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Hello, Today I have started part two of the master key system and found it to be very interesting. I already knew a lot of the information in this section of the book but I found it to be very well laid out. At the end Haanel wants us to sit still from 15 to 30 minutes and inhibit all thought, and by doing this we BEGIN to have some control over our thought processes. He then states that we will only be able to do this for a few moments at a time, and then states that we must master this step before proceeding with next weeks lesson.

My question is what exactly does inhibiting all thought mean? What does mastering the exercise mean? Does it mean that we must be able to remain aware for the entire period of time and whenever a thought pops up in our mind we must clear our mind again, or does he mean that those thoughts must not pop up for the entire duration of the exercise and if they do we must start over?

Once the week is over even if we have not mastered the exercise can we proceed to the next lesson so that by doing the harder exercises the ones in the beginning become easier?

I have also started trying to be aware as much as I can during the day and I believe that if I keep this up for a while inhibiting thought will become much easier. Although even when I try to remain aware and not think, if I see an advert for example, I automatically read the brand name in my mind (I don't pronounce it but I think about it). Or for example, or if I see a nice girl passing by I automatically judge her appearance, if I smell food a picture of the meal automatically pops up in my mind. Is that considered thinking or being aware? (this last part is referred both to the exercise of inhibiting thought and being aware during waking life). If I focus on doing something, lets say making eggs for example and I grab the eggs, I must think about getting the milk too, and then the salt, then the pepper, so it would be impossible not to think. I am kind of confused about this and I would love some answers from people who have much more experience than me.


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@shougo420, To avoid further duplications I suggest you read through the questions already asked for each part (and use the search box at the top of each page) before asking another. The Master Key System questions on Inward Quest are tagged to make them easier to find. For example, to see all the questions for part 2, click the mks-part-2 tag: http://www.inwardquest.com/tags/mks-part-2/ To see all the Master Key System questions: http://www.inwardquest.com/tags/master-key-system/

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