I try to think not of the lack of money but to visualize how I will enjoy the money, all the things I would do when I have it. But it seems even the business I seem to have on the horizon dries up before manifesting. I have tried everything I could think of and be totally unconcerned about how the manifestation will occur and try to keep myself happy and positive but when I see the faces of my staff who are wondering if I will be paying their salary next month the urgency kicks in. I know you will tell me that is the reason it's being delayed but honestly speaking how can one not think of these things when the urgency is so great? I feel as if I'm heading back towards my old desperate self and I really need all the help and advice I can get it this time.

UPDATE: I think this update might be useful for all those who are still new to this process. My biggest issue (as you can see from most of my posts) was financial abundance. I was trying my best to raise my vibrations regarding the subject and it wasn't working. Then I thought to myself why not just a read a good book? I usually get very involved when reading fiction and all other thoughts just get pushed out. Well I did that and I guess because my resistance to my desire was removed when reading, I got an inspired idea. Why not help others in my country going through problems just like I was and share what I have learnt so far? So I typed out the outline for Life Coaching and posted it on Linkedin. The idea was to just explore if people would be interested. I also kept the price really low for this intervention so that normal people already going through difficult times could benefit. The response has been amazing since there is no one else in my country at the moment providing this service and I think slowly I can turn this into a large part of my business (which is management training). Now instead of focussing on how many people will sign up and can how I can make money I just focus on how many people I can help. I keep telling myself there are many out there who are at this time manifesting me in their lives and I can help, my years of darkness and despair make me an ideal candidate to help others out of it.

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I Think Therefore I Am

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Thanks for the update. Very wise of you to take your attention off the thing that is bothering you if you can't feel better about it otherwise. Hope it works out for you.

(10 Aug '10, 10:39) Stingray

How can it not work? It was was the result of an inspired action:-)

(10 Aug '10, 11:01) I Think Therefore I Am

THanks for the update!! You've helped me so much and you've inspired me!! thank you

(11 Aug '10, 00:20) Chris 2

Quick question here, How do you know it isnt manifesting. Is it because you cant see it yet? Doesnt mean it doesnt exist you know. Graham

(02 Sep '10, 14:00) Monty Riviera

It was nice of you to update us, and I am so glad that you were inspired with a really great idea. It sounds like a win-win for you and others, and there are few things better than that. Best wishes with your enterprise...

(02 Sep '10, 18:52) LeeAnn 1

My financial abundance is not manifesting-what should I do?...Be grateful for absolutely everything in your life...especially...those things that really annoy you...love and light...

(16 Jul '15, 23:26) Roy
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If something you want isn't manifesting even if you move your feeling about what you want into a better place then this is an indication that there is a limiting belief in the way of it coming - and you haven't identified what that limiting belief (or beliefs) is yet.

In other words, you are dealing with a symptom and not a cause.

For example, a symptom may be lack of money but the cause may be a belief that you are unworthy, or don't deserve to have money.

Often with Focus Blocks, working on the symptom can also influence and neutralize the cause but I have noticed occasions myself when the cause and symptom are separate enough that working on the symptom alone changes little.

This is an area I am trying to improve upon within the Focus Blocks Method. I'm still trying out different ideas and approaches, so I don't have a specific tried-and-tested method yet for this - my ideas are still quite experimental.

However, given your situation, let's try one such experimental approach to try to uncover the cause of your issue here.

Once you've identified the cause (or even causes), you then have something concrete to work with and you can mold those identified limiting beliefs into better-feeling places. You should then notice some significant changes provided you can keep that feeling of need and urgency at bay.

Try jotting down some answers to the following questions (courtesy of Bashar). Don't try to censor or hide what you really feel, just try to be as honest as you can with yourself and see what comes up.

Question 1

What would I have to believe is true about myself and my relationship to this situation in order to be experiencing the emotions that I am?

You may have to ponder this question for a while and keep coming back to it until you have an answer that you think is genuinely true for you. That answer will be the limiting belief (or beliefs) that are in the way

Question 2

Try this if you really get nowhere with Question 1...

  • Part 1: What's the alternative to the current situation I am in? What would I rather choose to happen than what is happening?

  • Part 2: Now if I actually did choose what I say I would prefer to choose, what's the worst possible thing I'm afraid might happen?

The answer to part 2 should reveal the limiting belief that is standing in the way of what you want.

See if those two questions uncover any insights for you regarding your present circumstances that you can then shift into better-feeling places.


answered 19 Jul '10, 17:38

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Thanks Guru Stingray:-) Actually as I was going through the second set of qs. I realized that one of the things I'm afraid of is hard work. I was raised like a princess and actually started working just for kicks - a bit like playing grown ups, but when my Dad passed away I HAD to work and I think I have always resented that and since it was meant to be a hobby which later became my responsibility.

(19 Jul '10, 19:22) I Think Therefore I Am

Good to hear you've discovered something about yourself. Also, for further possible insights (if you think you need them), check out the Uncovering Your Limiting Beliefs questions which are linked in my profile

(19 Jul '10, 20:40) Stingray

Hi Stingray, how would you know if this person was attracting something other than the current business. Maybe it was time to close the business down. How do you know when its time to let go? How would you know if the universe wanted to show you something that is a better vibrational match?

(20 Jul '10, 00:02) Drham

@Drham - the manifestation itself is really nothing but an excuse to give you a reason to focus. The process is the important thing, not the end-result...though I appreciate that many people want their stuff as soon as possible...and that's fine too. But if you are enjoying the process of aligning with what you want so much that it is the thrill of the vision that is the most important thing to you rather than the fleeting momentary pleasure that comes with a physical manifestation then would you even care? Wouldn't you just go with the flow and let whatever comes come?

(20 Jul '10, 06:38) Stingray

I get the point

(20 Jul '10, 15:48) Drham

@Stingray, would you share have some advice if I feel guilty for the wealth that is on its way to me and the feeling is not shifting, no matter what I do? I've discovered already so many beliefs about money, receiving etc, but I'm not able to stick to the new ones. I catch myself feeling guilty about being wealthy every day. It gets annoying because intellectually I know that it is okay for me to be wealthy, but not emotionally. Thank you.

(14 Jul '15, 07:09) spacemetalfantasy

Compare monetary wealth to health wealth. Would you say: "I've been well for so many years and there are so many people out there who are sick I've decided I will be sick for a while to allow more sick people to be well" ... Having or not having money is based on your vibration on that subject. You can't even give money away to someone that practices lack on that subject as they will not be able to retain it in their experience. There is an abundance for everybody if they choose to let it in.

(14 Jul '15, 07:23) Yes

@Stingray, I figured it out by myself, somehow it just made click. @Yes thank you for your answer.

(16 Jul '15, 15:51) spacemetalfantasy
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I promise you, if you keep working with the LOA these uneasy times will happen much less frequently. I know that isn't easy to imagine right now, but please be patient with yourself. I do empathize and I have felt the same fear at times in the past.

I will envision you as so relived this time has passed, and happy that your worries are over. Do the same!


answered 19 Jul '10, 16:26

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LeeAnn 1

Thanks LeeAnn I appreciate it.

(19 Jul '10, 19:10) I Think Therefore I Am

Your business/financial abundance IS manifesting because it's already done in the non-physical, but because you're noticing it hasn't yet manifested, your dominant energy indicates the lack of financial abundance, which only delays/slows the manifestation process. If you're trying to figure out what to do you are sending the energy of needing to control the outcome, but with this energy you are misaligned with your business/financial abundance. I'm not sure what methods or techniques you're using to clear limiting beliefs but may I offer just a suggestion, find ways to ''feel'' relief on the subject of your intended business/financial abundance, see if you can relax more about this subject altogether because in a better feeling/relaxed emotional state, insights and solutions/answers can flow easier towards you. This is just a place of ease and allowing, of course the rational mind will try to intervene and force a solution but when you're relaxed/focused on your well being above everything else the rational mind will loosen it's grip. One thing that's worked SO well for me, I've released all the need to make anything happen manifestation-wise, and have come to a place of complete and total trust of the universe and the manifestation process, so much so, that I've put my own well being above my desires, the result, desires are no big deal, and what's more important is doing what ONLY feels good [inspired actions] Life is a game and physical reality is our game board, find ways to make the manifesting of your business/financial abundance more fun/playful, because the energy you'll be sending out will be in perfect harmony to higher self. There may be some letting go [limiting beliefs/attachments] required but coming from a place of relaxation/relief on the subject of financial abundance will make the letting go much easier. Oh, one more thing, congrats on the success of your business!


answered 14 Jul '15, 13:09

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