People use to set vows to get their desires.

In Law of attraction world we fulfilled the vow (certain feelings, charity action of appreciation like give to receive,...) before getting the manifestation in order to get it.

Does our processes are kind of vows?

Noticing this ancient, old proverb who claims :' He who set vows... always fails' as he do not trust... what you think?

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Dear rOla, When you give than do so from the heart because you want to give and I can assure you your giving will be rewarded. It is not only money that people give but time or anything else you can. When your giving is genuine and from the heart without expectation of receiving than and only then you too shall receive.

When one gives with the expectation of getting that is more business than anything else.


answered 05 Jun '12, 14:00

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Paulina 1

That's why vows or giving results are depend, giving to give = positive result, while give to receive = not always positive result.

You are right! that's why people say why I am not receiving although I am giving.

(06 Jun '12, 06:07) r0la

the warning in the ancient saying
may refer to the reciprocation
generated by that selfcentered wish
following the laws of nature
does not need the pretext of a vow


answered 06 Jun '12, 18:55

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