I learned about the manifesting-experiment-1, the Box method, and I am trying that now. But at the 3rd steps i:e when it is to forget about the desire, I am finding it difficult. Every now and then I think of my wish in a positive way of course cause I am feeling good in that way. I like to stare at the pictures of my dream, visualizing myself with that. I guess this is because before knowing about this Box method I was into law of Attraction practice. So I want to know if I am interrupting the universe in doing so?? As the 3rd step states clearly to forget about it, and let it come to you.

So am I really stopping it in doing so. What if I continue getting the good feeling about it even after I have put the request in the Box?

Can I work on the same wish simultaneously through Box method and LOA separately?

Thanks and Best regards EuDave

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Obviously, there's no mysterious, magic power in the box, it's just a box. But the idea of it is to help you release your request and thereby release your resistance to your request which will then put you in a state where your request will automatically manifest because it has already been created in the moment you wanted it.

What you seem to be saying here is can you release the request and not release the request at the same time? :)

In return, I would suggest you honestly examine your motives for not wanting to "let go" of the request. If you were already completely aligned with it, it would already have manifested in your physical experience - the "buffer of time" that people talk about is really a "buffer of resistance".

So if you are continuing to think about your request after releasing it, is it because....

  • You don't really trust the method and would like help it along with a "backup" method instead?
  • You desperately want the thing you are after?
  • You are trying to force the thing you are after to come more quickly to you?
  • You keep noticing that what you want isn't there yet so you feel like you need to do something to make it come?
  • You need it to come a particular deadline and you are feeling increasingly worried that it isn't coming?

If any of those (or similar) reasons resonate with you then you are standing in your own way by highlighting the absence of the thing you want and you may need to reconsider whether the Box experiment is really appropriate for your situation or whether you should try a different Manifesting Experiment.

Now it could be that none of those reasons are valid for you and you are genuinely resistance-free when you think about your request. In that case, yes, you can help your request along through appreciation of it (or anything else, actually) because appreciation is an indication of fast, free-flowing energy directed towards your manifestation.

But in doing that, there's now a slippery slope leading to a trap whereby your focus on what you don't have yet may stand in the way of the manifestation (i.e. manifesting the absence of it, as mentioned above). This is what I call a manifestation-killer. For a more subtle example of this look at the difference here of a millionaire versus a non-millionaire: Focus on what we want or ask for it and forget about it?

You get around that by enjoying using the manifesting process for the pleasure of the process alone, and not for the purposes of actually seeing a physical manifestation. Another way of looking at this is to treat the good-feeling emotion you get from using the process as the manifestation instead i.e. the emotional joy is the REAL manifestation

If you are definitely insistent on using appreciation in addition to the Box experiment for getting what you want then you need to be very clear within yourself on the difference between appreciating and yearning. For more information, see Is the feeling of expectation sufficient for the manifestation to occur?


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Yehey! I was actually looking forward to your response when I saw this question. And I manifested it! Wink!

(26 Sep '11, 10:45) Aphrodite

Buffer of time = buffer of resistance... very pertinent fact to ponder upon in launching a desire and manifesting. You have summed up all the links pertinent to questions related to manifesting. Very well done, like a steak.

(26 Sep '11, 11:03) Aphrodite

Thanks, and well manifested, Aphrodite ;)

(26 Sep '11, 20:11) Stingray

@Stingray,Thanks a lot:) After reading your answer i felt like i got to know my thoughts in a better way.This is actually the "highlight of absence" which was making me feel more desperate and i was not willing to let it go. I visualized my dream, and myself with it. It was a good feeling and in that state i made my request, put it in the box. But after that i was keep questioning myself "if that much visualization was enough to manifest that" ? And this is the only reason why i could not let it go. So I need to focus more on the Presence of it rather that focusing on the abence of it. Thanks

(27 Sep '11, 09:13) EuDave

You're welcome, EuDave

(27 Sep '11, 17:29) Stingray
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