Is there a field of neuroscience that digs deeper into the human perspective of LOA? Shouldn't this be an official area of study (as in a degree from a university, etc)? how is it so under represented yet the basis of our reality?

What if there is a better or different way of connecting to spirit and using the LOA but our small minds can not even imagine what it is?

Will someone look at these posts 1,000 years from now and say "If they only knew__"....

What if there is a door right in front of us that our biggest accomplishments in spirituality and LOA have only scratched at?

Considering we only uses at most 10% of our brain, I'm thinking we have NO CONCEPT of what it is capable of....

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From my perspective, in simple terms, what helped me the most was joining the dots between all of the LOA, mind, psychology, time-space and ego material I've been attracted to and quantum mechanics. Once we realize certain things, we understand a lot more and can accept paradox's for what they are as, imho normal.

Considering we only uses at most 10% of our brain, I'm thinking we have NO CONCEPT of what it is capable of....

Your assumption above, again imho is not true. While it's true that we generally do not fully understand the brain, do you really believe that we create 100% of our reality, everything in our life by using only 10% of our brain?

Consider the idea that any material and conclusions coming from those who have not realized that our physical body and our existence in the material world is merely the imagination of our higher self, must be inherently flawed.

It's not possible to see and understand greater reality from the limited perspective of our 3d time-space self. By its very nature any understanding from that perspective is always limited.

Yes, it's a rabbit hole and the only question is: are you ready to peek into it?


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The 10 percent of our brain thing is a new-age myth. We use most of our brain, all of the time, although some of us use it more effectively than others. :)

(27 Jul '10, 15:11) Vesuvius

The most fundamental problem with people achieving all that they want to achieve in life are the mental obstacles that they put in their own way (we call this resistance).

The next time someone tells you they want to be more financially prosperous, ask them why they don't start their own business, and they will happily give you a list of all of their mental obstacles.


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Go to to the pulldown "Brainlab"


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thanks will chexk it out, any article in particular?

(29 Sep '10, 22:32) Back2Basics

Inner Peace and Joy to you Back2Basics This website is by Kelly Howell who creates audio for meditation that she calls Brain Wave Therapy. She uses brainwave patterns mixed with music and some with her voice to help you relax,sleep,loose weight,release guilt,focus,stop smoking, stop procrastinating,have a deeper faith and so many others. I have been using "The Universal Mind Meditation" for 3 months. It is based in LOA...I have no words to explain the depth of peace within that i have and feel now. I. had never felt comfortable inside my own skin, always feeling desperate & frustrated that my mind and my spirit seemed constintly in a battle. Since I can remember every morning I've wokeup feeling angxiety... after the first nite of listening to this...the only words i have are...I felt space inside my spirit...I could for the first time in my life take a ginuine deep breathe and KNOW whatever I had to face that day I was equipted to "be in it...but not of it". So, I believe reading all of the articles is important as well as reading the help/faqs & the comments for each tape. Because I lean toward a "show me the facts" type, understanding the amazing reseach behind it helped me to embrace that we have the power to LITERALY change our minds. I pray this helps you. Would love to hear your thoughts....& from anyone else who may have tried Brain Wave Therapy. Mondo


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