In this question some members express the idea unwelcome or forceful thoughts and intentions particularly on the topic of romance can be equated to a full blown mental assault on the victim. There are other parallels in logic that could be drawn from topics regarding negativity and coping with negative energy.

Do you believe this is true? If not, do you believe this is simply untrue and your thoughts and/or energy don't reach others or do you believe you're not responsible for it if it is?

If you do, do you not equate this logic to your judgements and assessments regarding other people's lives, who they are, what they do, what they've done and where they've been, or where they want to go? Doesn't this mean, for example, any amount of time (even small) spent with negative thoughts about why someone isn't living their life the way you think they should is an attack on the person?

Even if we keep our disapproval quietly to ourselves despite letting our words show positivity, doesn't the true negativity of our honest perceptions underneath at least bleed through if not override the faux positivity we wear on our face?

Or is it enough to just "say" we don't judge people instead of legitimately not judging them? Or in either event, judgement or not, does your energy not reach the person? Are you not responsible for what impact it may have on the person?

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Personally I don't think there is anything wrong with disagreeing with the way certain people live their lives. It depends on the situation really. I believe in thought projection, mental influence, auras, etc. so yes I do believe those thoughts and feelings can reach the person you're thinking about depending on how deep they are and how close you are to this person. Do I think it's damaging or a mental assault? No, unless that's your intention. What you focus on you'll get more of, though. Say for instance someone you know, care about and even love is doing or has done negative things that are clearly not benefiting themselves, are coming from a place of self loathing, hurting other people, being selfish, mean, destructive, etc. and you dissaprove (and why wouldn't you?) I don't think it's wrong on your part to merely disapprove or even voice your opinion. Since you seem to me more apt to believing that those thoughts can reach the person, and IF it is effecting you (if not then don't bother) I'd try another method. You could instead focus upon how that person could improve in areas lacking, focus on the good aspects, focus on them overcoming obstacles, focus on them behaving better. In a nutshell, yes I believe those thoughts can reach the person but it depends on your intentions whether it's harmful or not. Hope that helps, I don't know if you were wanting legit proof or just opinions, but either way, there is my opinion. If it's not a specific person and you're just talking about a group of people (you're not in contact with) who's lifestyle makes you uncomfortable, then no I can't say it would reach the actual people in a personal way and damage them, just cause you more undue stress.


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I believe in short answers, Snow. It's like this, any judgment, we pass on others is a belief of ours mirrored outside in the world. Any kind of judgement, whether upon others or us are conditions we put in front of ourselves. #1 We see bad people getting more money and we blame god, fate or even money for not coming to us, when WE are the ones, good, worthy and all those things. Doing this we unknowingly give our power to get money to gods, fate or money. What's more by hating to observe the money in the wrong(not righteous) company you stop it altogether from coming to you, unless you become bad. Or live broke as long as you're good. Same happens with awesome girls with morons. Your idiot friend with inheritance.

So judgment is really putting up a condition in front of the thing you want for yourself too. And by hating the money at bad guys', you're making it true that only the bad guy can have money or the dirty and dangerous guys can have girls. I mean every time you judge something you make it true for your self. If it isn't true for you why would you hate it. Judgement = Blocking or putting a condition in front of the thing you want or will want later.

And it'll not create any kind of havoc in the lives of people you're judging. In fact because you're judging it and it's true for you, you'll keep seeing it. They'll not change because you hate them being certain ways, they'll stay the same as long as you keep judging them. And when you stop judging, the annoying thing or annoying people will either change or vanish from your truth. Your truth is yours to keep after-all.

You know what Snow I'd really like to edit this answer, because I feel I've not been clear in conveying my thoughts. I'm so tired now, but soon I will.


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