I understand that what's most important is your own energy, your own thoughts and the vibration you create from them.

There was a big storm passing through my area, so I sat outside and just enjoyed it. There's so much power in storms and I find myself really drawn to them. Just like anything else, I believe many of us can feel different energy in certain situations and I think storms are a good example of this. I can feel so much energy passing through when a storm happens, so it made me wonder how this relates to my own personal energy.

What effect does it have on me, or any other individual? Are we able to, in a sense, harness this energy and use it to help fuel our own desires? For example, I know that meditation is really helpful in any situation, but I find meditating outside in the rain to be more beneficial for me. Or even doing it at night or early in the morning, or under a full moon. But is that just a personal preference, or does the energy from the storm (or the moon, etc) play a role as well? I feel there's a lot of different examples of this, more so than I could name in one question. For example, the energy would be a lot different if I traveled to the top of a mountain and meditated, versus if I just did it in my backyard.

Is something like that practical when it comes to law of attraction, or does energy from other sources really not matter at all? I would like to think that I could use the energy from the storm to help myself utilize law of attraction, but I wonder if maybe the energy from the storm isn't really a factor and is perhaps just enhancing the experience for me.

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I guess they do have some effect on us. Like when you say you prefer meditating in certain times and situations, I agree, I like meditating in nature. Its much more powerful and I feel really connected to Mother nature which is awesome. But I guess it can affect us to a certain level that we allow it to. I believe for example that you can feel good no matter what the situation. But you need to focus- focus more on the inside than on the outside. I guess thats your answer - if you focus on the outside then yes their energy can affect you. But if you choose to focus inwardly then your vibe will be whatever you choose it to be no matter what goes on outside of you. Hope this helps


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that outside is perceived by
our inside perceptiveness,
how sensitive reception
is, is within your control

of how you choose to see


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Three things to perhaps consider:

  1. In principle, everything is neutral and you are free to give whatever meaning you want to everything- thats the point of having free will. You mentioned for example meditating outside in the rain is more beneficial to you- so you have given 'meditating outside in the rain' a positive meaning- and you are reaping the results of that- by claiming you have more benefit when you meditate outside in the rain, however someone else could perhaps assign the same 'meditating outside in the rain' a negative meaning- for example, it always makes me cold and wet- and they will reap the results of that- for example by getting a cold whenever they do meditate outside in the rain.

  2. There is no assertion- there is only attraction. Nothing outside of you can assert itself in your reality- so saying that you 'feel' there is more benefit of the full moon or a particular storm- you are attracting that benefit directly to you yourself- its not that the moon or the storm have some sort of magical energy- its just that you have attracted that by believing it to be true- again- its not the storm or the moon- its YOU.

  3. Everything is energy- every single thing you see around you including yourself is essentially vibration in its core- a form of energy- that which everything is made of- you can use the energy of some things to your advantage, if you say you want to use this energy to help you utilize the law of attraction- than it will- for you are the one deciding what has meaning and what not. thats all.


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everything is energy,
though not necessarily
neutral, some have intentions
to capture and syphon

(17 Sep '18, 16:45) fred
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