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How is everyone? I often hear good reviews on books, mp3's, dvd's, etc... on the law of attraction, but I never hear if it actually worked for them, or if they just found it interesting, and motivating. I would like to know techniques that people have used *that actually worked to manifest what they wanted. I would like to hear the technique, book, mp3, etc...that worked, and what the results were. Thank you, all input is appreciated :)***

Having to fill in this space is ridiculous, I'm done with my question but cannot submit it without filling in the rest of this space, which they will probably end up closing because of all of the nothing I am writing....Sheesh. Please don't think that I am not serious because of this, I just have nothing left to write to fill in this space. Still not enough this is way to much space seriously....when did they start this nonsense, omg this is making me not even want to be bothered with asking a question, this is just way to much for a simple question.

asked 10 Jul '13, 22:37

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@sdburns, I'm closing your question for abuse of the 1,000 character minimum limit. I suggest you re-ask your question with appropriate detail.

(11 Jul '13, 03:13) Barry Allen ♦♦

The question has been closed for the following reason "Vague question / Question does not contain enough detail" by Barry Allen 11 Jul '13, 03:14

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