Lately I had issues with pride and my mind was clinging to the idea of becoming a Guru. On one hand becoming a Guru maybe my calling in life... On the other hand it could simply be my ego looking for more ways to promote itself. Do you see the goal of becoming a teacher as an obstacle or a positive motivating factor?

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We're all teachers and students.I don't think I could ever perceive being a teacher as an obstacle if by that teaching I was genuinely helping someone else gain clarity.

If your genuine motivation is to help someone else, it is definitely not coming from ego and I would say go for it. You'd be doing a greater disservice witholding that knowledge if it can help someone else.


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It is what you make of it. I feel you are punishing yourself though for that percieved pride issue. I believe you have a lot to teach and share with others and you'll be doing yourself and others a disservice by steering away from such a lofty goal.

thank you, namaste


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to be of assistance to others to find the path is positive, unselfish and unharmful;
it should favor the law of adjustment


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Congratulation, a certified Guru teacher is a great accomplishment, and one worthy of praise. So I complement you on your wise decision to become a professional Guru teacher. As a certified teacher, and professional you will be able to advance in your field of work, and perhaps some of your students will one day become Gurus like you.

As a teacher you will have certain privilege, you will gain more respect, you will be identified as a professional, and you will be responsible for making a difference in your students' learning experience. So my dear friend, I wish you every success as a Guru, and you can be confident that you will receive enlightenment on your journey as a teacher.


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funny, even if a little bitter

(04 Oct '10, 13:42) zvolkov

Life is a learning experience, you win some, and you loose some, but that’s okay, you can always start your plan of action all over again, until you get it right!

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To answer my own question, I do believe it's an obstacle. When I noticed my mind was clinging to the kind of thoughts Vee so skillfully portrayed, I promised to myself I will never be a teacher or Guru in any form. This definitely helped.


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Honesty is the best policy! One more thing, soon you will find your path in life. The LOA will manifest your desire, as you wish!

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I don't think being a Guru hampers enlightenment, but thinking you are a Guru and acting like one definitely does. The most loved Gurus just believe in sharing and they are truly humble and realize that the more they learn the less they know, hence they can't really consider themselves as masters of any subject.


answered 05 Oct '10, 11:29

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I Think Therefore I Am

you are your own guru teacher and student. you came to this world to experiance so did every one else. if you can help other so be it. but first help your self. once you have finish doing the work on you you can help other. if not you can still help other on what you have work on your self that other did not do that work on them self.

if you do not understand why that is so as student would you like a teacher that does not know what he teach or what he is talking about? the answer is no. well if you have student it will be the same for them.

what ever choice you make good luck.


answered 05 Jul '11, 03:36

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white tiger

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