It might just be a matter of beliefs. My curiosity keeps bringing me to inward quest a lot more frequently now. I find that after saying "I'm resting for my name body part__now" and then taking a pause seems to work much faster than saying for example "I am relaxed and happy"

Maybe adding the words now and then pausing and letting go is what does the trick. I know I shouldn't complicate things by trying to figure it all out but I would really like to know if I could apply this method using any traditional affirmation.

I'm going through a stage in my life where I'm starting to question everything. Maybe I'm just trying too hard and not trusting my own understanding. I kind of enjoy challenging what I've been taught by society and even spiritual guru's. I mean after all beliefs are major limitations. And we put those limitations on ourselves.

My point is that I would like to know why this works and if I could apply it to something else.

Here is a video on intentional resting

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The way to make any kind of intention work is to have an intention without resistance.

For example, many people say things like "I want this and I want that" but what they actually mean and feel is "I don't have it" or "I don't deserve it". That's intention with resistance attached to it. It doesn't feel good.

Intention without resistance instead feels like blinking with your eyes intentionally. You just know without doubt that they do close and open quickly if you have the intention. Just try it for yourself ;).

Dan Howard of intentional resting says that the word "resting" works better than "relaxing" because many people associate resistant thoughts with that word. It is negative conditioning. For instance, often people say "relax!" when someone is nervous or angry which makes them more nervous and angry. So many people associate being forced to feel good when someone says "relax!".

"Resting" seems to be a more neutral word for many people so it helps to formulate an intention without resistance. So peace of mind and relaxation follows naturally. Because if you have an intention without resistance/doubt, the Universe says immediately:

"Your wish is my command."


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Perfect answer. Thank you

(26 Jan '15, 18:38) EnlightenedOne
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