Do you want to find heaven and hell, nirvana, rebirth, pergatory or nothingness and an eternal sleep. Why is it hard for people to accept that death may be the ultimate end of the line, nothing more........just nothing. Why do people invent an afterlife? Do they feel the need to create hope, that there will be a judgement on those who are getting away with murder, theft and all kinds of moral sins. Is it a creation of man to keep people in line, to not stray off the path because they will not be able to escape punishment for their sins? Do some people believe in ascension to a higher plane of existance, will I be reborn as a star? Space has no boundries that we can find, from our viewpoint it is limitless, just like all the concepts and theories put forth about an afterlife. Who among the living really knows what awaits us on the other side. Those that have gone before are not talking. Who can really say what they believe is verifiable truth? All you can put forth is your unfounded belief.

So really what do you believe and why, give me verifiable undisputed proof.

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It doesn't matter to me what's after I die.Nothing matters.There is no path to stray from,there's only the way.Death is limited by life and life is limited by death(that's sort of funny,you live,you die - you've been eliminated)lol!.Whatever our universe is limited by it's there.The very opposite of it.

You live more in your fantasy than in the world around you.Why is the world not good enough the way it is?Because it's not good, nor bad. But would you ever get it? No, cause it can't be gotten.

(02 May '13, 03:48) CalonLan
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Obviously, if there was any "verifiable undisputed proof", then we wouldn't need to discuss this subject.

Ultimately, it's the age old unresolved consciousness creates matter vs matter creates consciousness debate.

I talked here about an experience I had [What is my light within?] which convinced me that we are more than just biological machines. But I know that this can never be a proof for anybody else out there. Everyone has to make their own experiences. That's just the nature of such things.

I guess that whatever we believe will happen, will happen when we die. We learn from Near Death Experience reports that Christians will meet Christ and Buddhists will meet Buddha.

If you think you are going to vanish and disappear, then you probably will vanish and disappear. Some of us may fear to dissolve into oblivion, but some may also fear the idea of being eternal, each to their own.

If you are looking for a slightly more scientific approach and possible explanation (that's albeit still quite "out there" though), take a look at Nassim Haramein's presentation about the holographic, fractal nature of the universe, and lots of strange, but fascinating space geometry and black holes. In this point of view, everyone has a singularity within. That's why everyone is bound to their own perception of the universe. More so, everyone is actually the very center of "their" universe. Our senses of perception are our event horizon. The reason for biology is information exchange at the event horizon between the outer and inner world. When we die, we will collapse into our singularity. What will happen then? Our next Big Bang maybe.


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So, basically you believe in the philosophies of Jung, that we are at the center of our universe because our perspective is our own and no one elses. I think everyone is influenced by outside stimuli that causes us to react differently from one another because we all percieve the world differently. A near death experience does not prove anything except that lack of oxygen will cause the mind to hallucinate and have vivid dreams, perhaps the pre birth experience is an outside stimulus from inside the womb. One can never be apsolutly sure, now can they.

(27 Nov '09, 07:38) Goodisevil

Sure no one can be sure, everyone has to make their own experiences, as I said. You basically believe in materialistic determinism and deny any free will then, analog to Laplace's billiard ball universe.

(27 Nov '09, 12:13) herzmeister

The statement that NDEs don't prove anything always reminds me of the famous double-slit experiment in quantum mechanics where we see probability waves when no one measures at the slits, but particles when there is an observer. Similar to that principle, when there is some strange phenomenon or someone has an abstract experience like an NDE, we will always find a rational explanation when observed from outside "hard enough". It may be that this is the nature of the "common communication contract" between our individual worlds that we see manifested in physical laws, who knows?

(27 Nov '09, 12:15) herzmeister
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There are so many first hand account stories from people who have gone through the near-death experience but came back. There are also first hand account stories (Very rare but they exist) of existence prior to birth into this life. So let me share one of them.

There were these two identical twins (girls) who were born in a village in an Asian country. While these children were given a certain name by their parents, the girls called each other by different male names. As they got older (I believe around 5-6) they started telling stories of being two best friends of male gender in their previous lives. They kept insisting that they were living in the wrong home & that their real home was in a town approx 10 miles away from the home they were living in. They also said that in their previous life they were criminals who were eventually shot dead by the police while in police custody.

The names & story told by the girls matched the actual police records indicating that two criminals with the same names used by the girls were in police custody and had committed suicide while in custody.

But the girls insisted that they were shot dead in their previous lives by the police & described the bullet wound locations. When the girls were about 13-14, intending to prove the girls wrong & to put the story to rest the government did a re-analysis of the evidence on the remains of the bodies of the two criminals.

To the surprise of the authorities the girls were correct. The police record indicated death by hanging but the bodies had bullet wounds in the same locations described by the girls. Of course there was no investigation into the police activity because officially re-incarnation could not be used as an explanation for the source of evidence.

While this story is somewhat morbid it actually happened because I read the story in the nations newspaper as it un-folded over many years ( I was a teenager at that time).


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The Traveller

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Very interesting story and I am sure there are more like it as well For there is so much about life we do not know.

(27 Nov '09, 05:04) flowingwater

There could be another explanation, the girls were clarvoyant and experienced the events as if they were their own. Impossible to believe, No it is quite possible they were reliving the experience from the akashic records.

(27 Nov '09, 07:44) Goodisevil

Akashic records, huh, I thought you're a materialist. ;-) ... The explanation may very well be both reincarnation and clairvoyance. How? Because space and time are illusions and we are all one. In the beginning, there was only void (0). Somehow it got aware of itself. This inevitably created the concept of existence (1). Now it must find out what existence means as opposite to void. It creates fractions of itself in order to play through all possible aspects of the concept of existence. These fractions are us. I am you and you are me in another life.

(27 Nov '09, 12:25) herzmeister

I never claimed to be anything other then what I am, but materialistic is not one of them. I am just the interlocuter or if you prefer the Devil's Advocate,

(28 Nov '09, 00:17) Goodisevil
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Who knows?

The mind can never grasp nothingness, emptiness or the concept of eternity and any answer we try to come up with comes from the mind trying to understand that which it can't...all in the hope that it can prevent it's own demise, a pretty futile task.

Allowing the personal sense of self to die while still in the physical body may bring us close to the answer. But even the mind itself does it's best to come up with the answer to this question. Guess we'll all find out when we die...either in this physical realm or when we transition back to where we came from...the blissfulness of nothingness.


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I remember watching a movie about return from the light. It was about Danyon Brinkley he died and was gone dead for maybe a few hours or so only. It was in this time that he had an amazing experience! It was death but he experienced not just his memory but as well the memory of those he interacted with. People he yelled at he felt how they felt at being yelled at. People he enjoyed being a bully over, laughing at them and beating them. He felt their pain, even when he went to war killing people and enjoying it, he even though the language was different felt how they felt as he gunned them down laughing.

It was Hell! When he was revived with some shock paddles later he had this story to tell everyone and warn them!

It was a good movie, I remember.


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Wade Casaldi

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we are here to develop
to realize and learn
knowing the body is finite
releasing us to the next future


answered 03 May '13, 21:29

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Great question, simple answer.

I would want to find a world just like this one.

A world thats one world and yet many worlds, a world where i "can" have what i want, but i dont "have" to have what i want.

Perhaps i have already died.....and found what i really want!


answered 04 May '13, 03:02

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Monty Riviera

Looking for answers to afterlife is a moot point!

I want to live and find peace in this life now. You're missing out on what's here now and what's going on in the moment by focusing on a thought about a life beyond your life now.

We have to stop trying to label everything.

It's easier to make peace with not knowing and work on a happy, peaceful, moral, loving life now.

Personally: Sin is a problematic word for me, and I don't believe in it. While I believe religion holds value, it no doubt has been (and continues to be) misused. I don't however believe that religion and spirituality are synonymous or that you will always find your spirituality in religion. Needless to say, religion isn't the only means to the end.

In my mind I view the higher planes more like layers. I feel we're more like a shared consciousness; just having different experiences of it. So, maybe one day you will 're'- manifest or come back as something we dream up from our world.

If you're looking for truth, look within for all your answers. Living true to yourself is what keeps us human (with our morals), allows us to do good for this world (think love, compassion and kindness) and gives us peace from within.


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