Lester Levenson developed a powerful tool called the "Square All with Love" technique for changing all of our non-love feelings to love. It is based on the premise that our true nature is loving. However, this often gets covered over from our awareness by our non-loving feelings. Therefore, as we release these non-loving feelings, our true nature will return to our awareness.

Here's how to use Lester Levenson's "Square All with Love" technique:

Whenever you have a non-loving feeling that you want to release, simply ask yourself: "Could I change this feeling to love?"

When you answer "yes," the non-loving feeling will start to go. It's that easy!

I was wondering if I could take this a step further and use it for thoughts, attitudes and just about everything.

Example: Could I erase all these thoughts in my head

I would then answer "yes"


Could I take inspired action now

I would then answer with a "yes"


Thank You

asked 12 Jan '15, 19:20

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Isn't this the technique of afformations rather than affirmations


answered 13 Jan '15, 16:29

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Inner Beauty


Thank you for this beautiful answer.

(14 Jan '15, 11:22) EnlightenedOne
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