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SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT>, FREE EVENT......September 1st 2013... 9 P.M. Eastern TIME....Moderated By George Spirakis. This is a call In for all callers to ask Treb anything They want. Calls will be answered in the same order they are received. Please call in at (347) 308-8788.

LINK BELOW PICTURE if u wish to listen and not call. If u want to call, but do not have phone, u can use skype for free IF you make an account through blogtalk radio, and use the link below. There will be a skype emblem on the page right as show starts and u use that to call.

I wanted any of you who are interested from here to come and ask Treb live. I love all of u so much here at I.Q. I hope that u would all come and at least say HI !!

Question you can NOT ask- 1. Questions that would require Treb to enter another energy without their permissions. 2. Any knowledge you would use to infringe on anothers free will 3. Any fear based questions will be answered, but will only re-reflect on the idea that u are creating more fear by focusing on fear. 4. Many personal questions will be more difficult for him to answer if he has not connected to ur energy before. And if u are no willing to let him connect to ur energy, he will not be able to see some things.

Love and Light


EDITED 9/2/13

**AT LAST MOMENT THE MOMENT ...event got changed form open forum to a teaching about density master class. here is link to

Im gonna be talking with everyone bout my personal history with TReb and detailed information on densities.

To read, or listen to Aridif's exerpt from Benevolant Hybrid Reptilian Humans.

Density Graph

my facebook page.

Make sure to come chat with us every Wednesday evening at 9PM EST/6PM PT at the Rob And George Enlightenment Evolution Hour.

Rob Gauthier, channeler of Treb, and George Spirakis, creator of the Treb Channeling Open Forum, and spiritual decoder, are here to help the collective consciousness open their minds and their Hearts. We are doing this show out of the want to add to the collective. We want changes in the world politics, and financial systems. BUT we know all this must change within each and everyone of us well before we can manifest this on a mass scale. We are here to start that NOW. Add your love and light and call in. Add to our show as we cover ALL subjects.

(347) 308-8788



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asked 04 Jul '13, 19:21

TReb%20Bor%20yit-NE's gravatar image

TReb Bor yit-NE

edited 02 Sep '13, 22:19

How similar does Treb (in this picture) look like the alien fictional character of Freeza from Dragon Ball Z? I'm having thoughts all of these 'imagination characters' are fragment memories of other beings from preivious lifetimes and/or dimensions.

(04 Jul '13, 21:36) Nikulas

@nikulas,. yes, i have always knew that to be true, all inspiration of "fiction" still comes from source. Treb always said anything u can think of is most defiantly based in one reality or another, because all things manifest in creation. It is our own energy that links us to the different ones. Yes, i love dragon ball z but never connected the dots till u said this lol.

(04 Jul '13, 23:49) TReb Bor yit-NE

I will most definitely be there, I am a bottomless pit of questions. :)

(07 Jul '13, 18:41) ikaruss21

So is this still going on for this Sunday?

(28 Aug '13, 19:17) ikaruss21
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Rob is a real stand up guy. This is unscripted he has no idea what questions will be asked. I channel and my mom does, Rob is real.

If you want proof of aliens, Treb is it. He will gladly answer your questions. Also as I said elsewhere here he came to us, he is interested in talking with us as we are with him.

I am never sure I'll be there live but even if not, I enjoy listening to the recorded session.

So if you want to meet an alien, here is the opportunity. :-)


answered 05 Jul '13, 20:01

Wade%20Casaldi's gravatar image

Wade Casaldi

edited 05 Jul '13, 20:19


yah..actually true :))

(06 Jul '13, 01:21) supergirl

Thank u very much Wade. love u brother so so much.

(02 Sep '13, 22:00) TReb Bor yit-NE

I'm not going to call in, but I do have a question if you would like to address it in any medium. =)

With self-sustaining flight becoming a possibility with our current 'limited' technology, does this give credence to the idea sustained life in orbit is not only a definite possibility in the advancement of our own technology, but likely an already existing phenomenon assuming there is technology out there we aren't yet aware of?

"The first aircraft, bearing the Swiss aircraft registration code of HB-SIA, is a single-seater monoplane, capable of taking off under its own power, and intended to remain airborne up to 36 hours."

One other one.. Though it's actually many questions which can be summarized as "How do we measure up, on any topic versus any point of comparison you find relevant". If this isn't quite clear enough: If you were to compare the different civilizations and societies that are on Earth now and have ever been, how do we stack up? As individuals, as countries (I imagine different major countries today are at vastly different points in their progress), and as a globalized society as a whole. Are we spiritually advanced or lots of room for improvement? Technology? Socially? Are we heading up the ladders towards progress into a better civilization and way of living or approaching a cliff? Are we the most advanced in any of these categories even when only compared to past civilizations on Earth?


answered 06 Jul '13, 17:11

Snow's gravatar image


edited 29 Aug '13, 01:15

Sorry brother, I didn't see this before the show. news will tell u what happened.

(02 Sep '13, 22:01) TReb Bor yit-NE
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