If freedom of will is indeed just an illusion, shouldn't I just give up?

asked 29 Sep '10, 00:30

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don't agree that it is an illusion, I believe it is very real and we are co-creators of life, isn't that what this whole site is about??

(29 Sep '10, 20:14) Back2Basics
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Well if you believe that free will IS an illusion then what is there to give up?

Like saying, "if I am blind, shouldn't I just close my eyes?"


answered 29 Sep '10, 02:34

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jim 10

Actually, it's even worse. How can I give up if I don't have the freedom to give up ;-) ?

(29 Sep '10, 18:11) zvolkov

If free will is just an illusion then I will still play and make the most of my game for as long as I can and may my higher-self/god/creator.... use me to my best of abilities (though I do tend to drift my own way every now and then the way a toddler does testing his new found walking ability yet never manages to stray too far from his observant mother!)

All is well and always will be, so don't fret, enjoy the ride.

thank you, namaste


answered 30 Sep '10, 13:56

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Will power is simply directing your attention. I wouldn't say "give up", I would say "try soft, let it flow, let it happen" It is kinda like giving up, Yet you pay attention to that which makes you feel happiness, harmony, health, wealth.


answered 29 Sep '10, 04:54

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It depends on how you define free will. I define free will as choice. We always have a choice in every moment about what to think, believe and hence, feel.

If you choose to believe in something else as your definition of free will and that choice and that belief makes you unhappy or makes you want to give up, why not change your belief?

The way I see it is, based on the idea of infinite possibilities, prior to incarnating into this life experience on planet Earth, you chose it. So why not milk this experience for all you can; it's a one time ride after all...


answered 29 Sep '10, 10:25

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From your blog, "In the totality of vast expanse there’s nobody who makes decisions, so nobody can take this or that course of action. Since all things are complete from the beginning, trying to fix them is only a game."

It seems as though you already know ;) It is an illusion and it is pointless. But don't 'should' all over yourself, Play the game! C'mon, it's fun, you'll have a Great time!

Do freedom and will have to coexist as free-will or can they just be my good friends, Freedom and Will?


answered 03 Dec '10, 02:49

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Hu Ra

it is not that they have to exist, it is that for humankind they do exist; even if your abstract thouhts may not fully coinside with anyone elses. yes, it is your choice to live your life as if were only an illusion.

(03 Dec '10, 11:31) fred

They do not exist and you cannot prove otherwise. Not as if. Life is an illusion. Point out to me (or yourself more importantly) one thing that is not illusory (subject to change and disappearance). It's not my choice, it's my awakening. Yours too someday. Everyone gets there at the gate of death. 'Life' disappears. Good luck!

(09 Dec '10, 00:50) Hu Ra

If free will is not an illusion, do you then have responsibility for (and therefore, control over) your own life?


answered 29 Sep '10, 04:12

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edited 29 Sep '10, 04:44

as long as you are able to think one has choice, or as you state free will

(29 Sep '10, 11:34) fred

Why is free will just an illusion? Why do you believe this?

I have the free will do go out and rob a bank right now but I also have the free will not to.


answered 29 Sep '10, 20:13

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No, free will is not an illusion. What would our life be like, if we had no free will, and who or what would decide for us? In fact is it possible for anyone to give up free will, and how would they do this, especially since, it is a natural part of human nature?


answered 30 Sep '10, 04:53

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Inactive User ♦♦

Short answer: No.

Free will is indeed not an illusion. It's pretty much all you have. You think of things, they manifest, you choose your thoughts, you choose your reality.

You might want to choose to believe free will is indeed an illusion... or not.


answered 30 Sep '10, 07:50

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