I consider the knowledge here (law of attraction, inner self, me as a spirit being, channels, etc.) as my new found faith. I embrace all these wholeheartedly and I am amazed of how I am transformed inside. It is now little by little going out from me. I used to be with low self esteem to who I really am, and to almost everything that I am doing. But the moment I understand my connection to the universe and all that there is, my confidence sky rocket, and I never look myself as inferior from my peers specially when talking about financial achievements.

I did meditations but for the past 3 weeks or so, it is not consistent and not as intense as those when I started doing it. I would like to meditate but I am now most of the time occupied by my routine because I chose to or when I am doing it my concentration is really not deep. I can easily be distracted by some thoughts or many other things, there are lot of noise in my mind when I try to do meditation.

I don't feel like going weak but I don't feel stronger either. The understanding of who I am sustain my faith and the way I act now is always based on my understanding of who I am and who we really are. I can remember those days that I did meditation, the feeling of becoming stronger and stronger in the inside because I really felt that connection, not just understand it.

I am not really sure if I am doing the meditation right or I am simply lazy to do it or maybe I am looking for the same feeling I felt when I first did it. I think that feeling was a bliss but I cannot find it now so my meditation routine goes down to none.

Maybe you can suggest something for me or anything you can tell/share. Do we really need to meditate? Is sleeping a form of meditation (because I suspect, not really sure about this, that sleeping is our way of connecting to our source)?

Thank you.

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Some people need meditation and proper settings to get them centered and calm, some people can disengage and detach from their current situation in blink of an eye.

(26 Oct '13, 05:01) CalonLan

@CalonLan: Despite being incredibly gifted at neutralizing all surface 'turbulence' in stressful situations and/or centering / calming myself on command, I personally think meditation is invaluable to everyone irrelevant of their spirituality or lack thereof, because its applications run infinitely deeper in real world applications than I've encountered personally in spiritual applications.

Physical and mental meditation serve far more purposes than just centering or calming in turmoil.

(26 Oct '13, 23:27) Snow

The point is detachment. Either way, the same effect is achieved.

(28 Oct '13, 02:45) CalonLan

I disagree with the direct association of meditation and detachment. Much of what I believe is most critical is a very active engaging of your mind, a mental exercise just like a physical exercise. The detachment you're talking about I feel applies more to one's personal ego control, but you can have the patience of a saint but the mental discipline of a rock. You're not just training to have emotional or attitude self-control, this I feel comes more from personality development and discipline.

(28 Oct '13, 08:21) Snow

I feel being able to disengage like that is an example of having all of the impulses, thoughts, emotions, but still having the ability to operate with all the noise.

Whereas the mental exercises, be they "active" in nature or 'passive', the side you associate with "detaching" but are really more like fine motor control. Refined control over your mind and the goings-on inside, versus the ability to control and maintain your outward behavior irrelevant / in spite of outward or inward influences.

(28 Oct '13, 08:26) Snow

@Snow, feel free to restrict yourself in any way that suits you. What you believe blinds you from what you believe not. ;-)

(31 Oct '13, 12:16) CalonLan
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@Romel, what you are experiencing is completely normal. I myself experienced same/very similar things when I came to this knowledge, and I still do actually. Leave the meditation alone for now, as long as you have to put effort into doing something you are going upstream-the opposite of how you want to get there.

For now, do whatever you feel like doing when it comes to LOA, if you feel like doing nothing, then do nothing, leave all the processes alone, just internalise what you've learnt in a natural way. I went through a period not long ago that lasted for about a month, where I could not find bliss no matter what I tried, I could not complete any of the processes to feel better etc. Eventually I just left it alone, tried my best to think positive thoughts even though they weren't making me feel any better, it was as though my spark died - I don't remember when I snapped out of it but I did and now I'm back to my jolly self again.

There's this free Complete Well Being Journal that I found online that has helped me immensely in finding a high paying job and just making peace with myself, having fun and appreciating everything in the Universe, you can find it here (and for anyone else on here that would like to use it): http://whatanicewebsite.com/faces/Complete%20Well%20Being%20Journal.pdf

Download it, print it out and use it when you find that you can resonate with it. It cleared up tons of resistance in me, resistance that I didn't even know I had. Don't start it if you feel you need to put effort into it, start it when it feels like fun. Once you do start it, take it around with you, remember to keep it to yourself - it's YOUR personal journal, be honest with it and have fun.

Much love to you my dear


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Thank you very much @MoonWillow. You answer all my questions by not answering it directly. You were able to look inside me and that I am very much surprised and impressed at the same time. I will do that complete well being journal, I think it's a good idea.

(17 Jul '13, 17:59) Romel

great answer... i would just add that this is the place where you now go for whats joyous for you .. what do you like to really do? love workouts? music dance/? art?.... even if the inspirations are small do it at that level... try also variety of meditations... like fast breathing with great music... or kirtan is where you sing some funky devotional songs... basically experiment and you dont need to stick to something if you dont like it...

(24 Oct '13, 21:07) abrahamloa

many times i do fast breathing quantum breathes in car visializing light etc... it changed my state in 10 mins... and anyway i was driving (of course i am careful as you get a little dizzy)... this Jeru kebbal breathing meditaions cd has excellent music that lifts my spirits... so anyway diff people liek diff tools... or sometimes i workout hard for an hr and lie down for 15 mins silently...

(24 Oct '13, 21:09) abrahamloa

after workout sometimes i am able to meditate with some music more easily... or you may try meditating at the beach etc... dont force it but dont give up completely... just do when you are excited and therefore in that excitement you can get in 10 mins meditaiton.. i always use tactics to entice myself to doing it and i seem to enjoyu then... i never have set up a time to do it.

(24 Oct '13, 21:09) abrahamloa

there are also various things that can serve as meditaiton... if you sing and get engrossed in it then its meditative too.. so pick things that put you in that state where your mind gets freed... if you do bootcamp workout in some way its meditative... but you need to put that intention and tell the Divine that hey i am doing this for you :-) etc..

(24 Oct '13, 21:11) abrahamloa

most great spiritual masters have recommended meditation... they have said in some silence everyday lies all answers ... gandhi did not speak to anyone 1 whole day a week... even in emergencies.. even when he went to jail... . so try to not to completely stop.. just pick and choose your spots with variety.. do quick ones 5 mins etc... always treat these activities as communing with the Superconscious field or God then he must come to you!

(24 Oct '13, 21:13) abrahamloa

and as @moonwillow said about writing journals...i think someimtees writing too is meditative... so just use all diff tools

(24 Oct '13, 21:15) abrahamloa
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For me, personally, meditation is not optional.

It makes all other tools, techniques and thought processes work in the first place. It makes me be more aware of my own subtle emotions. It provides me with important insights.

And IMO being aware of how you feel during the day is the most important aspect of this journey.

So meditating early in the morning is essential to start day right.


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of course it is not optional. look at Jesus or Nathaniel. They both meditate. Jesus in the desert for 40 days, Jesus on the mount of olive. and Nathaniel under the fig tree. a true Israelite with nothing false in him. at peace with him self and other, a truth seeker starting to see the light. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbBmpaDBizA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bLaRVEZqqRc

(02 Aug '13, 08:00) white tiger
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the journey is individually
taylored, still noise, attune
nature, see yourself breathe
making body a worthy temple


answered 17 Jul '13, 20:18

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Contrary to some very counter-productive and downright hazardous points of view, meditation is NOT a purely spiritual activity. Nor reserved for those interested in the spiritual aspect. Everyone should meditate regularly without exception, irrelevant of beliefs.

[Get ready for one hell of a long answer. Saw White Tiger's answer and figured hey, I should write something way longer than that but not copy-pasted from a holy book. ^_^y Jokes aside I feel it is all of the utmost importance, particularly regarding physical health, alignment, and posture I discuss at the end. However from start to finish I cannot articulate with words how much I feel these topics are neglected in our mental and/or physical education and development as children, or how critically important it is to maintain healthy habits into adulthood.]

(Figured I'd put this at the top too in case anyone saw the body of this answer and didn't make it to the end.) In short summary: Mental and physical meditation are each critical to both mental and physical health, irrelevant of spiritual beliefs or lack thereof. Even if some day I decide nothing spiritual, metaphysical, or supernatural exists, I will still always tell others at every opportunity that neglecting proper meditation (and yoga, tai chi, stretching, etc) is reckless, irresponsible, dangerous, and doing yourself a disservice the likes of which no words will express appropriate gravity.

Start doing it, start doing it today, look for different methods and instructions from as many peers, students, teachers, instructors, or masters as you can find. Cautiously and intelligently entertain as many new approaches as you can, testing for yourself how effective they are. And ALWAYS expect there to be a better method, more efficient, safer. You must work out extremely hard to get strong results / no pain no gain are BLATANTLY FALSE to use as a starting premise. Begin by working & training smart, then once you find what works best for you begin to increase effort appropriately. No growth process needs to be painful. In fact, for those which are you must pay greater attention to WHY they're causing pain, they shouldn't be.

(Back to the actual answer:) Part of my mind to this day reserves the possibility every inexplicable event I've encounter which cumulatively are responsible for my logical & rational side being forced to conclude there's more to reality than anti-spiritual atheists believe despite being a strong skeptic myself. Even if some day I find some way to settle my 'atheist / nothing supernatural exists Vs. polytheist / accepts many things' duality mind into rejecting anything 'beyond' is real, I will still maintain the validity and usefulness of many things normally attributed to the latter, such as Yoga, meditation, etc.

Through empirical evidence and thorough testing, my rational side still undeniably admits these things hold value and benefit only the most closed-minded of naysayers can attempt to reject. My rational side simply justifies their usefulness as being the result of physically explainable rationale often rooted in psychology, such as mental constructs, developing mental acuity and discipline, etc. This is why even to those who have no interest or tolerance for spirituality or supernatural, I still strongly hold the stance meditation (or yoga, tai chi,"prayer", similar/related ideas) is incredibly valuable and something every person can benefit from and is incomplete without.

Bit long winded way to say "Meditation is good for everyone", I feel it's of the utmost importance to clearly say irrelevant of individual beliefs I consider it crucial.

As for how to meditate, and not being sure if you're getting results, I've spent many years trying all sorts of physical, mental, and hybrid approaches to meditation. Some practices seemed to yield no or minor results, while other results were so clear they were impossible to ignore.

In another question I asked "Is it normal to not be able to see mental images?" This question and my own discussions and seeking knowledge on the subject led me to discover I was completely unaware of processes of thought, because since I did not experience them myself I had no reason to believe anyone else functioned any differently. I had no clue people could draw and create vivid mental imagery, and conversations with those who could were not understanding of my perspective nor did they help me realize what I was missing or how to work at it.

I became aware I spent my whole life severely handicapping myself in a plethora of ways, all of which I could have addressed had I meditated properly from a young age. In each sense we have, touch, sound, sight, language; we're capable of visualizing (creating mental 'images', though not needing to be optical), and we're capable of learning through each as well. (I separate language and sound because it's comprised of both read and spoken language, and while being built upon multiple senses seems independent of any one by itself.) I believe the above is why some people are more effective at learning kinestheticly, audibly / verbally, or visually.

I don't think we're naturally born with an aptitude in one area or another, instead we all have the ability to improve in visualizing using any sense, and improving this will result in greater learning yields through related methods. However without proper direction and education we naturally lean towards our primary sense and method of thinking, leaving the others to atrophy like a neglected muscle group. The question I refer to explains this concept (thanks in large part to @Dollar Bill), and my own suggestions for methods of training this areas.

The above I feel is one of the major focuses of 'active' meditation, which can be done while preparing for sleep but is NOT remotely the same as simply sleeping.

Another important benefit of mental meditation I don't really address in that question is individuals with ADHD, certain other mental disorders, difficulties with focus and attention severe enough to be debilitating and interfere with normal functioning and life.

Something I already knew brought heavily into focus while beginning the processes I explain in the other question, I have extreme difficulties with holding and maintaining visualizations. Since I rarely used this ability it never seemed to matter to me. I now believe this problem is strongly related to similar issues I have with rampant thoughts, inability to control my own thoughts or quiet the 'cling & clatter' which at times can be very disruptive to attempts at living a happy life. As I improved in my optical visualizations I also practiced my ability to maintain one image, modify & manipulate it, erase / clear the image, then recall the image as I left it. This had profound results in many aspects of my psyche as alluded to above, as well as my memory / recall abilities both in establishing new memories and recalling preexisting memories in greater depth and detail.

I believe exercising control and strength in all of the above will provide all of the benefits I have already listed, as well as developing a more fine awareness and control over different aspects of your psyche, be it amplifying senses you want to observe more closely, or be it quieting all surface thoughts allowing you to dig deeper and observe layers of your consciousness which would otherwise be masked by the clatter. For myself the ability to quiet and calm thoughts has profound implications in helping deal with rampant & intrusive thoughts which I had previously thought to be outside of my control and as such extremely depressing, overwhelming, exhausting, and debilitating.

For those who do not have severe enough mental / focus issues to interfere with their daily lives or warrant qualifying as disabilities, there is always room for improvement and refinement in focus (as well as the numerous different methods of visualization for learning & artistic & other purposes). However even disregarding all of those benefits I believe the refined control and awareness over the different levels of your psyche is also the gateway allowing us to reach higher states of meditation.

Extrasensory perceptions; voluntary & self induced states of increased recovery and rejuvenation; voluntarily reaching deeper states of meditation; more vivid, frequent, and easy to recollect lucid dreams; I believe all of these are strongly tied to properly training and disciplining the consciousness through meditation, both internal through exercises as I describe in the other answer, as well as external through engaging tasks which activate certain varieties of thought, problem solving, and creative production.

So yes, whether your interests are spiritual or mundane, I believe meditation is crucial and its value cannot be overstated.

This is already quite a long answer but I'd like to touch on one other aspect, which is physical 'meditation' and health. One part of the above visualization exercises is developing your tactile sense, which in practice is what you use to activate fine motor control. Drawing a circle (or any shape) around a muscle on your body, 'feeling' its touch and presence, and expanding / contracting / turning / manipulating it activates your fine motor controls in that area. This might seem only necessary for someone doing delicate tasks like playing an instrument, but in reality I believe this is crucial to normal life and health for all laymen as well.

Just like we tend to lean towards one system of thought and over the years become dependent upon it to carry the slack left by the other methods as they atrophy, we also begin to rely on particular muscles to perform daily tasks down to the simplest objective of standing and balancing on our own two feet while other muscles are left inactive and weaken until we're almost unaware of their very existence. We've been doing this for so long we forget it's actually a very complicated process to hold yourself up, but for someone who has needed physical therapy it quickly becomes clear just how much goes into the most simple of tasks.

Muscle groups will become dependent on specific major muscles for maintaining posture, and the remaining muscles weaken to the point of only being able to brace against the supporting muscle, causing the entire muscle group to become very rigid, immobile, and easily thrown off balance. Before going to sleep utilizing fine motor control through your body top to bottom working through each muscle group expanding, contracting, then expanding once more helps you reactivate long-latent muscles, and begin rebuilding the strength and flexibility necessary to restore proper balance and support. This allows you to correct issues such as easily developing cramps or being unable to hold even slightly out-of-center stances for longer than a few moments without becoming exhausted or even injured in extreme cases.

Having this excessive reliance on a fewer number of muscles to maintain posture and stability isn't a problem just because it makes you rigid, weaker, and less balanced. These are noticeable consequences, but the real problem is you putting excessive strain and pressure on multiple points in your body. Where few muscles are being responsible for holding weight which should be distributed comfortably across entire muscle groups, and this imbalance also causes extra pressure to be placed in awkward positions and directions on separate muscle groups similarly required to compensate for the change in weight distribution and alignment.

For myself, this problem started at the feet not being strong enough to split the weight across more than a small area of the foot and ankles. I was diagnosed with overpronation (deformed feet requiring potentially very expensive corrective footwear), which would cause me pain from extended periods of walking or short periods of running or impact. This problem I saw massive improvements in by working at flexibility and strength starting at the outermost point of each toe working up to the ankles. Next my shins were off balance, one side being responsible for holding me up with the other being so weak it almost appeared to be bare bone. Running would give me shin splints, and my coaches in school or instructors/peers in martial arts would make me believe I wasn't trying hard enough or I hadn't spent enough time working past this newbie level of running and endurance. When in reality I was straining muscles every time I ran without knowing it, enduring incredible pain under the impression everyone else had as much trouble as I did when in reality the process can be fun and enjoyable if done properly and healthily. My knees were also off balance, off center and subject to extreme pain and collapse under mediocre amounts of weight lifting (such as squats) when someone of my size and stature reasonably should have had no problems.

I could continue this explanation all the way up my body, to my hips being underdeveloped and not 'open', lower spinal alignment problems, difficulty developing the desired attractive abdominal muscles due to large areas being entirely ignored despite doing immense amounts of exercises (30 minute abs anyone? non-stop ab exercises like gorilla pounding your abs while V-sitting moving to crunches, sit-ups, planks, etc). The area particularly worth noting is my neck and upper spinal alignment, being an area of severe trouble for me both in my difficulty in achieving proper flexibility and posture in my neck, and spinal compression and pinched nerves and insufficient blood flow as a consequence of decades of compression of the neck when it should have been healthily extended allowing thorough blood (and so, oxygen) flow to the brain, as well as pain and muscle control problems all the way down around my wrists, and in my lower body.

The weakness and instability in my feet, and subsequently every part of my body above, resulted in me not being able to lift appropriate pressure off of my neck or lower back. You must have a strong and balanced foundation all the way up your body to be able to properly support your head, the most important part of your body.

More than the physical complications and anomalies I listed, these deformities caused me to exert more effort while exercising or training in martial arts, while receiving lessened results for my trouble. I quickly plateau'd in numerous areas of flexibility, not because I wasn't diligent about practice but because I was hitting physical 'bottlenecks' where I was weakened by my lowest common denominators, the neglected muscles I didn't even know were being ignored in the first place. Then once I did begin to work these muscles I would quickly overstretch, overexert, and injure myself doing regular activities or while trying to work related areas, not realizing I had underdeveloped muscles which needed to catch up and be strengthened BEFORE I tried to progress further (if I didn't want to cause serious and potentially permanent damage).

As I began correcting these issues throughout my body for a time I found certain areas in my spine uncomfortably popping, causing a jolting pain elsewhere in my body. I wasn't even aware I had pinched nerves at multiple trouble areas in my spine, which as I began to decompress were quickly highlighting just how ###### up I was. One specific nerve in my neck caused me to convulse and collapse, excruciating pain I was completely unprepared for. Since then I've refined the process to not over-work my correction to the point of the pain being too much giving me the impression I may actually hurt myself by pushing myself too hard too fast.

In more severe cases of poor spinal alignment like my own, I can say the lack of physical balance and health has strong adverse effects on your mental and cognitive abilities as well. When I was younger I'd go to chiropractors, and after visits I'd always note an unfamiliar "clarity", a new more lucid feeling which was extremely pleasant and empowering but foreign to me. I didn't realize I should be working to correct my own spinal issues in conjunction with getting proper adjustments (ideally from doctors using hardware like the Pro-Adjuster to optimize the process and minimize risks and danger).

This feeling of clarity was actually a consequence of increased blood flow through veins running up the neck, some of which are intertwined through vertebrae. I didn't realize until much later in life when I started to encounter a similar clarity from my own activities in stretching and yoga just how critical this was or how much I was impaired by it when not treated. It actually makes you think clearer, faster, you are more responsive, more reflexive. Though for those with more minor alignment problems they may not note such a drastic night and day difference as I do, I guarantee the difference will not just be notable but undeniable.

If you place your hand on the back of your neck and you notice a forward angle, you need to fix your alignment too! Even in the case of very slight misalignment it's still very common to have underdeveloped neck support appropriately lifting pressure off of the vertebrae, discs, and nerves. Though the most noticeable improvements will come from developing the neck (VERY carefully, I cannot stress this enough in all aspects of physical therapy and correcting long lasting deformities or trouble areas, but ESPECIALLY the neck. It's extremely easy to overstretch, it's extremely easy to neglect the full 360 degree * 360 degree range of motion, flexibility, and strength, and it's extremely easy to injure yourself if you're not being extremely cautious) you ideally will eventually strengthen and expand your entire core and torso alleviating pressure on your entire spinal column.

A few more points about neck safety. Do NOT pop your neck. If you do, do NOT pop your neck by force. Do NOT apply pressure. And absolutely do NOT do it in a rotating motion or worse a twisting motion. It's extremely easy to cause a pop into worse alignment, which can result in pinching veins or nerves resulting in serious injury or death. My chiropractors used to tell horror stories of friends adjusting one another wherein one girl killed her friend by thinking just popping parts of your body was no big deal. These chiropractors happily informed me they added my horror story to the list, wherein for years I had popped my neck many times a day using my hand and twisting from side to side. One day with no warning and no problems whatsoever the hundreds of times leading up to this point I felt a pinch in my neck, pain, and the inability to tilt my head to one side even the slightest measure nor twist to the other side again even to the slightest measure. My friends told me my face was whitening and my lips were turning purple, which I had trouble understanding because of the deep humming and buzzing sound in my ears and the tunnel vision which was developing. I tried to stand to my feet only to experience gravity appearing to be multiples more intense than I was accustomed to, collapsing immediately back into my chair completely unable to lift my own weight. Another friend walked up to me and asked if I was sick and what was wrong, prompting me to lift my head slightly higher than it had while addressing those sitting across the table from me. I felt a slight 'pop' in my neck, and my face and everything began to normalize. I was later informed by my chiro at the time there are veins running through certain vertebrae, and it's very easy to cause already misaligned discs to pop out further rather than into position (despite feeling better either way because of a release of natural painkillers upon popping joints), and I had managed to pinch one of these veins when I was doing this. I was having a stroke, not getting blood flow to my brain because the vein was completely pinched, not just pressured into restricted blood flow. He and later chiros all told me the same thing, it's likely had I not been prompted to lift my head inadvertently correcting the problem I would have collapsed unconscious to the ground and not been treated by medical personnel soon enough to ever wake up again. Years, since childhood, of popping my neck with nothing but enjoyment on my behalf and grossing out observers with the loud pops I'd come to find entertaining. And just one time was almost enough to end up like one of the horror stories where self-adjustment or friends adjusting one another resulting in fatalities.

Whew. Absurdly long answer. But I like it. Not sure if it'll be read, but I know I'm going to refer back to it and end up using it as a foundation for physical training / instructing martial arts should I ever find a means to reenter the field as I intend to some day.

In short summary: Mental and physical meditation are each critical to both mental and physical health, irrelevant of spiritual beliefs or lack thereof. Even if some day I decide nothing spiritual, metaphysical, or supernatural exists, I will still always tell others at every opportunity that neglecting proper meditation (and yoga, tai chi, stretching, etc) is reckless, irresponsible, dangerous, and doing yourself a disservice the likes of which no words will express appropriate gravity.

Start doing it, start doing it today, look for different methods and instructions from as many peers, students, teachers, instructors, or masters as you can find. Cautiously and intelligently entertain as many new approaches as you can, testing for yourself how effective they are. And ALWAYS expect there to be a better method, more efficient, safer. You must work out hard to get strong results is BLATANTLY FALSE to use as a starting premise. Begin by working & training smart, then once you find what works best for you begin to increase effort appropriately. No growth process needs to be painful. In fact, for those which are you must pay greater attention to WHY they're causing pain, they shouldn't be.

Not sure if anyone made it this far.. But woooh. That was a fun answer. =) Thanks for the read... Hope my trail, error, and failures will serve to help you in your own development and growth. Just remember to keep at it every day, even just 15 minutes a day twice a day, dedication, diligence, and persistence are by far the most important.


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it is good that you are starting to know yourself. everything comes from the inside going out. go in the desert where there is no one to call you no name or to give you no pain and you will see that it is very true. until people know the truth about them self they cannot know the truth about someone else. for the moment you see meditation good for the body and the mind. one day you will see it good for the living one that you are spirit. then you will see body, water(soul=mind heart) and spirit.

(26 Oct '13, 23:14) white tiger

will also say that you say that my post was very long, verily verily in truth I tell you it is not about the quantity it is about the quality.as for the copy paste comment joke, every one is doing it in this world some one create something someone else see it and show it to someone else. some will like it some will not like it. some will see its purpose and some will not see it. if a man show you a map to get somewhere where he as all ready went to and came back. Does it matter that the map is-

(28 Oct '13, 13:34) white tiger

copy pasted? or is it more important to have the comment of the one that as gone there? I am the way the truth and the life. Who is the king that you seek to protect? we speak of what we know and testify and report what we have seen. if my word as help you so be it.

(28 Oct '13, 13:39) white tiger

many walk in this desert and are thirsty. when one is ready and willing to follow the word(the word is truth) and to walk in is foot step and seek the kingdom of God they will find it. the foot step are in a straight and narrow path so to leave that narrow path and to go to the left and to the right in extremes will only make you more lost. do not seek division from the left or the right stay united in truth, Let there be light, be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy. smile.

(28 Oct '13, 15:04) white tiger

Hehe. I like your map comparison. I didn't mean my comment to be derisive at all. I will however say I think what you say is good but I find I personally appreciate your content more when it features more of what you have to say. While I tend to like it either way, I personally retain and am able to take more out of it when it's more like I'm hearing from a person not reading from a book. Just providing unsolicited opinion if you're interested. =P

(28 Oct '13, 22:32) Snow

@snow Well I am he that is speaking to you. I have also left you a map by my word and my spirit. do not believe that it is only copy pasting. I have leave many foot print in the desert for many year now and one that is willing will find is way. I know that many go in extreme and get lost they should remember that the way is narrow.to find your way back to any one that get lost: know yourself and clean the inside of the cup. in spirit and truth. Let there be light, be the light that you can be,

(30 Oct '13, 20:12) white tiger

experience and enjoy.

(30 Oct '13, 20:13) white tiger
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Yes, I have. Meditation in the context usually prescribed to it isn't in my "vibrational toolkit" nicked that one from Stingray!

Ive tried it, cant really seem to get away with it.

I much prefer guiding my thoughts with what ever tools i have to hand .

Spending a couple of hours watching a busy harbour and imagining myself on various boats travelling to various destinations is MY meditation.

Perhaps that IS meditation.If it is then I love it and I guess my answer would then change to No, you cant survive without it.


answered 02 Aug '13, 02:07

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Monty Riviera

I stop meditating for more than a year now, that type of meditation where you need to sit down and relax and observe your breathing. Luckily, I still felt connected to the source and energized though not that intense when I started the meditation I just described. I think sleeping is one form of meditation, I hope so. It is my way of connecting to the source, It works for me. I am energized both physically and spiritually when I woke up.

(23 May '15, 04:47) Romel

I am telling you the truth, when you will be ready you will achieve. find a place to rest before you become a carcass. when you will seek the Word with all your soul (mind and heart) aka: water and solve your inner division you will not have noise in you; nothing will be false in you. then you will be born of water. And will start to see the light that you are, there again follow the word until both become one. then overcome and go above to the kingdom.

A little child of seven days just told you this so that you may find the place of life.

Men was not made for the Sabbath but the Sabbath was made for men. when you are ready you will achieve.

Then God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it he rested from all the work of creating that he had done.

many are on the wide gate to the left and to the right and are divided. very fee are on the narrow gate not to the left or to the right but in the middle in perfect balance in the word knowing both the left and the right. my measure is the word. and I am not the one that will judge you. to the measure you judge also will you be judge. so stay in the word. because the word is truth.

some prefer to see water baptism as being drown in water. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7JS7afiKWA If those who lead you say to you, 'See, the kingdom is in the sky,' then the birds of the sky will precede you. If they say to you, 'It is in the sea,' then the fish will precede you.Rather, the kingdom is inside of you, and it is outside of you. When you come to know yourselves, then you will become known, and you will realize that it is you who are the sons of the living father. But if you will not know yourselves, you dwell in poverty and it is you who are that poverty."

Recognize what is in your sight, and that which is hidden from you will become plain to you . For there is nothing hidden which will not become manifest."


Do not tell lies, and do not do what you hate, for all things are plain in the sight of heaven. For nothing hidden will not become manifest, and nothing covered will remain without being uncovered."

This heaven will pass away, and the one above it will pass away. The dead are not alive, and the living will not die. In the days when you consumed what is dead, you made it what is alive. When you come to dwell in the light, what will you do? On the day when you were one you became two. But when you become two, what will you do?"


Let there be light, be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.

update: if you need a little more help. when night draw upon you and you are ready with full commitment to follow the word. renounce your self and pick up your cross. when you are born of water and spirit. and are ready to overcome and cross the last gate for a little while you will leave this world, if you have found peace you will know the mystery of the pearl. if you are pure of heart you will know the mystery of the robe of glory and know the first mystery.

I also leave you this hymn:


When, a quite little child, I was dwelling

In the House of my Father's Kingdom,


And in the wealth and the glories

Of my Up-bringers I was delighting,


From the East, our Home, my Parents

Forth-sent me with journey-provision.


Indeed from the wealth of our Treasure,

They bound up for me a load.


Large was it, yet was it so light

That all alone I could bear it.



Gold from the Land of G§ l~ n,

Silver from Ganz~ k the Great,



Chalcedonies of India,

Iris-hued [Opals?] from Kã sh~ n.


They girt me with Adamant [also]

That hath power to cut even iron.


My Glorious Robe they took off me

Which in their love they had wrought me,


And my Purple Mantle [also]

Which was woven to match with my stature.



And with me They [then] made a compact;

In my heart wrote it, not to forget it:


"If thou goest down into Egypt,

And thence thou bring'st the one Pearl--


"[The Pearl] that lies in the Sea,

Hard by the loud-breathing Serpent,--


"[Then] shalt Thou put on thy Robe

And thy Mantle that goeth upon it,



"And with thy Brother, Our Second,

Shalt thou be Heir in our Kingdom."



I left the East and went down

With two Couriers [with me];


For the way was hard and dangerous,

For I was young to tread it.


I traversed the borders of Maish~ n,

The mart of the Eastern merchants,


And I reached the Land of B~ bel,

And entered the walls of Sarbã g.


Down further I went into Egypt;

And from me parted my escorts.



Straightway I went to the Serpent;

Near to his lodging I settled,



To take away my Pearl

While he should sleep and should slumber.


Lone was I there, yea, all lonely;

To my fellow-lodgers a stranger.


However I saw there a noble,

From out of the Dawn-land my kinsman,



A young man fair and well favoured,

Son of Grandees; he came and he joined me.



I made him my chosen companion,

A comrade, for sharing my wares with.


He warned me against the Egyptians,

'Gainst mixing with the unclean ones.


For I had clothed me as they were,

That they might not guess I had come


From afar to take off the Pearl,

And so rouse the Serpent against me.




But from some occasion or other

They learned I was not of their country.


With their wiles they made my acquaintance;

Yea, they gave me their victuals to eat.


I forgot that I was a King's son,

And became a slave to their king.


I forgot all concerning the Pearl

For which my Parents had sent me;


And from the weight of their victuals

I sank down into a deep sleep.



All this that now was befalling,

My Parents perceived and were anxious.


It was then proclaimed in our Kingdom,

That all should speed to our Gate--



Kings and Chieftains of Parthia,

And of the East all the Princes.


And this is the counsel they came to:

I should not be left down in Egypt.


And for me they wrote out a Letter;

And to it each Noble his Name set:



"From Us--King of Kings, thy Father,

And thy Mother, Queen of the Dawn-land,


"And from Our Second, thy Brother--

To thee, Son, down in Egypt, Our Greeting!


"Up an arise from thy sleep,

Give ear to the words of Our Letter!


"Remember that thou art a King's son;

See whom thou hast served in thy slavedom.



Bethink thyself of the Pearl

For which thou didst journey to Egypt.



"Remember thy Glorious Robe,

Thy Splendid Mantle remember,


"To put on and wear as adornment,

When thy Name may be read in the Book of the Heroes,


"And with Our Successor, thy Brother,

Thou mayest be Heir in Our Kingdom."


My Letter was [surely] a Letter

The King had sealed up with His Right Hand,


'Gainst the Children of B~ bel, the wicked,

The tyrannical Daimons of Sarbã g.




It flew in the form of the Eagle,

Of all the winged tribes the king-bird;


It flew and alighted beside me,

And turned into speech altogether.


At its voice and the sound of its winging,

I waked and arose from my deep sleep.


Unto me I took it and kissed it;

I loosed its seal and I read it.


E'en as it stood in my heart writ,

The words of my Letter were written.



I remembered that I was a King's son,

And my rank did long for its nature.


I bethought me again of the Pearl,

For which I was sent down to Egypt.



And I began [then] to charm him,

The terrible loud-breathing Serpent.


I lulled him to sleep and to slumber,

Chanting o'er him the Name of my Father,


The Name of our Second, [my Brother],

And [Name] of my Mother, the East-Queen.



And [thereon] I snatched up the Pearl,

And turned to the House of my Father.


Their filthy and unclean garments

I stripped off and left in their country.


To the way that I came I betook me,

To the Light of our Home, to the Dawn-land.


On the road I found [there] before me,

My Letter that had aroused me--


As with its voice it had roused me,

So now with its light it did lead me--




On fabric of silk, in letter of red [?],

With shining appearance before me [?],


Encouraging me with its guidance,

With its love it was drawing me onward.


I went forth; through Sarbã g I passed;

I left B~ bel-land on my left hand;


And I reached unto Maish~ n the Great,

The meeting-place of the merchants,


That lieth hard by the Sea-shore.



My Glorious Robe that I'd stripped off,

And my Mantle with which it was covered,


Down from the Heights of Hyrc~ nia,

Thither my Parents did send me,



By the hands of their Treasure-dispensers

Who trustworthy were with it trusted.


Without my recalling its fashion,--

In the House of my Father my childhood had left it,--


At once, as soon as I saw it,

The Glory looked like my own self.



I saw it in all of me,

And saw me all in [all of] it,--


That we were twain in distinction,

And yet again one in one likeness.


I saw, too, the Treasurers also,

Who unto me had down-brought it,


Were twain [and yet] of one likeness;

For one Sign of the King was upon them--



Who through them restored me the Glory,

The Pledge of my Kingship [?].



The Glorious Robe all-bespangled

With sparkling splendour of colours:


With Gold and also with Beryls,

Chalcedonies, iris-hued [Opals?],


With Sards of varying colours.

To match its grandeur [?], moreover, it had been completed:


With adamantine jewels

All of its seams were off-fastened.


[Moreover] the King of Kings' Image

Was depicted entirely all o'er it;


And as with Sapphires above

Was it wrought in a motley of colour.




I saw that moreover all o'er it

The motions of Gnosis abounding;


I saw it further was making

Ready as though for to speak.


I heard the sound of its Music

Which it whispered as it descended [?]:


"Behold him the active in deeds!

For whom I was reared with my Father;


"I too have felt in myself

How that with his works waxed my stature."



And [now] with its Kingly motions

Was it pouring itself out towards me,


And made haste in the hands of its Givers,

That I might [take and] receive it.



And me, too, my love urged forward

To run for to meet it, to take it.


And I stretched myself forth to receive it;

With its beauty of colour I decked me,


And my Mantle of sparkling colours

I wrapped entirely all o'er me.



I clothed me therewith, and ascended

To the Gate of Greeting and Homage.


I bowed my head and did homage

To the Glory of Him who had sent it,


Whose commands I [now] had accomplished,

And who had, too, done what He'd promised.


[And there] at the Gate of His House-sons

I mingled myself with His Princes;



For He had received me with gladness,

And I was with Him in His Kingdom;



To whom the whole of His Servants

With sweet-sounding voices sing praises.


He had promised that with him to the Court

Of the King of Kings I should speed,


And taking with me my Pearl

Should with him be seen by our King.


Let there be light , be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.


answered 17 Jul '13, 14:49

white%20tiger's gravatar image

white tiger

edited 28 Oct '13, 20:21


So...in a nutshell....does he need meditation or what?

(19 Jul '13, 01:47) Monty Riviera

Please explain here why you downvoted: With due respect to @white tiger, I think this answer is not intended for this question, maybe there was some mixed up, I am not sure. I saw this answer in a short paragraph but then edited and become very long. If this is intended for me, I hope you can clear this up a bit.

(19 Jul '13, 03:00) Romel

@Romel it is for this question. yet the world cannot receive me. awake and arose from the deep sleep.The Pearl that lies in the Sea, Hard by the loud-breathing Serpent, what is the sea? is it not water? what is the pearl? what is the serpent? can you not understand my word?

(19 Jul '13, 11:00) white tiger

So what really is your point... No offense, but it's simply none sense in my end. What do you really mean about it?

(19 Jul '13, 11:06) Romel

I am telling you the truth I have answer this question in full. yet you are not ready to understand. and you cannot see it. so that it is more full and could help you to understand I will say that you need to meditate each day in the desert being lead by the spirit for over 40 days until you overcome. then you will be really born again of water and the spirit and went above.

(19 Jul '13, 11:16) white tiger

@white tiger -- I can get you out of the red. Think of it as a perfect circle & not a zero. Your comment made me think of this song - enjoy!


(01 Aug '13, 01:56) ele

@ele thank you for the song,I like this song and of course it is the beginning of the journey and yes the horse was sad because the water was dead. and it caused pain. yet when the horse has drink pure water by fallowing the straight way of truth with out division it has purify is own water from the dead water that tried to poison him. then he found the light and was not alone any more for over 40 days then the water and the light became one and the same, took the last narrow door and went-

(01 Aug '13, 18:37) white tiger

above and was receive like the little pearl of Zion among the other light in a kingdom of light full of peacemakers. then he went to meet the one who sent him yet he did not know it until he asked him what is the meaning of all this? And saw it all from the beginning to the end eternal. And it is to much to hold in this little cup. Then the one that sent him show him that before he came to the world he made the choice to come to the world. blessed are those that have eyes to see and ears to hear

(01 Aug '13, 18:45) white tiger

I am he that is talking to you.

(01 Aug '13, 18:47) white tiger

@ele if you want a tip on meditation be aware, get to know your self, fix a point in front of you that is not there. similar to wall gazing meditation with open eyes. the point should not be to far or to close this is similar to what Buddha said about the strings being not to tight or to loose to play beautiful music. each instrument like each person is different you need to attune, it comes with practice and experience. one needs to learn to walk before he can run. some will say to you that it-

(24 Oct '13, 20:57) white tiger

is about non thinking, it is not so. but yes you need to be at peace and not let the storm sink your boat. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yyzwCpofQSA if you are in chaos can it be in order? according to you when someone make something or any action in this world does it happen outside or inside first? not by might nor by power, but by my spirit.

(24 Oct '13, 21:17) white tiger

Wise words & good tips @white tiger Thank you.

(24 Oct '13, 23:45) ele
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