Is being detail oriented helpful or hurtful for manifesting results?

or does it really not matter?


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It can be both. On one hand you want to be detailed enough to get what you're asking for. Like if you ask for a sandwich and you get a ham sandwich and you hate ham... well that won't do you any good.

But on the other hand if you're too detailed you can actually come up short. Like I had this client a while back who actually listed the UPC code of the thing she wanted. Well she got it but then right after that a newer model came out that she would have liked even better. So she missed out.

Basically make it specific enough to cover the important details but with some wiggle room. And always add "this or something better" so the Universe can surprise and delight you :)


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Maria - Manifesting Muse

I would think that it is helpful. When we focus or give attention to what we desire and include as much detail as possible in our visualizations, the clearer the image we are giving the universe to bring what we want into physical manifestation.


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I feel that it is good to have details but remember the most important thing is the feeling rather than the object that you wish to manifest. If you concentrate on the feeling that you want to have then you have more options.


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Have quite a strong opinion on this. I always leave the details to God. In my experience they dont matter,in fact all manifestation ive seen has been with an almost total lack of any stipulated details. The results have always been great.

I must stress thou that this is only my experience. Its worked for me, but that doesnt make it a blanket policy for all.



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