when naruto start is meditation by feeling and absorbing natural energy.


or when naruto is meditating in front of the waterfall of truth to see in him self is true nature in is heart and come over that duality.


so do you think that it holds some truth?

experience and enjoy.

asked 05 Jan '12, 23:21

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white tiger

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Barry Allen ♦♦


Everything that happens in anime is relevant haha :)

(16 Aug '12, 20:02) Nikulas
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I talk about the relationships between your unconsciousness and how you (consciousness) can access it through Lucid Dreaming, which you have to be asleep, or through meditation. when you meditate you focus on whats inside of you. All your answers are inside of you. Figuring out any answer is the same across the board and that is focus.

When Naruto is meditating he is to the point where he is in full control of his journey through to his unconsciousness. what he discovered was his yang or ID or ego or dark side or in some cases the realm of the brain that stores information to protect itself.



answered 12 Sep '12, 21:46

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Stephen Cordova

since you like to embrace your darkness,i will give you something that has never touch your mind,the darkness is greated by the duality and division,it is the reason why people are not in full truth and often they need to get stuck on only their own perception,the shadow part the darkness is them self refusing to acknowledge the full truth about them self in and out on many different topic. once out of duality you are in full truth and in the light their is no darkness.

(13 Sep '12, 16:53) white tiger

Yes white tiger these two videos are interesting ... and well disguised as kids adventure plots. The first video reflects the process of becoming conscious of a personal subtle energy field that interacts with the ambient subtle energies and the second video reflects the interior conflict necessary in order to fully understand how the law of attraction operates within oneself.

Yes i certainly experienced and enjoyed these two videos, thanks


answered 06 Jan '12, 10:43

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blubird two

you are welcome my friend.

(06 Jan '12, 11:21) white tiger
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