I have been working with LOA principles for about four years now. I had known about LOA principles for quite some years but things were going OKay in my life and I guess I was lazy and just accepted a negative mindset as being normal. Four years ago I sustained an injury which bothers me greatly and set about working systematically with LOA principles. I've had enough evidence to absolutely trust that it works and I have a pretty reasonable understandable of how and why it works - greatly enhanced since being on this website - thank you very much for that.


I can get the energy flowing really well for a couple of weeks, the injury greatly improves but then I feel overwhelmed by negative thoughts which I then "feed" with fears about the injury getting worse. I wondered why these negative thoughts kept coming back to bite me as my understanding of Abraham is that after a few days of positive thinking and really high vibrations I shouldn't be able to access those profoundly negative thoughts just as you can't jump from despair to joy on the emotional scale.

I have made progress in understanding these wide emotional swings. My theory is that it is unintegrated emotions (as talked about by Michael Brown in The Presence Process and Eckhart Tolle in The Power of Now - Tolle calls it the "pain-body").

Am I right though? Is there anything else I should be doing or could be doing? Does anyone here have any further insights into this or similar experiences.

EDIT: I should have written negative "feelings" coming out of nowhere rather than thoughts.

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why do you let those stone turn dark? let those stone minester to you. do not cast those stone: or fire will come out of those stone and burn you. the light came to the world but the darkness did not understood it.

(29 Jun '12, 17:09) white tiger

That is good advice WT - Kriegerd described it as letting it dissipate like the ripples on water or similar ... thank you for your response.

(30 Jun '12, 04:00) Catherine
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I personally know just what you mean...

I an go along feeling great, and then....


Dark thoughts and doubts invade like a troop of ninjas. I have learned a few things to combat these times:

!.) Practice HALT: Hungry, angry, lonely, or tired. If you are in any of those places, correct the problem, and you should return to your previous state. If you have more than one of these things going on at the same time, watch it! Correct them, and then take time to center yourself!

2.) Avoid negative people: These people can "rub off" on you- actually, they are sucking energy from you, and that may be the problem in a nutshell. When confronted by a negative person, wrap yourself in an ivory shell of light, and do not let them get their barbs in you. These barbs are real, and must be removed, either by you or a healer.

3.) Take time to pat yourself on the back: If you are mostly doing well, congrats! That is great! Do not let these little bumps upset you too much. You are human, after all!

Good luck,



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@Jaianniah, I just have to know, how do you remove "barbs"??? I am surrounded!!!

(29 Jun '12, 18:12) Grace

Barbs are energy hooks that people attach to you to keep to entangled in their power. It usually takes a healer to remove them, but I will try to describe what to do: Check your chakras. (If you do not know what these are, google it.) If you sense a barb in a chakra, burn it out with imaginary fire. I use a prayer from St. Michael, which is also very effective (you can Google that, too.) Imagine His sword burning out the barbs.More below...

(29 Jun '12, 18:36) Jaianniah

AVOID those people from now on as best as you can. Make your ivory shell thick and strong. Finally, pray, pray, pray! Love, Jai

(29 Jun '12, 18:37) Jaianniah

Thank you, Jaianniah. I will give this a try.

(29 Jun '12, 18:42) Grace

You are welcome! <3

(29 Jun '12, 18:46) Jaianniah

@Grace on the topic of negative people :) -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-gHxhnROeo

(30 Jun '12, 03:03) CalonLan

@Jaianniah I always love to read your posts - your warmth comes through. Thank you for your kind words.

(30 Jun '12, 04:03) Catherine

@CalonLan, thanks for the link. I felt like I have picked up that ball and run with it! The negative person is my employer, so I use the sitation as showing me excellent examples every day of how NOT to do it. Then as to surrounding myself with positive, powerful people... nice to meet you all! :)

(30 Jun '12, 09:56) Grace

@jaianniah - its been many years since I worked with chakras. I tried this last night, and was surprised to find how very clear the feeling of restriction was in my throat and solar plexus chakras (sorry, I don't remember the names of them now.) It would not have occured to me to do this if you hadn't advised it. Great feeling of release, thanks again.

(30 Jun '12, 10:03) Grace

I understand about the negative people. I am more aware now and I steer the conversation as well as hold myself more closely when they are around. I think of shopping and the fun of shopping; that takes my mind off of their neediness. I figure they are there so I will concentrate on my own healing from that influence or my own need to defend myself. I was like a sponge for so long and now I am more whole and it helps so much.

(19 Jan '13, 20:47) clearheart
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Hi @Catherine, I think @Jaianniah has a great answer here already with practical useful tips.

EDIT: Mine is like..for a weekend read...

I just want to add my two cents as I feel I can identify a certain element in your question. That element is two fold - Over analyzing and fear

I don't feel I am in a position to really tell you what YOU should do be doing so instead, I'll use my own experiences and examples here. Not suggesting that is what may be happening to you but maybe it'll be helpful.

Not too long ago, I used to love misery. I mean, it was my crush, my girlfriend, wife, mistress, lover, secret admirer and then some:) There was nothing wrong with my life apart from usual bumps and bruises.

Nothing was happening!

That probably was THE PROBLEM. Any wise person would have told me that is actually a good thing! A state of just being, on cruise control, but being hard wired since childhood to do, do, do...push, push, push...productive, productive...make it happen, go-getter kind of mentality, I created drama in my head. I played out scenarios in my head which did not exist/had no possibility of existing. BUT, this in itself was also not a bad thing, had I not focused so much on BAD things happening to me in the scenarios. Playing out 'What if...' scenarios.

This possibly came from another long held belief: 'Hope for the best, prepare for the worst'. In preparing for the worst, I played out, as an example, scenarios where I was not the athlete who won the race, flag wrapped around me crying in joy with thousands cheering in slo-mo...no, I had to be the under-dog, the guy who came from humble background, made it into the races by sheer doggedness, broke ankle during the race and still finished 5th...you see the choice here? More scope for drama being the underdog, more heroism, more STORY here...and remember, this is all happening in my head:)

Most such thoughts/thinking aren't that obvious as in the example of the athlete and soon, this became a habitual pattern with me, for everything small and big...trivial mostly. UNTIL, and here's the positive thing, I became tired of living like that, I recognized this as 'my own doing'. I was obsessed with over-analyzing...it made me feel intellectual, profound, awakened (still only in my own head) more importantly it (mis)lead me to believe I WAS DOING SOMETHING! That I was in control!

I had to step back, I was too much into it...for how I got out of it, I would encourage you to please read the entire thread here: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/52190/how-to-fight-negative-feeling-that-comes-in-the-beginning/52191

I had to take a look at myself from outside of myself into myself I realized, I was labeling everything, yardstick for everything, measurements, tangible..ownership even for things beyond my control, I was labeling it (Good/BadLuck, Fate, Destiny, reaping what I sowed etc.). By labeling it, I was owning it. I think the biggest false move was having the impression of not making any false move. None. Ever. And keep in mind, this is all happening in my head, still. You know why? Because of FEAR! Fear of what? Couldn't even tell you! I still don't know what I was fearful of back then. I am content with knowing that it was back then that's all:) The above link tells how I shook that off finally.

It is a conscious effort, it changed me from who I was. My personality changed. But I stuck with it and I realized that it changed me from what I thought I was. But boy, I cannot tell how much of a relief it was. In simplest terms, I shook off so much baggage that people around me started saying 'how different and positive' I was. I did not set-out to feel positive consciously until much later, I just shook off negativity.

If my head was a cartoon show, it had SIX different versions of me fighting a battle with laser guns and light sabers, cursing and screaming (yeah, I had issues, tell about it:) Why? I don't know! What were they fighting for? I don't know! What I know is that cartoon show is off air in my head now:) It has allowed me to let other things come in. Stay for a WHILE and be aware that if I don't like them, they will go off air as well. The acquisition and quality control is stricter now:))

Everyone says find your center, don't over-analyze...but, here's where I think problem lies...what's optimum thinking? How much? What's the precise center? Obviously, we should decide for ourselves and everyone's optimum level is different...and we must keep centering ourselves. It is a process...on-going thing, but I realized that I have to approach it from a place other than FEAR ...inexplicable fear! Fear of something...being alone (as in lost in the Universe type alone) maybe?

You have to be careful of not replacing your living with the pursuit of happiness (or whatever you are seeking) Aah! What are we seeking? What am I seeking? Not sure yet, but its okay, it'll come to me. But just 'not thinking negative' is not it. We make an issue out of things by (over) emphasizing them sometimes. The OLD me would have had 40 issues in just past week, some of them, most of them, you just have to let them pass through you. Like taking a quick cooling shower without no vigorous scrubbing. Let that water just slide...and not feel bad about it. I personally feel we have to ease up (for lack of better description) a little (not suggesting your question is not valid) over-all in our life.

Sometimes we chase the life so much, we don't let the life come to us. If we just give it (life) a breather, a stationary target, I found that in my life, it will hits the bullseye more often than not...

Reminds me of a quote which I don't know whom to attribute to, but it goes 'We are all seeking immortality without having a clue what we'll do next Sunday, especially if it rains':)

Step back, look at over-all life. It's a blessing, a gift, more so for you and me as we have little more knowledge of it on the spiritual path...but, THAT KNOWLEDGE IN ITSELF IS NOT LIFE OR LIVING. I personally don't want to be a guy who thinks (during sunset years) 'Wow, I know everything about how life should be, but Crap, I forgot to LIVE IT'. By writing this, I am reminding of this to myself as well.

But I know what I have to do next, I should learn to write shorter and precise answers here:) I always start out with that intent, but before I know, it's an essay. Not a big fan of editing either (who is right?) ..so anyways, one last example and off I go...

Met a guy, a friend of my Wife's. Known him for last 2 1/2 years. He is very spiritual. Since I have known him he has gone from being a Christian to being a Buddhist, a Hindu, then back to being a Christian and now he is practicing atheism. He has read it all and seen all the videos on everything. Practices five different kinds of YOGA back-n-forth...Few weeks back I asked him what set him on this journey? He couldn't remember but said some incident in his life made him fearful that he is all alone. He was in tears, but he couldn't exactly pin-point and it was okay, I said. I have felt it myself. But felt very bad for him. I had a long chat with him. He is young, bright guy, whole future ahead of him. He is perpetually 'cleansing' I don't even know what that is exactly. I honestly did not know what and how to counsel him (as a friend)...without encouraging or discouraging. He is currently at a spiritual ashram for 10 days where you are in isolation with no contact to outside world and one has to obey 'no speaking'...during entire 10 days!!!

I know I may invite criticism from some wondering what am I doing here on IQ being all preachy about not overdoing it:) I am equally guilty, I admit. I am aware of that, but, like lots of people here I find answering is a therapeutic way of reminding self of our own thoughts...

Ultimately, spiritualism is a selfish (in a good way), individual journey and one must decide for their own (hey, there's that short and precise answer I was looking for:)

Sorry for the over-extended answer...you might find your answer somewhere in there..I hope:)

so, please keep in mind, I am not being judgmental of anyone's beliefs or practices, including my friends ways. I don't think I am that wise. I am a work-in-progress myself.

God Bless,


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@Xoomaville - thank you for your response - certainly something to think about there! I appreciate you taking time to reply and I love your posts.

(30 Jun '12, 04:01) Catherine

Pain can certainly be a great distraction, however I see hope vs doom and gloom as two magnets. To lift up from doom and gloom even a small bit of hope can help. Sometimes I remind myself that this is temporary, that I'm having a bad day and that's just ok for now. I remind myself that feeling sad or angry for a short period of time won't hurt me,cause I know I will find my feel good place soon enough. I also pray for energy and enthusiasm to fill me up and then focus on something that I know makes me feel good such as a great movie, ice cream,shopping. Even just thinking of good fun things helps my mood and the good mood helps my body.


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@clearheart Thank you for this. Praying for energy and enthusiasm - I like that.

(20 Jan '13, 13:26) Catherine

You are welcome catherine, I get so much hope and upliftment from this forum too.

(20 Jan '13, 20:36) clearheart

Kate, because you cannot stop external environment from provoking negative thoughts. And it's because of those negative thoughts you can recognize the positive ones. If you were in the light all the time and never seen the darkness, you'd soon lose understanding of nature of the light. The darkness is your friend and so is the light.

To reach the greatest heights without a doubt, you need to accept possibility of dropping to the deepest depths full of hopelessness.

The moment you accept that the worst possible scenario with your injury could become real, you will kill the fear of the injury getting worse. And allow yourself to fearlessly go the other way.

When we allow possibility of dying the very next second, our fear of death disappears. And we finally begin to really live.


answered 29 Jun '12, 06:36

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@CalonLan - This is a very interesting post - I had honestly never thought about accepting that scenario but the thought was actually quite a relief! Thank you very much for answering CalonLan.

(29 Jun '12, 06:55) Catherine

@Catherine, No thank You for asking this question! Without it, I would probably not find the answer to a question of mine - how to let go of a fear - today. Through answering you, I answered myself. Which really gets exciting now for me. Because I can finally destroy any fear I meet. I no longer have to spend hours on pondering about where does this or that fear comes from and why, I can wipe them out with a single swing of a thought of allowing.

(29 Jun '12, 07:05) CalonLan

@Catherine, @CalonLan, Thanks to you both, interesting stuff to me. Can I ask - what about when it isn't even a negative thought? Good thoughts and then sudden negative feelings? Still got sweet thoughts in my head, but then there are the tears welling up again. Your discussion has pinpointed this question for me - how can this be?

(29 Jun '12, 15:43) Grace

@Grace - Yes - that is indeed the question. The conclusion I'm coming to is that we should just observe those feelings and not "feed" them with negative thoughts - I'll let you know when I've mastered it!

(30 Jun '12, 04:40) Catherine

@Catherine, yes, please let me know! :) I remember realizing years ago that when sadness comes without an obvious cause, people look around them, trying to find someone or something to blame - there must be something! Then they feel sorry for themelves and/or fight with loved ones. Now I'm still looking for answers, but know that there is no blame. It's all me.

(30 Jun '12, 10:15) Grace

@Grace I've been reading something dealing with these "pain-body" (negative feelings that come out of nowhere) - the advice is that when you start to feel these emotions (could be irritation right up to stomach churning dread) - 1. OBSERVE IT 2. FOCUS IN ON THE FEELING IN THE BODY (usually for me solar plexus) 3. ACCEPT IT AND ALLOW IT TO BE and 4. STAY PRESENT - it is always good to have a strategy on hand.

(02 Jul '12, 01:59) Catherine

@Catherine, thank you. Allowing it is were I fall flat, always want to fight it the moment I feel it, which is not helpful, but it's difficult to see that at the moment I'm in it. I'll keep this ready for the next time. I like the feeling of being ready for it!

(02 Jul '12, 09:41) Grace
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yes meditate be aware and solve your own duality in truth. if you have though or emotion not solved and they pop in your face it is the right time to learn about it in truth.so you can make better decision not only on the outside but on the inside.every decision comes from the inside of you affectting you and the outside. and everything from the outside comes and affect you on the inside. so why do you wash the outside of the cup? should you not wash the inside? if you do not know your self you live in poverty and you are that poverty.

so let there be light,Be the light that you can be ,experience and enjoy.


answered 19 Jan '13, 13:53

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white tiger


@White Tiger Excellent advice WT!

(19 Jan '13, 15:40) Catherine
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