I had been thinking on this question because I hit a deer driving home, I know I had no fear of hitting a deer; I never hit one before. But there are people I know that hit deer and others say drive safely there are deer out there, etc...

I was not depressed or angry. I was just happily driving home thinking what a great day it was, and there was a deer in the road over a hill I just climbed. I do believe when I saw it, what happened next was in my control how I experienced this, I stayed calm while applying the brakes and trying to avoid it. I swerved two directions: my first direction was all wrong. I would have killed it for sure, so I swerved the opposite direction and nearly missed it, but I knew at the last moment I was going to hit it.

My car was badly damaged (driver's head light smashed in and hood bent slightly about a 1/4 inch in. at the front. That might be over $1000 damage, I was told). Other than that, I was okay. I guess the deer survived it, because I didn't see where it went after I hit it.

This experience was completely counter to my energy. I was feeling great, it was a wonderful-day feeling. I wasn't thinking of this deer situation; I know if I had been driving, fearing hitting a deer, that would pull me to that experience, but I wasn't.

But I do know people that hit deer, and those that worry about me hitting a deer, driving twisty, hilly country roads, in the darkness of night, coming home.

This leads me to question if we are directly responsible for everything that happens to us; kind of like thumbing my nose at everyone and saying "You don't exist! You are a creation of my own thought!" Or if together, we create the reality we experience. For example, the girl driving behind me could have been fearing hitting a deer, or for example, the girl driving behind me could have been fearing I might hit a deer that would involve her in an accident.

I do know I am thankful to God that I did not run over it. I did not hit it going so fast that it flew up and smashed my windshield. Had I been driving faster, I might have been killed. I am thankful to God for all of this.


The more I think on it I handled this in a very aware state. I just went to the last moment, right before impact in my mind. I could have slammed on the brakes, and whipped the wheel to get out of the way. That would have probably got me killed, hitting instead the entire side of the car. I was calm the whole time. I was just concentrating on what I needed do, and doing it. Instead, I hit it near close to stopped with my bumper maybe 5 to 10 mph. Had I maybe 6 more feet, I would have not hit it.

I know I was using a lot of calm, clear reasoning in this experience. (I could have gone off the road to the berm, but there is a ditch there. what if I went too far? What if there was another deer coming after the first one?) So I opted out of that option, because if I went in the ditch to avoid the deer, that could have been fatal. What if there where another deer coming right up after the first? Again, that could have been fatal.

Now I feel like this is just something in the past. Yesterday I was shook up, but today, it seems like something over and gone, except as something to ponder on here.

Something similar happened years ago. I was driving to work. There was a dog on that main road. That time, I was very shook up and that stuck with me years. But this time, I don't feel the same. I think this is because the deer was a much bigger animal. I probably killed the dog (I don't really know; it ran away, yelping) I do remember my insurance company saying years ago to me, that it is actually better to hit an animal than a car insurance-wise. So yes, that thought went through my head just before impact, too! It is hard to believe that before impact, this thought went through my head! "at lest this is covered..."! But I remember asking God please don't let me run over this poor deer.

So if I was asked, "what did I learn from this?" I don't know. I have been driving these roads for many years with no problem. I suspect I'll be driving them again for many years before this ever happens again, if it ever.

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Wade Casaldi

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Thanks for posting this question, Wade. There is nothing quite like a concrete real-life example for us all to chew over in order to illustrate these universal principles at work.

(12 Dec '09, 09:45) Stingray

Yes when something seems like where did that come from, I am a conscious creator I know the laws of attraction, it does jar you and makes you think wait maybe I have been over simplifying things because we all have thought based on the mass thought. It does give something to ponder on.

(12 Dec '09, 09:59) Wade Casaldi

Maybe I am oversimplifying things as I sometimes do, but I think you are wondering if you attracted this experience yourself, or if the worries and experiences of others did. Is that right?

I liked your questions and am thinking about it since it applies to many situations that come up on our lifetimes. I'll be reading along with you to see how others reply.

(12 Dec '09, 15:18) LeeAnn 1

Yes that is correct just a curiosity after the fact thing. Not a good or bad thing just something that passed through my life experience for some reason as yet to be found.

(12 Dec '09, 16:42) Wade Casaldi

I've attached no meaning or feeling to it, about the only meaning or feeling I can say is that was strange oh well I'm fine the car will be fixed I guess the deer isn't as hurt as I originally felt, so everything is nearly like nothing happened.

(12 Dec '09, 16:47) Wade Casaldi

Stingray I gave you best answer because of all your help, it helped me reach my answer, also you helped me with how to be clearer in my post as well. Thank you very much.

(19 Dec '09, 03:59) Wade Casaldi

Glad to help. Thank you too, Wade.

(19 Dec '09, 19:22) Stingray
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Firstly, let me just say that I'm glad you are okay after this incident. :)

This is an excellent reality-creation example for us to look at because it appears from your description that this incident seemingly came from nowhere. And reading your description, as it stands, this does appear to be one of life's random events and so appears to run contrary to the ideas put forward by people (like me) that you create your own reality.

So, if you are willing, it will be instructive for us all to examine this event in some detail.

Since the format of this website doesn't permit discussions, I'll add more to my answer as more information is available.

And perhaps you could add further requested information to the end of your question above by drawing a line (or putting the word EDIT: above each new chunk)? This would enable others to see a clear progression of how to go about examining similar random incidents in their own lives.

My first observations to you would be the following.

Manifestations come in response to emotional matches rather than subject matches so you would not need to have given any previous thought to hitting deer in order to hit a deer.

There are never any near-misses in life. If you had been a vibrational match to a serious injury, you would have received one.

From your description, it appears that the concrete outcome of this incident has resulted in the following... (please add more to your description above if this is an incorrect or incomplete summary)

  • Your car now has possibly over $1,000 of damage
  • The deer apparently survived
  • You appear to be okay (though maybe a little shaken up?)
  • You will have to go through some frustration in getting your car repaired and dealing with the insurance company etc?

I have some questions for you now, if you are willing...

  • How do you feel now about this incident looking back at it? Are you relieved, thankful, worried about the future, more confident in your abilities to cope in similar situations? etc
  • Have you ever been in any similar incidents, or incidents that have resulted in you feeling the same way?
  • Was there anything in your life before this incident (perhaps completely unrelated to this incident) that you are not feeling as good about as you would really like to have been?
  • Do you always feel confident about driving down those twisting, hilly country roads in darkness - or are you sometimes a bit concerned? If concerned, how concerned does it make you?

As I said, I'll add more to my answer as more information is available.


If I am interpreting you correctly, then this incident seems to you to have given you the chance to demonstrate to yourself just how far your own abilities have evolved in dealing with a situation like this. You mentioned that years ago you were very shaken up by something similar but today it hardly seems like anything happened.

You have spoken twice now in different edits about your calmness and alertness during this incident, which I find interesting. You've also mentioned how you even had the time to think about the insurance implications of the impact before it happened!

To me, these don't sound like the words of someone going through a fearful situation.

I notice you are a hugely-experienced martial arts instructor. Just to throw something back at you...is the ability to react this quickly and calmly to sudden events, something you are working on or are interested in developing further?

EDIT 2 (written after comment-based discussion below)

Thank you very much for indulging all my intrusive questioning, Wade. I really appreciate you being willing to explore this event so open-mindedly in public. :)

Everytime an unexpected incident happens in my own life, I go through a process similar to the one we have been going through here. I am always checking, double-checking and triple-checking to see if anything in my life has happened that cannot be explained by some vibrational attitude that I have been involved with.

I personally have never come across any incident in my life (even the traumatic ones) that has not been clearly explainable in this way.

Though I am an advocate of you create your own reality, I'm not sure we can ever prove conclusively that everything that happens to us is caused by us, but I am sure we will never find conclusive evidence against it - if we examine all the emotional/vibrational factors surrounding any event.

I'm not going to draw any further conclusions from the incident that happened to you - I'll leave that to anyone who has managed to follow this discussion so far, or anyone who wishes to provide their own answers.

In response to the question you have posed as to whether others (such as the driver behind you) caused you to have an accident like this, I would say that sort of thing is not possible. That would imply the existence of a Law of Assertion and then all of these reality-creation ideas start to generate unacceptable inconsistencies (in my view).


answered 12 Dec '09, 10:25

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No I am just in the moment, that is the only way to explain, like the same thing happens if I am asleep having what most call a nightmare, my mind is thinking what do I need to do to survive this so I always win even in the worst nightmares I win and feel like it was more of an adventure than nightmare.

(12 Dec '09, 13:02) Wade Casaldi

Also you are right there was no fear it all seemed like logic at the time.

(12 Dec '09, 13:04) Wade Casaldi

So would it be fair to say that, even though to others this might be classified as a bad experience, to you it was just an experience? Just another event in your life, perhaps an unusual one, but not anything that you would classify as wrong or bad?

(12 Dec '09, 13:42) Stingray

I'm trying to see if, bearing in mind everything you have said about how you reacted during the event and how you are now reacting, whether you can see any inconsistency anywhere between how you felt before the incident and how you feel afterwards? From what you have written, it almost all seems like a non-event to you. I know others with a less adventurous approach to life might be more concerned but you don't seem bothered by the event to me.

(12 Dec '09, 14:03) Stingray

Yes that is correct not wrong or bad but more curious of the nature of the experience. It did just seem to be something that happened to make me wonder on a grander scale about the determining characteristics of the cause not only for myself but the earth, more of a curiosity hence, the question.

(12 Dec '09, 16:35) Wade Casaldi

But this is how I act in any accident or near accident, if someone nearly hits me I say after the moment whoa that was close, then I forget about it and go on like nothing happened,I always do that it just seems natural to me.

(12 Dec '09, 16:38) Wade Casaldi

So it's not that it happened, but your reaction to it that matters?

(12 Dec '09, 18:12) Vesuvius

@Vesuvius: The time management guru Stephen Covey has an analogy that I like. He says something along the lines of...there is a gap between an incident that happens to you and your reaction to it. In the lives of some people that gap is very small and fragile, and they feel helpless. In the lives of others, that gap is very wide and solid. Controlling your life simply comes down to controlling that gap.

(12 Dec '09, 18:39) Stingray
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I just had a huge enlightenment because of this! It was all about attachment, meaning, reason, and cause, IT IS ALL MEANINGLESS. I am laughing over this being meaningless. I realize this does not just apply to this incident; it applies to every event in my life that I carried around the pain of asking, "Why did this have to happen?" When I realized that there is no meaning, reason, or purpose -and nothing to search for- it became trivial. It was just something that happened. I don't have to find any meaning in it, if I choose.

I will warn you, this is so simple and easy, think about it carefully.

It's what you choose to do with the experience that matters. I chose to write about it and share what I've learned. All the feelings, worries, and judgments are a just a wast of time for any of us.


answered 12 Dec '09, 18:22

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Wade Casaldi

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Yes! I think you got it! You did not create the twisty road, nor the country, nor the deer, nor its thoughts(and stupidity or innocence, depending on your point of view), nor the moment it walked into the road, nor did you ask for this on some plane, or think it might be something valuable- IT JUST HAPPENED! Look what you did with the experience, though. You created this question, made everyone think about his or her beliefs, and made something positive out of something negative. Great going! Much Love and Light, Jai

(13 Dec '09, 00:33) Jaianniah

This all reminds me of a free E-book by Denis Krum called IS I downloaded it many years ago, and have not read it in years. It is very enlightening and freeing about how everything just IS. http://www.is1.org/

(13 Dec '09, 06:13) Wade Casaldi

I was thinking that since free will trumps everything, that the deer itself decided to step into the road, for whatever reason. Maybe it's as simple as that. Thankfully you weren't hurt, and your property was not further damaged. Maybe the deer survived its injuries as well, and as you said, maybe the whole thing means little. It was definitely a good subject for thought, though, this afternoon as I went about my business.


answered 12 Dec '09, 19:54

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LeeAnn 1

Great question and answers everyone. I was just wondering Wade if there was something new you learned from the situation? - maybe that was the reason for it happening. I know a lot of us would have probably acted differently in the same situation, you definitely show that there is more power in your nonreaction to the event.

Thanks Stingray for all the insight. You both have given us something to ponder.


answered 13 Dec '09, 01:35

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Just realized you did say in your answer there was nothing you learned from the event.

(13 Dec '09, 02:57) Michaela
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