According to Bashar he says that "you will never be this you again". Although we have simultaneously coexisting parallel lives of our current life,( let alone those of the past and future) we only experience ourselves as this personality once. But what if for the soul's expansion and growth we reincarnate back into the exact same life( same birthday, name, physical looks, family etc), only this time our consciousness decides to play out much different choices? Is this possible? It would be interesting to see how even the smallest set of choices lead to drastically different outcomes for better growth.

Also is it possible that we completely miss out on several major important agreements, meetings, opportunities in our life and we are somehow so oblivious to the fact that we have missed out on it, does this affect our soul's growth?

Last question. If we don't fulfill our soul contract in this life by not learning the lessons we came to learn, then the soul will most likely incarnate into a lifetime where it learns them or balances the energy in spirit world, whereas learning all the lessons we proceed to a different life or choose not to incarnate again. So does the soul have this planned out, i.e. in case of failure to learn lessons-> life (a) follows, in fulfilling contracts->life (b) will be experienced/no incarnation. Or is this worked out only after death worked out? Hope this all makes sense. thanks!

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Definitely curious to what you mean.

Do you mean like change your focus from a reality to where you died and went on into another alternate simultaneously occurring reality where you are still alive and had never died? -But while still having the knowledge in this new reality that you had died in your previous parallel existence of the same life being played out?

(14 Sep '13, 16:10) ikaruss21

solarscape, perhaps without your body you will still be you, not a parallel universe but another plane of existence. yet in time you urge for the material existence again and return to earth, this would be your reincarnation

(14 Sep '13, 20:03) fred

Ikaruss21 what I meant to ask was that after finishing our current life, can the soul decide to reincarnate in the exact same life with all the same specifics (same birthday, same name, same family, etc) and play out a different parallel universe of the incarnation? Obviously the physical consciousness would end up making similar as well as different choices, which would lead down a different life path than the other incarnation of the same exact self... I hope this makes more sense

(16 Sep '13, 06:39) solarscape

I'm extremely interested in knowing whether in the afterlife we can connect to these other versions of ourselves who lived differently and experience that particular life as the one that was consciously lived.. I suppose my interest stems from the fact that I hate making decisions and have always wanted to know what it would be like if i chose to study a different major in university etc.. I want to experience it all! I also have read somewhere that in the 5th dimension you experience every single outcome and event possible.. wow

(21 Sep '13, 05:58) solarscape
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This may help with the first part of the question.

"When you think in terms of reincarnation, you are still dealing with very simple time concepts. You accept, if you were born in 1940, a particular historical sequence: but others born in 1940, are born into a different time context, a different 1940, with its own probable events. You always think of being reincarnated in terms of being born backward into a history of which you have read. But any given year has its own variations.

In a way you seed yourself into time. But you could choose to be born five "times" in 1940, and each existence would be entirely separate, as you probed into the probable realities existing for you in the variations of that period."

Source: The Unknown Reality - Volume Two (A Seth Book)


answered 15 Sep '13, 11:17

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TA, but this would mean being born in say 1940 5 times each with a different physical ego and individual personality, right?

(16 Sep '13, 06:41) solarscape

Right. According to Seth, the ego is the portion of the whole self that deals more directly with the world. It is the focus through which you perceive physical reality. As such, it ever changes, even throughout one life.

(16 Sep '13, 21:18) T A

I think that when Bashar says that "you will never be this you again," he is saying that you are not the same person from moment to moment. You are not the same person you were a second ago. Tou are constantly changing.

In answer to your question: Yes, I believe it is possible to reincarnate in this particular life all over again, since this is a Universe of infinite possibilities, so that would be ONE possibility.


answered 15 Sep '13, 08:15

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Beach Baby

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I have examined these fundamental questions in a different light. I do not believe we have any kind of a soul contract, but inroads into answering the second question can be made by examining identical twins. They are from the same cell, and are the same person and consciousness in the beginning. The first time one of them sees or feels something that the other one did not, they begin their divergence. They will always be the same person: they have just stumbled down different paths and been fed different information. If you are willing to make the assumption that: if something has happened; there is a statistical probability that it can happen, then a scientific answer can be attempted for the first question. Making that assumption, there is a statistical probability that your genetic code will come up again, and if space is infinite, and the same probabilities apply to the formation of a universe, then with an infinite number of universes with an infinite number of stars and and infinite number of planets like earth, with carbon based life, then your genetic code will be replicated infinitely no matter how small the probability. thus we have what I will call infinite immortality. There are infinite replications of you out there right now! I often like to think that on one planet I might be a king while on another I might be the dumbest person on the planet. I agree that this life experience is unique. Make the most of it. Keep in mind that you are immortal: kind of.


answered 15 Sep '13, 07:40

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