If I have a desire, can its fulfillment be blocked by a higher power (nature, The Universe, society, my "higher being"/oversoul, etc) or can it only be blocked by my own inner contradictory desires/fears?

I have an overwhelming feeling of being victimized by God, or you can just call it nature, a subset of which is society. I hear I am in charge of my life but then I hear "well, only in this very limited way". When I say "I hear", I don't just mean from people, I mean also "I experience". I see areas in which I can act to generate a result but I see others generating that result by dumb luck while I would have to struggle; I feel a deep sense of injustice at seeing my path blocked, and I don't mean so much the temporary blocks that can be dealt with, I mean the permanent blocks that limit what kind of life I can have, what kind of person I can be, not temporarily but permanently while other people have that path wide open. This is compounded by awareness of aging, which means even those things that are theoretically solvable, if I don't figure out how to solve them in time, they become permanent blocks. It makes all struggle very difficult because while struggling with one thing, I know that I am leaving something else aside. That sense of injustice grows into a sense of abandonment, incompetence and unworthiness.

So it feels to me like I am not really in control of my life but being molded by a higher power. It is very difficult for me to live that way because without control, why should I take action or make plans or even have values? I am left to being reactive, to being impulsive.

If I do not have control over my height, over aging, over even my autonomy within society (taxes, regulations, laws, etc), why should I assume that I have control over my mind, my emotions, or anything at all? If I can be killed by a random germ, or a random accident, or even the deliberate violence of other people, and this death is actually inevitable, how can I feel safe? How can I trust a God that would force me to be a certain height (among a billion other things) to not destroy my very being upon "physical" death, a death which I am told I am destined for?

If your reply is "you are not free to get a result, only to choose your actions" please look up something known as "learned helplessness". Actions are meaningless, they get their meaning from the results they generate; if you separate the two, even without punishing someone for acting, the capacity of a being to act degenerates to the point of death by "depression".

The happiest periods of my life were when I felt I could do something to generate the results I wanted, actually knew what that something was, did it, and generated the result. The feeling of being safe in the world, of being loved, of being competent to live, that is what happiness is. Faking that competence and defining desires away doesn't work nearly as well as that. The most painful moments are related to a sense of impotence, especially when that impotence is compared to the "potency" of others.

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You're getting closer to uncovering the naked fact of life. And I'm confident when you transcend doubts about your doubts, you will uncover it completely.

I don't wish to start a discussion that would create a great argument with many, I'm too tired to trying to explain what can only be experienced, so I'll hint you on this...

your end exists within your beginning, and thus no passenger has ever had control over the train they traveled by

(01 Nov '13, 14:38) CalonLan

Okay, so slave 2 x free man 0.

(01 Nov '13, 14:48) flowsurfer

Put me down for free man.

Whether everything has been done & existence is just a flipbook of experiences & you're a slave to causality, or if you have free will & change is the only constant & you control destiny, the endgame of both schools of thought allow for the existence of the other as a subset of the 'grander / more true' belief. And each subset features the choice to believe it defines where the lines are drawn, only question left is who's really on the outside looking in at the other.

(01 Nov '13, 22:18) Snow

@flow surfer if you are 2(the dead one and the living one) in a boat that are divided each one of you ram in different direction how can you hope to get where you want to go? if you would be in truth then booth of you would be living and you would booth work together as one and would get where you want to go. have no doubt that on this day you have receive living water from a living one out side of you. if you drink this water it will become a spring of living water in you. the dead are not-

(02 Nov '13, 12:26) white tiger

alive and the living will not die. stop looking outside for the living one that you are that living is inside of you. Every thing that you create comes from the inside going out to the outside. the outside is the canvas where you try out your choice and experience them. you say that action are meaning less yet they produce result. where did that action come from the inside or the outside? the result you wanted on the outside need to be in truth when they are in you. if they are not in truth you-

(02 Nov '13, 12:41) white tiger

will experience a lie and regret. Then who can you blame? You made a error admit it get back in truth and experience something else. do not forget that you are not alone in this world and each one as free will.

(02 Nov '13, 12:43) white tiger
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I can feel your pain in the asking of this question. Ive conversed with you on a number of topics and know exactly where you stand in relation to various things you want to change about yourself.

You hear on this site and from other sources that theres a power to change your life and remove what you see as a obstacle. And I know your height and your aging are two things that are tormenting you.

But I have to ay that your a free man Flowey, your " REACTIONS " to lifes circumstances are entirely under your control .

It would be entirely possible for you to be deliriously happy with your height and the fact that your aging. It really would be possible, you could make peace with those two things and then discover more joy than you ever thought possible.

But that's doesn't seem the way your going. You've set yourself up for a struggle with your higher self. A higher self who sees no problems with your height or the fact that your aging along with another 7 billion people in this reality. A higher self who is quite simply the Christ spoken of in scripture. A higher self whos all that there is.

I know that you feel if a few things were sorted in your life all would be rosy.....not so. You would with your current mindset find other things that you would then allow to torment you.

Your free , you can react to the things in life whatever way you want. Your free to keep going as you are, or your free to change. Your also free to check out of this reality at any time too.... personally I hope you don't do this, I see potential in your situation, great potential...and I sense your a great guy.

You have all the choices, and your freedom even allows you to consistently and passionately take the wrong ones, and by that I don't mean what anyone else thinks is right or wrong but what the real you thinks is right and wrong.....and right and wrong for you specifically.

You are the higher power Flowey, the fact that you feel unhappy with some circumstances doesn't alter that.

Your also free to set up your own "strongholds in life. And you've freely gone about setting a massive one up. You've chosen this stronghold and you've then consistently re enforced it. You've decided that your not going to be truly happy of content until something specific happens, that fine. The only problem is ( and its a big problem ) your higher self wants you to be happy and content with where you are now. Your higher self wants you to tear down the strongholds your lower self has constructed. Your free to start doing this any time you want.

You could start this today, or leave it.


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Monty Riviera

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Well that higher self/"christ" is an #######. I am free to change... into what? By what means? If I am the higher power, then I don't have to keep blocking me, do I? I can just say "sure, there is nothing wrong with aging and being short, but there is also nothing wrong with not aging and being tall, so here, enjoy it!".

(01 Nov '13, 13:27) flowsurfer

My higher self wants me to be happy and enjoy being a slave? If that is my only freedom, I have no freedom. That is a freedom all slaves are granted, the freedom to enjoy or to resist their enslavement. Perhaps I can be happy without freedom; but what if I want to be free more than I want to be "happy"? I literally feel humiliated by the idea of being happy "with what I have".

(01 Nov '13, 13:41) flowsurfer

Hi Flowey, thanks for the quick reply. I can tell by this that you've dug in for the long run on this. You seem to be fighting your corner and your right to be ###### off with where you are. You have every right to do this. I don't blame you or judge you for this. It will however mean that you will be choosing to remain in the state of mind that your currently in. You have a choice....get on with your life and be happy despite things.....or not to!

(01 Nov '13, 13:51) Monty Riviera

You've made a choice, you have every right to make that choice. Its been good to catch up again Flowey. You last answer I read to a previous question was inspired, really enjoyed it. Good day to you sunshine.

(01 Nov '13, 13:55) Monty Riviera

You speak of pain Monty but while there is that, mostly I feel apathy. I look at my life now and in terms of potential and I just feel completely uninterested in it. The past is painful, the present sucks and the future is in general just not something I care to experience. I try to expand that potential to actually feel joy and when I thought that expansion was real, it worked, I felt amazingly good. But if it is not, I have to face the fact that I don't really like my life as a whole.

(01 Nov '13, 13:56) flowsurfer

I'm trying to not explode in anger due to the frustration I feel having this conversation. What does "get on with your life" mean? If I am not the one who actually chooses what life I have, or even can have, what am I supposed to get on with? God will just #### with me, whether I am happy or not, and I'll just have the life God determines for me, because I'm not actually a free agent, I'm just... I have to stop typing because I'm getting very angry and there is nothing to lash out against.

(01 Nov '13, 14:04) flowsurfer

Okay, so your answer is: "you are a slave, deal with it." I respect your opinion but I hope it is wrong because that is not something I can handle. What is the purpose of this slavery? What does my "higher being" want from me that can only be generated through these means? If power resides with my "higher being", why do I exist as a slave?

(01 Nov '13, 14:18) flowsurfer

As I mention above, whether we're slaves believing we're free or free believing we're slaves, both positions allow the other to exist as a subset, meaning both must exist at least so far as perception. May just be a massive over-complication of glass half empty/full.

Since we know we're given the choice between either and at least as long as we believe that way it will be true, isn't the only logical solution to go with the more desirable option?

To me I have no choice, trying to made me free.

(01 Nov '13, 22:35) Snow

@flowsurfer you said: If power resides with my "higher being", why do I exist as a slave? simply because you are divided from your self. you look on the outside and feel anger. and consider your self as a slave, so that is what you are experiencing. the truth will set you free. so why not move out of the lie that you are stuck in. solve those division in truth know yourself clean the inside of the cup, let there be light, be the light that you can be. experience and enjoy.

(02 Nov '13, 21:32) white tiger

You're free to change how you perceive what is. Not to change what is. Although, what is doesn't give a hashtag about what or how you think of it.

Luck is a word that people use as a substitute for sum of causes and consequences they cannot comprehend at any given time. God is a word that people use as a substitute everything they don't understand about life.

God won't fk with you. Cause there is no God, or higher self or whatever. People invent these concepts out of realization...

(05 Nov '13, 04:02) CalonLan

...of their weaknesses, hoping they can make up for them through these ideas of God or Higher self.

That some higher power is in some way related to you, you of course having no control over it, but the power having control over a lot of things. And there is idea of this relationship between you and that higher power which might empower you to think that you are able to access its powers through it.All based on beliefs, which are nothing but a delusional self-persuasion of nonexistent things.

(05 Nov '13, 04:10) CalonLan
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'being competent to live'
by whose discretion is the
choice made, the trump factor

if it not be self-conscious
from whose authority
does it come


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Reason for downvoting: I don't need a reason.

(01 Nov '13, 23:36) flowsurfer

I've started writing an answer to this and a few of your other questions, each multiple times, and I continue ending up deleting everything I wrote because I can't quite get it to speak how I want.

One part has remained pretty constant though, so I'ma throw that out and some day come back and edit if I ever manage to get the rest in order.

My dad's quote again(though it's from a speech to delinquents in the context of turning around one's life, I use it more liberally): You have a choice. You can either be the cause of everything around you, or the effect. This of course was intended to hopefully provoke a change in mindset from "I'm here because the case was unfair and 'they' did this to me." to the desired "I'm here because of my own decisions, and admitting this makes it easy to change now by my own decisions."

This same quote seems to apply well to spirituality. At any given time you choose to be varying degrees of the cause vs effect of everything we encounter. On our level of life & existence as far as I know every one you can observe or experience from where we stand. This holds true in perception and impact, meaning not only does the choice change what we are seeing or 'think' we are seeing, but it actually makes the choice we make correct.

I don't mean this in the 'cool thing to repeat' "Whether you believe you can or believe you can't, you're right!" motivational quote kind of way. It's more like actually flipping the switch between being self-driven, 'moved by your own devices for your own reasons' sort of way, versus being purely reactional, a programmed robot who will act a certain way because of everything leading up to it.

And on the topic of getting taller. I don't know anything about your frame or current posture, but just correcting basic posture can make you both appear to be taller and actually be taller. Simple things everyone knows they should do like correcting natural spinal positioning, posture work.

If you're already a person with an exemplary posture, you can still continue to elongate your body by extending your spine. Irrelevant of which stage of trying to get taller you are, start with your feet. Stretch them out, do full range of motion on all of your toes and straighten out your outer toes if they're under-developed. I'll write endless more about physical health stuff which makes you taller, but I already spout on about this any time I get a chance and on other questions.


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On the topic of "getting taller", I'm not interested in a quantitative change from 5'5 to 5'7, I'm interested in a qualitative change from reasonably short to reasonably tall. This involves more than even radical surgery would allow; it would be easier for me to "turn into" a woman than a tall man, something that is strangely seen as a more valid desire. However, the height thing does not exist isolated from other issues in my life and in some ways it is not even really a central issue.

(01 Nov '13, 22:34) flowsurfer

The question is, do I really have a choice to be the cause of everything around me, or just the choice to pretend that I am the cause? Is that another way of looking at things or another way of being? Because I can pretend that I am the cause but that doesn't help me actually impact on the world in a more than superficial manner, it only makes me feel guilty and incompetent.

(01 Nov '13, 22:39) flowsurfer

I used to want to change the world. I gave up on that. I don't really care about the world, it can be what it is, it's fine. I don't like many of the things in it but if I have control over the important aspects of my life, it doesn't matter. But if I don't have control over the things I care about in my own body and in my own life, what do I really have control over? God says "Sorry, that guy can be a male model earning over a million dollars a year, you can't."; I say "#### you God".

(01 Nov '13, 22:51) flowsurfer

If you're pretending you are but the results are out of your hands, there's no reason to feel guilty or incompetent because.. as the premise states, it's out of your hands. So there's no reason to be anything but accepting and engaging of the encounter or the results or your participation therein-- It's beyond you.

If you believe you can but things don't pan out, assume you get another go-around you'll like more. May as well build up and then take with you as much [preferably] good as you can.

(01 Nov '13, 22:54) Snow

'Peeking behind the curtain', looking at the mechanics behind life, or spoiling the 'mystery' any past/present/future event can devalue the journey for some, which is why it isn't really a practice among those who know to share details with those who don't. They figure they'll see in their own time or weren't meant to. I hate this stance, but I get why at times.

If you could see each reason you have your physical traits, hurdles in life, or the reason that model 'gets away' being unfair, it'd~

(01 Nov '13, 23:03) Snow

..~ change your perception, consequently your life. Part of it can be you're supposed to figure out how to appreciate your strengths for their own sake,&discover you even have these strengths in the first place, etc.

You can start by assuming you're stronger than those you think have it 'easier', rather than disliking your presumed ease of their life. You can follow up by assuming if they are stronger than you, it wasn't handed to them, instead you cannot see how they earned their stripes.

(01 Nov '13, 23:07) Snow

I'm the first person in the world to preach about personal responsibility and taking charge of your life. I don't blame anyone but myself for the things I have control over. It just seems to me that the control I do have is not very meaningful, it is shallow; assuming I even have that. I can't achieve what I value with it. I have contemplated turning to crime as an act of rebellion, but I don't actually value that either, it would be just as empty as this life, it would just take more effort.

(01 Nov '13, 23:08) flowsurfer

Flow. I feel all of your questions seem to come from a more empirical / feeling based position, because you're intelligent and thoughtful and have been presented with a great deal of logic / reason based replies to no avail, and they don't seem to "speak" to you where you are.

I wonder if this feeling of an imposing will or control stems from other possible sources? If you'll placate me read this thread and give me your thoughts. http://www.psychforums.com/dissociative-identity/topic96030.html

(02 Nov '13, 00:37) Snow

You could have an existential 'feeling' of unhappiness, insecurity, lack of will, whatever it may be. An inexplicable 'sense', similar to what is described in the thread as '"feeling" you have a limb.'

Perhaps this feeling is at the root of all these questions, for which no answers seem to speak to you. Usually people are just looking for that one sentence which 'changes their mind'. You seem to be looking to explain a phenomenon, an experience, a perception, or feeling. Just a consideration.

(02 Nov '13, 00:40) Snow

I have absolutely no idea what you are getting at.

(02 Nov '13, 00:50) flowsurfer

Well, the pattern in your questions suggests you have a persisting feeling. Existential and empirical just mean something defined by experience not words. Chills, tingling, emotions, colors, all things we can only identify through experiencing or feeling it ourselves.

I'm asking if you think the root of your issues isn't your issues, perhaps you should looking for the source. Like certain cases of chronic depression are caused by nutritional or hormonal imbalance, no degree of counseling will~

(02 Nov '13, 01:10) Snow

..~ be able to address it because it's not the cause.

As one of many potential options I proposed you can read about in the link, which is dissociative identity disorder. A suppressed alter could cause unrelieveable stress of multiple varieties. Having hormonal imbalance or deficiencies were other possibilities.

The point of what I'm asking isn't the options, it's the idea, if you think the reason you can't shake your feelings despite wanting to do so could have another source. External maybe

(02 Nov '13, 01:16) Snow

I don't think so. I delete a lot of what I write before I post so maybe some things I think I shared I didn't, or maybe I wasn't clear, but there is a very clear "thought" component to how I feel. As in, I have felt good in the relatively recent past, and I know very clearly why. I have also turned from feeling very good to feeling very bad in a split second and I know exactly how that happened, in the sense of mental dynamics. The opposite does not seem to happen.

(02 Nov '13, 01:43) flowsurfer

Now, there could be inner traumas or health issues that compound the issues but I don't think they are the issue. I don't blame my childhood for the way I feel today, I "blame" today for the way I feel today.

(02 Nov '13, 01:45) flowsurfer

"..there could be inner traumas or health issues that compound the issues but~"

It's always compounding. It's very rare for any one thing to be enough to cause debilitating issues. This idea is why you get so many short sighted misinformed interpretations of psychology and mental health.

Numerous factors come together and amplify one another, while wearing down on you, while you try to recover from being worn down. If you can't out recover the immediate or long term weight.. You know the rest.

(02 Nov '13, 02:05) Snow

Okay. It doesn't help that I have suffered with various degrees of depression for as long as I can remember but especially from my teens, and that this has had a concrete impact on my life that goes beyond just "mental habits". It didn't help that my family was, and still is, very dysfunctional. However, and I think this is important, introspection allowed me to learn. The depression I have today, I believe, is very different from the depression I had as a teenager.

(02 Nov '13, 02:22) flowsurfer

I wouldn't be surprised. But one will make the other worse. And prolonged duration of internal dysfunction of any variety will eventually have more extreme repercussions (depression is NOT meant to be a regular state, nor stress, they're catastrophically damaging).

Under any weight any man will eventually break, the question is simply how long it takes and how severe the backlash will be.

Gotta end my part in this conversation for now, need to rest.

(02 Nov '13, 02:27) Snow
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Lets say there is a kid who just had his toy crushed but wants it badly and keeps on crying. What would you say to him? Because that particular toy lets say may not come back but there are so many other toys the kid can play with and things will be perfect and he will have same fun with it. But if the kid is stuck and does not want to be open to other things then the situation has to play out till eventually the kid will get tired of crying for that toy and eventually move on. Its understandable and valid reasons the kid may have to have that one toy only. It could be his main love.

You are sort of in that situation. YOu are stuck with age and height. I understand 100%. but you got to move on and be open.

Its hard when you dont have hope at all. So even though the greatest of great Masters advise you what is life about and how to live since you dont believe you are not going to do it. But i am saying that if the best of the best of the greatest masters of the likes of Buddha, jesus, Dalai Lama, Paramahansa , Neville Goddard etc etc have said whats fundamental in life then its better to believe that. In the sense that these are proven masters and not some tom #### and harry throwing advise at you. this is most cutting edge information about life!! this used to not be available to most people in life in olden days.

Its like michael jordon breaking down how to do a layup in basketball. You want at least give it a solid shot seriously for as long as it takes.

these masters have said not to get too attached to material things. While they will come to you dont get way too worried about it. be easy and practice love, compassion, gratitude etc and if you are patient and ignore your worries for some time the results will come in. Millions have benefited from this kind of advise. But if you want to only look at people who have struggled including you then be my guest.

I know this is hard when everything looks gloomy. But these masters have the right answers. Just listen to them.


answered 01 Nov '13, 23:08

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Who broke my toy? If I saw a boy crying because his toy got crushed, I would want to replace it with the toy he wants, or show him a better toy. I have not found a better toy.

(01 Nov '13, 23:23) flowsurfer

You mention Neville, here is what he said: "Here is the secret, this fabulous world of ours is nothing more than the appeasement of hunger. The whole vast world is for that purpose, to appease your hunger. And if you know who you are, you can view the world from any state in this world... infinite states, and these states are purely the means to satisfy this hunger." Neville said never give up. Ignore all who say "this is not possible". He said "you are free".

(01 Nov '13, 23:23) flowsurfer

I have a hunger. It doesn't help to try and shove things down my throat that I find disgusting and want to vomit out.

(01 Nov '13, 23:34) flowsurfer

I have assumed to varying degrees that I was taller, even to the point of sensory vividness, but I'm not at all taller; I even felt an inner shift in perception. In order for the increase to seem natural, I would need to be at least a little bit taller. It's not like money, which can come suddenly. People have gone from their death beds to perfectly healthy in less time. So maybe Neville wasn't telling the truth about The Law, and probably not The Promise either, or about "life after death".

(01 Nov '13, 23:42) flowsurfer

What am I supposed to "move on and be open" to?

(01 Nov '13, 23:44) flowsurfer

nobody asked you to give up on anything.... but dont fixate on the specific way in a negative manner.. ... using Neville's philosophy one wouldn't keep saying one is old but would see oneself as youthful and vibrant... ... but you don't do that... thats a big issue there... you constantly are seeing age is an issue and you are aging etc.. this is not what neville said... neville asked you to ignore that reality and visualize young and vibrant ...

(01 Nov '13, 23:47) abrahamloa

i will say one more thing from my experience.. its not easy to completely understand everything in life .. even greatest spiritual masters have said that .. we cant understand whole thing how God operates to every detail ... but the masters have distilled the main concepts and if you follow that then you are good to go.. also there are lot of things you wont understand just debating here with intellectual thinking.. some things can only be experienced intuitively...

(02 Nov '13, 00:07) abrahamloa

thats why lot of the tools are designed to bypass our logical and 5 senses... right now the earth is travelling at 300000 miles per hour around the sun... we know it and Scientists have proven this.. but can you see it?? we cannot!!

(02 Nov '13, 00:08) abrahamloa

right now you are not thinking about how you live. when you breathe the air is distributed into your body in to trillions of cells... when eat it is digested and broken down and energy from the food goes to all your cell particles.. etc ... who do you think is in charge of this?? is anyone monitoring this to make sure all this is going on?? how come all this is going on?? did you ever wonder.. that there is a whole freaking factory system running in our body on its own??

(02 Nov '13, 00:10) abrahamloa

now i know you dont give a damn about this... but just think ... how the hell is all this happening.. how were you born... how a 2 diff cells from man and woman unite to make you?? can you conceptualize who can design something like this?? or how a seed is planted and it grows... how it reaches to the sun and gets the sunlight and becomes a big tree... do you think there is slight chance of a higher design in operation?? how come the universe is sooo inconceivably vast??

(02 Nov '13, 00:13) abrahamloa

spiritual scientists have already figured out that if you are loving, be grateful and work on -ve habits and turn them in to positives then things will shift in you .... no one is trying to sway you away from what you want.. there may be energies that right now are blocking in some way that we dont know of .. so going the way spiritual masters say would be indirect route to get you to where you want to go... just trust them and incorporate their methods and test it for yourself...

(02 Nov '13, 00:21) abrahamloa

It is difficult for me to express my frustration. I have tried to ignore reality but it didn't seem to free me from it, it just delayed confrontation.

(02 Nov '13, 00:21) flowsurfer

just for little while few months or year or whatever just drop your serious stance about the age and height .. be easy and give the spiritual ways of being loving, non-judegemental, grateful etc a try .. you have nothing to lose since the other way is not working for you anyways... just bcoz you do that does not mean its taking you away from what you want... its ok to have such a timeout from only your own issue...

(02 Nov '13, 00:24) abrahamloa

Okay, try to be specific with me, pretend I'm stupid (maybe I am). What am I supposed to do different?

(02 Nov '13, 00:26) flowsurfer

I don't understand how to apply that in a way that is any different from the way I have applied it in the past.

(02 Nov '13, 00:27) flowsurfer

i will tell you what i did to myself when i kind of put myself also in a situation where what i wanted most seemed like its not gonna happen.... actually i have moved on... i am not saying that would be in your case too.. but later i am more happy for the way it is now.. since what gifts of lessons i got and the kind of self worth i developed i would never have gotten if i did not sink to the bottom sort of..

(02 Nov '13, 00:36) abrahamloa

when i was at the bottom i would not beleive anyone just like you if someone told me i would be at a better place even w/o it. 1) I wrote a journal everyday to what i am grateful for... its ok to pretend.. i did that in the beginning when i had nothing to be happy about... but when you start to pretend you will start finding few things and then it slowly builds where you realize there truly are some things that you actually are grateful for...

(02 Nov '13, 00:38) abrahamloa

in the beginning i thought this is sooo trivial... like really cmon.. but please keep on doing it... since later you know this works.. you wont see it in the state you are... of course this is one piece of it..

(02 Nov '13, 00:39) abrahamloa

2) never talk -ve .... period! ever... even if it thats what you see... this was also hard since everday i would fall in to -ve ... but i at least stopped saying it out with my mouth .. then slowly and steadily i start to think little less and less...

(02 Nov '13, 00:41) abrahamloa

3) find something of a hobby that you sort of like a little bit... when i started to dance.. i did as distraction... so that when i am class i would forget about my sorrows... i liked dancing a little before but when i was at the bottom i frankly did not give a #### about dancing... but i forced myself to keep going as it was distraction.... so you need to find your own thing that you can put your mind into... this was very CRITICAL ELEMENT for me...

(02 Nov '13, 00:43) abrahamloa

hobby is very powerful.... becaue you can engross yourself into it for your whole life... things like acting, singing , dancing, other arts ... they are amazing gift to us... before that in life i never had proper hobby.. or even if i had i had it for wrong reasons.. .just to be cool etc...

(02 Nov '13, 00:44) abrahamloa

in the beginning this is only distraction but slowly you will get to love it then it changes your life forever... trust me on this.. thats why i can vouch for Abraham Hicks when they say just follow what you like .. .what gives you joy.... etc...

(02 Nov '13, 00:45) abrahamloa

4) do meditaiton... or fast breathing kind... or whatever try to research and find what you like.. .everyone likes diff things.. i like Jeru Kebbal fast breathing with great music... this is phenomenal teachniuque... when you do fast breahting you get a little dizzy ... sort of high.. this takes you out of your logical mind in less than 5 mins... doign this for 20 mins completely revitalizes me...

(02 Nov '13, 00:48) abrahamloa

Every spiritual masters has said that Silence is the answer to every problem.. .when you do these techniques to get out of your normal thinking you are in touch with Divine... Set that intention that every time you are doing these the Divine is guiding you and it will...

(02 Nov '13, 00:49) abrahamloa

5) constantly read your favorite authors and listen to their stuff... i read paramahansa yogananda's stuff almsot every day... or if you like Neville read about that...

(02 Nov '13, 00:51) abrahamloa

these things i have listed i have not made it up... 1) it really worked for me... so its from my own experience... 2) these are things i picked from greatest Spiritual masters.. not some guy writing a e-book and doing email marketing... and its not just me telling you.. these are ETERNAL TRUTHS of the UNIVERSE given by MASTERS .. just saying so you dont think why the hell do i believe this guy telling me...

(02 Nov '13, 00:56) abrahamloa

i have said enough.. brother i only want you to find happiness ... and i know you will sooner or later be on a high in life..

(02 Nov '13, 00:58) abrahamloa

Why do you think of them as masters who know the eternal truths of the universe?

(02 Nov '13, 01:01) flowsurfer

I may have not done the exact same things you did but I followed the essence of those steps, to the best of my ability. It made life easier, it didn't make it richer. I drifted until I was confronted with the fact that I was wasting my life, that the way I was living wasn't the way I wanted to live. I had to confront the fact that I wasn't actually happy. It scares me to try that path again because I feel I have already lost too much time. It felt like sinking into a role that I didn't care for.

(02 Nov '13, 01:20) flowsurfer

It could be that "the best of my ability" wasn't enough. But I don't think I can do a better job under present conditions, including but not limited to how that experience has influenced my expectations.

(02 Nov '13, 01:24) flowsurfer

I have most of a bottle of galantamind. I think I'll just experiment with lucid dreaming until it transforms my life or my resources run out.

(02 Nov '13, 01:34) flowsurfer

Neville did say imagination is the real body of man. Maybe if I dream enough, it will shake loose the chains that tie me to this life. He did say the outer world is a shadow world of appearances and the inner world, the real world. So maybe it's not just "escapism" but a literal path of escape. Maybe I really am free and I just need to learn better focus.

(02 Nov '13, 02:09) flowsurfer

"Why do you think of them as masters who know the eternal truths of the universe?" because just like Michael Jordon or Tiger woods are regarded as the greatest they masters are regardest as one of the top in spiritual fields. They know eternal truths because through various other milions also accepting and saying thats the truth - so we know those are Universal Truths. Lot of times even non spiritual highly successfull people have said same things in various contexts and time and places..

(04 Nov '13, 21:10) abrahamloa

yes i am with you... i acccept and understand that if you think you followed lot of these laws w/o success then its hard to trust them and follow again... but in general all i want to say lot of people million and millions have followed and had helped themselves... there is no doubt could not get success but usually its possible they had to just stay with a little longer and being a little easier on themselves...

(04 Nov '13, 21:12) abrahamloa

yes i do think you are on right path using lucid dreams... lot of masters say that sleeping and dreaming are what God put in us to know that this physical world as real as it seems is not all. Thats why when we sleep we are formless and we can where ever we want etc in the dreams... that is to awaken our selves to know we are not just our bodies.. in dreams we transcend limitations more easily

(04 Nov '13, 21:15) abrahamloa

you should read a book by Jane Roberts who channels Seth... book name is The Oversoul Seven... its amazing book... its fiction but she bring all spiritual concepts together.... like the inspirations in the dream are messages sent to us by our Oversoul. now i dont if its true... but this book is great read just because it has such amazing gripping story.. its great whether you believe these things are not. i really enjoyed it and especially since you doing lucid dreaming you may really enjoy this

(04 Nov '13, 21:18) abrahamloa

the book is story about 4 re-incarnated lives from more than 5000 yrs back to even 1000 yrs later something like that... (dont remember exact detail)... stories go on simultaneously... each life affects the other.... one talent/skill in one life influences the other through their dreams.. its fascinating story... where Oversoul cannot help us directly but only when asked etc...

(04 Nov '13, 21:21) abrahamloa
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Our judgements create our experience. This Zen koan says it better than I can say it:

A farmer's horse ran away. His neighbors gathered upon hearing the news and said sympathetically, "That's such bad luck." "Maybe," the farmer replied. The horse returned on his own the next morning, and brought seven wild horses with it. "Look how many more horses you have now," the neighbors exclaimed. "How lucky!" "Maybe," the farmer replied. The next day, the farmer's son attempted to ride one of the wild horses, was thrown, and broke his leg. "How awful," the neighbors said. "It looks like your luck has turned for the worse again." The farmer simply replied, "Maybe." The following day, military officers came to town to conscript young men into the service. Seeing the son's broken leg, they rejected him. The neighbors gathered round the farmer to tell him how fortunate he was. "Maybe," said the farmer.

I have observed many things that might be perceived as negative, to have greater positive outcomes than what is originally perceived as positive. Go with the flow, look for good in every experience. In the end, positive/negative and good/bad are just judgements and opinions. And we all know what they say about opinions ...

Focus on the essence of what you want. If you want to be taller, ask yourself "Why do I want to be taller?" When you answer yourself, ask yourself "why do I want THAT?" Ask "Why?" 5 times ... 10 times ... 100 times ... until you get to the essence of WHAT it is that you want. THEN you will know what it is that you truly desire. The rest (height, weight, money, career, material objects, etc) are just distractors.

Once you discover the ESSENCE of what you truly want, go for it. Ignore the distactor, you'll discover that the distractors are not what you are truly looking for. For example, many people want a better job or more money, when what they really want is the feeling of security. You can use the advice of "Masters" for techniques, like Neville. I do like his works a lot. Like Isaac Newton said, "If I have seen a little further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants."


answered 02 Nov '13, 07:24

Beach%20Baby's gravatar image

Beach Baby

edited 02 Nov '13, 07:42

I know the essence of what I truly want and height is not a distraction from it but its logical consequence.

(02 Nov '13, 10:48) flowsurfer

You don't have to answer this if you don't want, but why do you want increased height?

(02 Nov '13, 11:22) Beach Baby

@beach baby he @flowsurfer wants height basing is judgment on judgment of other for a modeling career. so he is creating is own damnation and he cannot accept it. that is why he anger and deny him self in is own division. until he look only on the outside he will never get to know himself and clean the inside of the cup. and he remains blind to the truth.

(02 Nov '13, 21:51) white tiger

This night I took the galantamind before bed, instead of in the middle of the night. About 90 minutes later I started feeling a buzz and seeing a dot of light. I woke up within and could direct the buzzing energy with my hands. I floated my legs up and tried to stretch them. I then directed the buzz to my lips, to heal a thing that is bothering me. It was like a buzzing magnetic repulsion that grew stronger when I moved closer. I haven't measured my height but I did hear a "tall" comment today.

(02 Nov '13, 22:47) flowsurfer

The answer has many dimensions and I don't think I could present them clearly; however, a key point is that I want mastery over my body because I want to feel responsible for it. There is the modeling thing but I wanted to be reasonably tall before I even thought of it. In fact I have always thought of myself as reasonably tall and it was a shock to me when I started seeing groups of normal younger women that were taller than I was.

(02 Nov '13, 22:53) flowsurfer

There is certainly a lot of mundane reasons that do matter to me; I do care about how women view shorter men. And yea, I do care that modeling agencies say outright "if you are not 6', don't bother us, period". I'm not going to ignore the social reality in which I have to live, or come up with rationalizations like "well, I'm too good for them!" to hide the fact that it hurts to be judged on something you didn't choose and cannot change.

(02 Nov '13, 23:16) flowsurfer

@flowsurfer, You said you want mastery over your body because you want to feel responsible for it. Why? And, why do you want to be a model?

(03 Nov '13, 16:59) Beach Baby

Because I want to be in control of at least those aspects of my life that are closest and most central to me. I don't want to be forced into a role I don't like. I want to be a model because I have to earn money some way and that is the way that most closely aligns with my values. Wanting to be in control of my body and have a body that is beautiful lead me into modeling, because that is the only career that would allow me to pursue this, instead of forcing me to focus on other things.

(03 Nov '13, 18:17) flowsurfer

The essence IS the "concrete" experience, not some vague feeling. I don't want to be tall in order to feel confident; I do want to feel confident but being tall is not the means to feeling confident. They are two aspects of one experience. Modeling is not inherently important, certainly not as important as height, in fact I could let it go quite easily. The problem is, if I dismiss it, things become harder and not easier. I have to focus on something so why not modeling?

(03 Nov '13, 18:26) flowsurfer

Then go for it, if that's what you want. Height is only an issue in certain types of modeling. I'm 5'3", and in my youth I did some modeling ... hair & eyeglasses and some petite fashion modeling. However, it was never my goal, so I didn't pursue it any further.

Go for whatever you want, but don't waste time stressing about it, Take ACTION!

(04 Nov '13, 19:52) Beach Baby
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Consider this you are who and what you feel and say you are and you can be, do and have anything your heart truly desires in the now. I am not young in age yet I am a baby to this new concept of being. I choose to look at myself as a free person and I choose Love over fear. It is time to heal and once everyone knows this I have faith love will win over all. I am part of the consciousness that this world needs to heal. It is good news for someone who suffered and can appreciate the difference.


answered 02 Nov '13, 09:47

petitesweetyme's gravatar image


When an action is CHOSEN, its results are FIXED. Hence you are free because you can choose. And you are not free with regard to results as they are fixed.


answered 02 Nov '13, 09:52

T%20D%20Joseph's gravatar image

T D Joseph


td, a chosen action may have an immediate result yet it starts many future possibilities

(02 Nov '13, 10:49) fred

You can choose what?

(02 Nov '13, 10:54) flowsurfer

I think he meant you can choose any action.

(04 Nov '13, 19:53) Beach Baby
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First and foremost, you are a free man. What is not so clear is are you free of negative energies and thoughts. Those negative energies and thoughts cause specific feeling and emotions that can manifest into impulsive behavior. The negative entities do this in many ways, one method is subliminal messaging, as our subconscious hears 20 decibel's below what our conscious mind hears and still will impact our feelings. What I tell you is true, that at this very time the angels of darkness are themselves appearing as angels of light and communicating with many among us. They are providing knowledge that when it is in the wrongs hands can be harmful. It would be like teaching a 5 year old how to start your car and drive it. We are all still children, young and naïve in this universe in comparison to the ancestors and our father. If you are not truly righteous with a pure heart you will be lead astray easily and not have the aptitude to know when being lead astray. Why the method used by these dark entities works so well is that no one wants to feel like they were deceived, that anyone fooled them (the EGO will stop you from hearing). All the knowledge that is being presented by these angels of darkness is in the bible, but in the right manner and in the right order in such a way that only those ready for it will understand the hidden messages. This information dumping by bad spirits is exactly what has happened in the past, knowledge is passed into the wrong hands which causes much turbulence. Many will disbelieve some of this, but that is your EGO. For a truly honest and just man will himself investigate this further, as contempt prior to investigation will surely keep a man ignorant {Herbert Spencer}.

Luke 17:26: "And as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of Man."

2 Corinthians 11:14 14 And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.

John 4:1-4 1 Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world. 2 By this you know the Spirit of God: every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God, 3 and every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from God. And this is the spirit of the antichrist, of which you have heard that it is coming; and now it is already in the world.

This answer is marked "community wiki".

answered 02 Nov '13, 07:50

student's gravatar image


edited 02 Nov '13, 07:58

I understand that I'm fear of my desires, I doubt my sucess. I doubt love and all. Whereas the great power always under my nose reminding my success. Never left me alone. All the time trying to provide me the best happiness, the highest love, the greatest achievement and the real satisfaction. I'm the one who always try to stop it. Instead I must take deep breath and feel it. The Higher Power always try to serve me as I'm his own master. -> I just need to be strong enough to love it. All the prayer to you from Perfect Good.


answered 15 Nov '13, 23:34

PERFECT%20GOOD's gravatar image


edited 18 Nov '13, 04:52

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