I usually don't react to stuff like I did today. I started slipping into old patterns of negative behavior after having a heated argument with someone.

I haven't reacted this way to stuff in a long time.

I understand that things heat up sometimes. But I feel like this issue needs to be cleaned up to restore my relationship with this person and my karma.

I am kind of worried that this will come back and bite me somehow.

I used to feel angry for hours after an argument with someone. This time I only reacted briefly for a few minutes but then I didn't feel anything.

A part of me doesn't feel worried but another part tells me I have some work to do.

I wish I knew what was going on.

I don't know if another topic like this was already posted but I'm not sure if there is one specifically like it.

Sometimes I worry that I can't clean an incident or a topic completely because at times I don't feel the same pain I used to. However this might be a good thing.

I still regret the way I reacted toward this person and I wish there was a way I could clean it all up and and restore it into a benefit or an uplift.

The only bad feeling I have for now is remorse.

I would appreciate some of your thoughts.

asked 27 Jul '16, 00:08

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thecreativeone, you have balanced the thought, if not into a full circle at least enough to no longer use creative energy

(27 Jul '16, 15:05) fred

What if it's your life telling you to look in another direction?

You know, as I heard, Fermat's Theorem was in the end proven using some research, dealing with something completely different.

When I see my tendency to "make up" for something - for example, to "fix back" the relationship, to "manage do more tomorrow," if I feel bad about not doing too much today, etc., I often instinctively feel it's not the right thing for me to do.

That what if it's life pushing me to open my boundaries, release the scripts.

So here I would be asking you, what if karma doesn't exist - how then your question would look to you?

What if you don't have to be in a good relationship with everyone?

What if feeling better is good?

What if the way you behaved with that person, pushed them to something good in their life?

What if you could just relax where you are, not fixing anything, not regretting anything, not making up for anything? What if all is well already, somehow?

What if life was built in a loving way for you?

What if where you came, is good, and you only "need" to see it?

These are my thoughts. :)

Reminds me a bit of the first focus delight - where the main thing is, the most important is to raise the vibration. If anything needs to be fixed - Vortex will do it. That's why you could just completely relax where you are. And if you're inspired to do something after that, in your alignment, it will be a pleasing action. An action of nurturing pleasure.


answered 27 Jul '16, 06:37

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Olga Farber

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Thank You. This was a reminder for me of what surrender is really about.

(27 Jul '16, 20:14) TheCreativeOne

oh wow. Thank You! You reminded me of what Lana Shlafer and Bashar said about surrender, here: http://www.lanashlafer.com/bashar-event/

(27 Jul '16, 22:47) Olga Farber

and can you please elaborate on what your thoughts were? I'm curious :)

(27 Jul '16, 22:49) Olga Farber

In the past I've always thought that surrender was about only doing what feels good to me in the moment and following it. This doesn't seem very fulfilling from past experience. This has always been a bit tricky for me. I now have more clarity because I understand that surrender is more about letting things be as they are at peace. I think surrender is more a state of being rather than a state of action or in-action.

Like you said inspiration eventually comes from this state.

(28 Jul '16, 00:02) TheCreativeOne
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I would not put too much thought into this one my sweet. This is how we grow. I can do the same... I'll be happy in alignment and loving life and suddenly someone will stir my soul the wrong was and it'll effect me badly. It normally takes a few days to get back to alignment but after that I have grown and learned something. If it is not a good feeling to you then now you can be more aware and learn to put a lid of it before it erupts. I did that to start with and now it has eased. If you get angry it means you can anger within you so learn to love yourself and enjoy this wonderful journey.


answered 01 Aug '16, 15:06

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In the recent Crimson Circle channeling of Adamus Saint Germain, he mentioned that those who have realized their enlightenment, have surrendered to the limitations of their identity. In other words, they are not trying to "change" or "do better." Just total acceptance and forgiveness of self in each moment.


answered 12 Aug '16, 19:35

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