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Hi Rob, been a while,

Lately my journey has pointed me in the direction of taking LSD.

About a year ago I was inclined to take some marijuana at the thought of Bashar suggesting it can help elevate way to higher spiritual pathways and unlock an entire cosmos of different answers.

However, long story short, I chickened out of taking it, for fear I would have a 'bad trip.'

Likewise, so many people, including ironically enough a medical doctor, have suggested to try LSD just for the experience.

My question is, is it possible to get the effects of LSD without physically injesting the substance? What possible gains can one get from taking LSD, how does it tie in with the spiritual-physical world relationship, and is it worth pursuing?

I have asked people out of interest what the effects are of taking it. They have all clearly articulated that the experience is beyond words, emotions and physical senses and thus a translation or definition of LSD effects does not exist.

Would just like to hear your broad thoughts about it all.

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nikulas, how to have a similar perceptiveness initiated from within seems to be what you are asking. much control over how you function in order to switch on or off where mind experiences alter the usual level of physical preoccupations

(18 Mar '14, 06:12) fred

Building on what fred said, meditation is better.

(21 Mar '14, 07:06) Dollar Bill
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I have taken LSD maybe 4-5 times. Small to medium doses, never a high mind-blowing dose. I agree that it's an experience that can't be described in words. I also don't think that it's an experience that can be easily replicated in any other way.

If you are interested in expanding your consciousness with drugs though, I would not go for LSD. Not that it's not an amazing experience, but I feel that natural entheogeons such as cannabis, mushrooms and ayahuasca are better suited for this. Furthermore, if you aren't comfortable smoking cannabis then I wouldn't even think about taking even stronger psychedelics. That's like saying you're afraid to drive a car so you're going to drive a huge truck instead.

I think the best way to use entheogens to advance spiritually would be to use them under supervision of a shaman or someone who has a lot of experience in that area. But that's not always possible. (I do plan to take ayahuasca under shamanic supervision one day though, read the article I linked to above). Although if I am right, you live in Holland? Since ayahuasca is legal there are shamanic ceremonies held there. Ayahuasca is not usually a fun trip though - it's hardcore, and it can be a really difficult experience, which is why shamanic supervision is essential.

My advice to you though, if you really want to pursue this, marijuana is all you really need. I love smoking marijuana for spiritual purposes (and non-spiritual purposes too, he he). Bad trips aren't really common, although it may make you paranoid. When it comes to psychedelics, it's all about set and setting. Always take them when you are feeling psychologically stable, in a comfortable environment. Although, there is a difference between a "bad trip" and a difficult trip. A difficult trip is something you can learn and grow from (see the ayahuasca experience).

I realise I started answering your question and drifted off topic - you weren't asking about taking drugs, you were asking about replicating the effects of them. Which I don't think is possible unless you have years of hardcore yogi or shamanic experience, in which case you probably wouldn't be interested in replicating the effects of LSD, because you'd be able to take a peak behind the veil easily.


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Well said, @Cassiopeia.

(21 Mar '14, 07:08) Dollar Bill

This question is all about resistance and how to unlock those resistances so as to be much closer to your natural positive state, the state in which you were born. Resistance and discomfort comes from learned belief systems, the less resistance you have the more open you are to your natural potential. So what exactly is a resistance but a vibration locked into your system that is difficult to budge and evolve.

LSD acts as an unlocking mechanism to those resistances, it puts you in a state where your mind becomes mindless, incapable of thought or thinking straight, and in this state those hard lumps, those thought resistances automatically dissolve and become fluid, your mind finds itself in a docile, inactive state.

Apart from using drugs there are many other ways to induce such a void state. There is the natural fleeting gap state that we all experience very often though many people do not recognize it as such. The most obvious way to reach this state is through meditation, other ways are through the use of diagrams, graphs, crystal balls and music



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That was weird! When it said look away, I don't know if that was my eyes trying to adjust or my mind. I never had a video do that, it was like staring at a negative image then looking at a wall. But this looked like trying to see through water, totally weird!

(17 Mar '14, 23:37) Wade Casaldi

I would not recommend actually taking LSD at all.

First of all, it is an illegal drug-because of this, each actual dose of LSD varies, the quality varies- it even might be "laced" with other stuff. This is the the problem with all illegal drugs- you take a chance each time that your product is actually good quality etc.

The second problem is the drug can change you forever. You are lucky if you have a good trip- but if you do not, it can flip your brain out permanently. It also can cause flashbacks to happen to you forever.

What you are seeking is the Nirvana you hear about with LSD. You can achieve this state with very specific meditations, designed to get you to that place. This requires daily practice and dedication to meditation- a lot of folks just don't want to do it as a daily practice. Meditation takes practice, practice, practice. You Tube has a lot of videos to get you there, but you need to lay the foundation of meditation- getting to a specific brain wave-somewhere between gamma and delta- it is a hard place to hit, because it is very deep and if you miss it, you end up asleep.

I have been there and it is great, but I had to learn how to meditate properly to achieve the results you are asking for.

Just do not give up and just try LSD. Man, LSD is forever. I was given LSD as a child as part of a Satanic Ritual- and I still have occasional, random LSD flashbacks from LSD fifty years later. It sucks.

Nik, you have to really get into meditation. I mean big time. It will open doors in your mind, and you will benefit greatly if you make it daily practice.

Love you,

Jai ♥


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@Jaianniah - good advice

(21 Mar '14, 07:10) Dollar Bill

@Dollar Bill- Thank you!

(22 Mar '14, 02:49) Jaianniah

Richard Alpert, aka Ram Dass and associate of Timothy Leary was an active LSD user to achieve altered states of consciousness. But he was frustrated because he always came down (at the end of his trip)

He shared some with a guru in India who said, "It was ok, but not as good as meditation, with meditation, you can stay there as long as you like."

Having experienced probably 20-30 times back in the 1960s - I would suggest that if you have fears about a bad trip, you should absolutely stay away. It does intensify very powerfully. Bad head = Bad trip.

A controlled environment and someone stable, very stable with you (a guide) would be a very good idea.

And a big concern, back in the 1960s - and I suppose today also - would be that you were dealing with illegal, unregulated sources and the dosage and quality could vary widely.

I also felt LSD really opened a connection with the Astral Plane. But not necessarily in a good, nor safe way. Without a strong foundation, most people are not ready to experience this. Think Delirium tremens that heavy alcoholics experience.

It is my opinion that many drugs like this rip open a doorway into altered states that very few people are prepared to experience - the draw to reach Source is very powerful, but with altered states of consciousness drugs there is the inherent danger that I am no longer willing to chance and I, like Ram Dass, prefer meditation as a safer and ultimately more powerful way to connect with Source.

Take your time and develop your own methods that do not rely on drugs.


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Dollar Bill

Jimi Hendrix thought it was an evil drug and tried to keep his girlfriend from it before he died.

Someone spiked fruit punch with it and I think it was Billy Cox that was messed up bad for a month. Jimi thought he lost his friend.

I suppose to achieve a state similar you would need to know what effect it has in the brain. As it said in the God Book we can command our brains to produce the effects of any medication because the medication affects the chemicals in the brain. I guess this would work for something like you are talking about.

There are also lots of psychedelic video meditations on You Tube.

I think the meditations from You Tube would be best and safest.


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Wade Casaldi

Worth noting: the marijuana is probably safer than the LSD. If you're worried about bad trips, they will be less likely on the Cannabis, and LSD is fairly long lasting (a trip lasts about eight hours).

Further, the effects are more "widespread" with LSD than with Cannabis, and they tend to be "decoupling" (you may lose awareness that you are on a trip with LSD). You can have flashbacks resulting from LSD use.

If you're really serious about this, and are willing to do the proper research to ensure safety, you might consider Dimethyltryptamine (DMT). Unlike LSD, it is relatively short-acting, as the body recognizes it and can quickly neutralize it.

There is also Mescaline, widely used by some native American tribes in their spiritual quests.



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Just wanted to add that DMT is one of the main active ingredients in ayahuasca (see my post). I would rather take aya in its pure form, the way shamans have taken it for centuries. not that I wouldn't love to try DMT, but if its for spiritual purposes I believe the whole plant is better to take - ayahuasca is said to have a spirit that guides you during the trip, not sure if the chemical option has the same.

(21 Mar '14, 07:00) cassiopeia

10 Ways to Alter Your Consciousness Without Drugs


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LSD is a drug. One of its uses in the past were in a therapeutic environment. There is much documented about a famous film star Cary Grant who went under such treatment. I found a blog article which goes in to some detail of the effects and changes that Cary Grant went though.
http://blog.wfmu.org/freeform/2010/03/his-girl-lsd-the-cary-grant-experience.html I did find this quote to be something to think about if someone is thinking about using such a substance

David Niven expressed concern, "[It was] a most hazardous trip for Cary to have taken to find out what we could have told him anyway: that he had always been self-sufficient, that he had always been loved, and that he would continue to give a damn about himself - and particularly about others



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