senses can distinguish


answered 27 Dec '21, 09:45

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