Hi everyone, it's me again... I am new to this meditation thing and I am using a 10 minutes binaural beats to help me get focus. In my last three meditations, my body shakes involuntarily from head to toe, it freaked me out at first but when I stop I feel energize.

It goes like this when I first experience it:

While my eyes are close, I saw a small bright light on top of my head, it goes wider and wider until it become as large as tennis ball and the light beams to my head and to my eyes and flows to my neck, then to my shoulders then down to my hands and my chest. My body start to shake and also my hands and my head moves involuntarily, I want to control it but I can't so it freaked me out and I open my eyes and the flow is gone.

And as soon as I open my eyes, I realize that I am energized, the light actually felt good though I don't like the involuntary shaking of my body. I felt very strong like I am renewed from something I do not know. Because it felt good and although the shaking freaks me out, I felt a desire to experience it again.

So the next day, I go to meditation again. This time the light appears on top of my head, it is already as big as tennis ball and as soon as it appears it instantly beams to my head and I just let it flow down to my toes. My whole body shake but it is not as hard as the first time. I just let my body shake continuously and involuntarily; my hands, my body, my legs, my head, my neck. I stop my meditation when the ten minutes binaural sound stop playing.

The third day I go to meditation again and like the second day, the light beams instantly to my body. But now the light flows out from my feet, it flows into the floor where my feet is resting, then to the walls of my room, then to the ceiling, my body is still shaking but not as strong and the first two days. The room was filled with light. The light that fills my room was like blood veins or plant roots, it fills the entire floor, the walls, and the ceiling. But all of these happened while my eyes are closed, like I am just creating it in my imagination. And as soon as I open my eyes everything backs to reality, only that I am more energized and felt really really good.

Is this normal? Does anyone here had this kind of experience in meditation?

And by the way, My purpose of doing the meditation is to manifest financial success and to manifest money for my immediate needs.

PS: Sorry for my English. I already edited this post several times to make my self more clear.

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I experience a similar sensation of light, but no where near as powerful. It sounds okay (excellent) to me.

(15 May '13, 05:28) SR7

Thanks for the feedback @SR7... I wanted to know if everyone who do a meditation also experience this one regardless of how strong it is.

Edit: I want to know also if this experience will contribute to my purpose of financial success and to my immediate need of money. For now, I am like being diverted from my goal into this experience.

(15 May '13, 05:46) Romel
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The short answer is: yes, it's normal.

When we do vibrational work such as meditation, appreciation etc. sometimes we can experience pressure, cold chills, heat, light, shaking, involuntary head movements, sensations, convulsions etc.

Why does this happen?

It's all part of the re-alignment process.

Vibrational work allows us to "download" more energy. This usually feels good. But sometimes we download a little bit more energy than we allow. Our body hasn't learned to allow the energy fully yet. But it will allow it automatically over time. (Tip: It helps to speed up the re-alignment process when we relax fully into those sensations and accept them.)

It's like with garden hoses. We can increase the pressure of the flowing water. Or we can allow it to flow freely.

alt text

Sometimes the hose itself (your vibrational body) is not thick enough even if we allow it to flow. But it will get thicker over time.

So don't worry, it's all part of the process.



answered 15 May '13, 06:36

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Thank you for the reassurance @releaser99, though the feeling of it (which is really good) eliminates my fear of it, it is much better if someone will confirm it is part of the process. I have actually many questions in my head right now but these are different topics, so I will post it as another question. All of these experience I have now is when I start to read the Master Key System, my belief is turned upside down and I need some guidance. But as I said it is a different topic. Thank you.

(15 May '13, 07:27) Romel

Excellent answer, I used to get like this when I channeled after a while of channeling for a few hours. That is how they knew when to go, when my body couldn't hold the frequency any more.

(15 May '13, 11:24) Wade Casaldi

It's okay. When we're meditating our thought energy just sits there and increases, because we don't have thoughts at that time. No thoughts= no anxiety and no depression=peace. So when we're deep in this state even one thought of us being a amazing being who receives power or our notions of the meditation technique which says we should see ourselves as receiving universal power or light conjures up the illusion with such intensity that we think it's something real. It has to be real because our energy is focused on just one such thought. It's your mind fooling around with you, it has ways to keep itself alive in any way possible. So my advice would be don't wait for the same thing to happen the next time because it'll happen if you try. Only mind repeats the same things, where as mindfulness doesn't. Keep your eye on the ball, and when ball seems real, drop it like it's hot. Good luck and welcome to having boundless energy and ultimate bliss. :)


answered 15 May '13, 08:41

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Pankaj Pal

@Pankaj Pal, do you suggest I will prevent that light to come again in my next meditations? It once came into my thought that this experience took my focus out from my purpose of doing meditation which is to manifest financial success. But the feeling of it is so good that I am 'not' sure if I can drop it in my next meditation.

(15 May '13, 09:29) Romel

@Romel I think instead of creating the feeling of receiving power, you should find the feeling place of 'Financial Freedom' and create that feeling. When you meditate your focus becomes laser sharp. So use that, create that feeling with so much power with what you created the previous one. You can't fail, then. You see either meditation is a tool or we are. ;)

(15 May '13, 12:56) Pankaj Pal

That sounds wonderful, go with the feelings. As you mentioned it feels good so don't be afraid and embrace it. As I am a student willing to learn from every experience, I would love to hear more details on what you do to get into such a powerful meditation state. I use the binaural beats, could you provide what frequency you use and anything else you may do that could help me and others.


answered 15 May '13, 12:16

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you are asking a question with multiple answer. first of all you call meditation listening to music that do the job for you. Let me ask this question to you would you go get your car fix by the musician at the corner of the street? Yes he might do wander to your car radio and the music you listen but will the car be fix? If it is ok for you then enjoy. But if your car start to shake or have weird symptom it might be time to change mechanic. Do you not agree? as for binaural beats are they made for you? every one is different in this world, it is not because someone else say it taste good that it is good for you. Why not meditate by your self? and get to know your self? would you ask someone else does my feet hurt? well in your case it is the same thing you use a product with out knowing what it does to you. I would say to you that the best method is to meditate by your self and get to know yourself, until the 2 becomes one. (born of spirit) but you have free will do as you like. Jesus and Buddha spent over 40 days meditating and getting to know them self are you ready to do this for your self? you are stuck in this world for a life time, so it might be a good place to start to experience and enjoy.

Let there be light.Bbe the light that you can be. experience and enjoy.


answered 15 May '13, 17:45

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white tiger

White tiger as always lots of wisdom and I agreed with you. It is not the same to take the time and the effort to do the work for yourself as to have someone else do the work for you.

(15 May '13, 18:35) Manny

but as you said White tiger, we all have free will and we shall do as we like.

(15 May '13, 18:38) Manny

so it is and so it shall be. You see the end will be where the beginning is. Do not be surprise at my saying.

(15 May '13, 19:19) white tiger
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