A question which has been bugging me for a while.If your life is what you deem to be OK as in your working towards your goals your handling situations etc. nothing special. How does this translate to the thoughts we have? How can a thought be classed as 'OK' to bring a life that is OK.

asked 17 Jan '13, 09:49

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Jonathan David Coleman

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Barry Allen ♦♦

I get the feeling from your question that although "OK" you're not happy with "OK". The "nothing special" isn't satisfying, you want something more. Nothing outside yourself will give you the answers. Questioning one's own thoughts and opening one's own mind to new possibilities is the only path to what you're looking for.Expanding your own awareness by watching your life experience and How you do what you do will render more answers than I can give you.

With enough awareness we can't do what isn't optimal for our own highest good...that what doesn't serve us simply begins to fall away without any effort on our part.

We didn't come here to be "OK"...I think your quest may have just begun :)


answered 18 Jan '13, 12:10

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part of the adventure is you don't know
unless you have uncovered spiritual self-consciousness
and it is doubtful that you are there yet,
since your question relies on an intellectual (brain-mind) answer


answered 18 Jan '13, 07:29

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simple answer meditate on it and find out for your self,(know your self) when the water and the light becomes one you are in truth with no more duality in you.

so let there be light,Be the light that you can be,experience and enjoy.


answered 18 Jan '13, 08:07

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white tiger

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