There are no coincidences or chance occurrences unfolding in the world.


Everything in the world is coincidence and random.

These are two schools of thoughts regarding events and circumstance in a persons life or in the world around them.

How could anyone know which is true?

Also, wouldn't it be true to the person who believed either one? Then that would mean both are true at the same time. And if both are true at then same time then these 2 ideas are just our perceptions of something that may be neither of those....right?

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These two "schools" are not mutually exclusive, their only difference is scope. Randomness, chaos, coincidence -- only mean the formula is not known, or too complex / irrelevant to be considered. Behind every random event there's a chain of causes tracing all the way back to the Big Bang (if such thing ever happened). If you sit at the sea shore and watch the waves they only seems random if your scope is limited to your immediate surroundings. If you knew all the winds and the shape of the ocean floor and other factors you would be able to calculate the waves. The "magic" coincidences are similarly predetermined from the Zero Point of the Universe, but we don't see all the causes. So yes, both are true at the same time. Isn't this magical? :)


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(29 Sep '10, 16:32) Back2Basics

Everything in the Universe is perfect. Weather you say it is a coincidence or not is only a reflection of the way in which you view the world. If coincidences are so random, then why do we even think twice about them? I feel it's because deep down we know there is a connection. If everything is random then why LOA? The LOA plays on the exactness of us and the Universe. Who would practice manifesting if the results would be random?

I know, I'm answering a question with more questions, hope it helps.


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I think the paradox is that the choice and the predetermined boundaries within that choice are both characteristics of choice. It's like a balloon being inflated.

A molecule within this balloon has a random opportunity to be anywhere in that balloon. but the randomness is contained by the boundaries of the balloon, except every time the molecule makes a new choice, the choice is created but it's original position is filled by another molecule causing the pool of choice to constantly expand. so the balloon is constantly expanding due to randomness of choices, which are always contained by the boundary of maximum available choice.

Another way to try and fit an explanation is to see it as a picture with many pixels.

Each pixel is a position of choice (our present position in consciousness), and each pixel participates in creating a bigger picture that the pixel is not immediately aware of (consciousness - creation).

Because each pixel has free will and random choice, it is constantly changing and as a result the whole picture is constantly changing.

Every picture that has ever been created by the collective pixels is the working boundary of random choice, which in itself is growing.

within this boundary, the pixels are working within a fixed choice of colors(256 in the old days) but each of these colors has a different meaning when seen with the bigger picture of all the pixels participating.

It's like saying, if each pixel can only produce 256 unique colors how many different pictures (meaningful) and how many different feelings can be evoked by the combined random choice within the pixels?
Or how many different & unique photographs can be show on a screen where each pixel can only produce 256 colors?

Do you see the paradox of randomness and free will combined with predetermined limitations can still produce an UN-limited reality of possibilities?

I just stumbled on something else, imagine if you take a monitor and calculate the maximum probability of the potential combination of all the pixels of color, would that potentially represent the visual limitation of creation?

It's a silly idea with a seeming sense of truth to it.

(who knows if it is right?, I certainly don't)


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That really got me thinking. Thanks

(03 Oct '10, 18:17) Back2Basics

The truth is somewhere in between.

For example, weather can be predicted several days in advance with high accuracy. But go beyond that, and miniscule variations in the atmosphere become amplified, randomizing your results.

In the macro world, the world that we experience with the five senses, there are many things that are stable enough to be considered deterministic. Put your hand on the table. Did it go through the table? That's because the molecules in your hand and the molecules in the table are all vibrating at extremely high speeds, preventing your hand from passing through.

But a table (and your hand) are mostly empty space at the atomic level, so if you could cool down your hand and the table enough to stop the movement of atoms, your hand would pass right through the table.

This is not just a hypothetical thought experiment. In this video, you can see a container of liquid helium evaporate, taking heat with it, until the remaining liquid turns into a "superfluid." At that moment, it begins leaking out of the beaker that is holding it.

At the atomic level, nothing is deterministic. It is all based on probabilities, or "chance." But those probabilities (within the context of several measured events) are very predictable. Predictable chance is why casinos can consistently make large sums of money year after year.


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There are no coincidences in my life. Even when 'bad' things happen, I always believe I was responsible for attracting it or it was for my overall long term better good. There Is no randomness in any of these reasons. This makes me good at finding the silver lining or the good that can come from every situation. It has never occured to me that someone who beleived in randomness and coincidence would experience randomness and coincidence. Your perception Can create your reality etc. Probably true, it makes sence.


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Wow that is positive and based on a lot of faith that even bad things are for your good. Thatis hard for me. I hope I can see that one day.

(03 Oct '10, 18:19) Back2Basics

I am at the verge of believing or not believing. For me the decisions in my life have always been tough with pros & cons. It could be my fault.. but it's also partly due to the chaos we call society and job market. Partly I agree in self-fulfilling prophecy.. we pretty much choose what truth we want to believe in and we make it true through our behavior. The truth of our reality as we see is due to our behavior.. it will bend towards our truth accordingly. We can choose to an extent our fate.. but beyond a point is chosen by forces above ourselves.

I went to a palm reader. I know it's laughable to many. I will say that if she had purely guessed she wouldn't have been on cue for many of her points. She kept it vague but specific enough where she got the essence of who I was and what I gone through. She doesn't know specifics but outlined my basic character and love life as well as job. I'm currently going through a tough job transition. If it goes as it should.. I will be more of a believer but if I end up no job then.. she has failed. I know better than to base my decision on her but she will make me think if things go my way. Things could go bad or they can go great (my way). If it goes my way then.. I've been through a lot. And my life story is really too weird to tell.. but if I get some random job.. man shoot then screw "intelligent design" or what have you. It would then be pure random stuff..


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both are true. there are no coincidence. and it looks random only to the person that do not know why it happens. experience and enjoy.


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