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Hi beautiful people xx (aka: everyone)

Here is a video I attracted into my life experience whilst in an accomplished state of allowing. I felt inspired to communicate this information, and it is targeted at those who are on their way to manifesting romantic love, or a soul mate. It's come to my attention that there are actually quite a few users who want this specific item, so I'm sure this post shall defiantly give you an edge up, specifically in the category of dating and 'playing games.' It gave me relief watching; I'm sure it shall for you as well.

Specifically, I spent/wasted two years studying the sub culture of the pick up artist society...And let me tell you, the contet in that field practically tattooed itself onto my beliefs and perceptions of male and female interactions for a long time. Being the sensitive and feminine man I am, learning these things taught by this society drastically contributed to my then-toxic depression and suicidal ideals. This video entails that even the most detailed and "fail proof" of games, such as the way of a contemporary pick up artist (for males), is rubbish for those heightened upon even the most basic of metaphysics heavily ingrained on this website. It's like comparing the flame on a match stick to an erupting volcano...The volcano of real love hehe :)

Of course there is much more to this subject- I'm not going to repeat what we've all heard before like "you have to love yourself first" and all that. Basically, just get happy and have fun without the relationship. Oh, and, yes, you can do that.

Oh, and I would love to hear any users who, in the future, have success with physically coupling with their 'soul mate.' xxx

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@Nikulas-welcome back Nikulas.Thanks for sharing,interesting vid:)

(17 Jun '12, 11:22) Satori

@Satori- Thanks Satori, Im back and even though it's only been two months, I'm alot more evolved than before hand, so expect a whole new character haha :) Radical changes have taken place, that's all I'll say for now :)

(17 Jun '12, 11:43) Nikulas

When I find her, I'll let you know. But I'm not on that plane myself. To many chains on my soul to break yet.

(18 Jun '12, 03:55) CalonLan

@CalonLan- Invite us to the wedding :)

(18 Jun '12, 04:38) Nikulas

@Nikulas - all that pick up artist stuff looks like a lot of work anyway! This reminded me of a film called "Swingers" in which Jon Favreau is on the dating scene and getting advice on how to handle women by Vince Vaughn - he ties himself in knots trying to work out when he should call, what he should say etc and only when he finally drops the games and is himself does he get to meet the gorgeous Heather Graham.

(18 Jun '12, 11:06) English Rose

@English Rose- I personally FEEL dis-empowered and un-inspired taking the approach of the PUA (pick up artist). The law of attraction does not care about actual CONTENT, but rather it acts as a sort of boomerang. You 'throw' out a feeling, and LOA will swing around and come back to give you physical content (or even thoughts/perceptions) that boosts the feeling you threw out. Whether that be PUA stuff or not will simply depend on your belief system.

(18 Jun '12, 20:53) Nikulas

@Nikulas - I was meaning that I hoped you would one day find your "Heather Graham". The film was brought to mind from the VT - it isn't really about pick up artists, more about trying to find love. The last line of your comment intrigued me - what are you meaning? I'm just getting to grips with the whole beliefs thing so I'm keen to learn.

(19 Jun '12, 04:33) English Rose

Nikulas Welcome back dude! It is good to see you are back and you have everything straightened out. :-)

(19 Jun '12, 07:55) Wade Casaldi

@English Rose- Thanks for the encouragement with boost to help me find love :) In my last line, what I meant was this: one man's poison may be another man's delight.....I am still a novice when it comes to explaining LOA to others (though these days I myself can internalise and use it for my advantages alot better), I suggest you go and interact with user 'Eddie' when it comes to the subject of beliefs. He is practically a self made man who can teach things to others VERY efficiently...

(19 Jun '12, 07:58) Nikulas

....Mr Eddie has his own website (which you can find on his user page) that discuess beliefs in much detail, yet there is plenty of information he reveals in enlightening ways throughout this website. I'm sure if you bring your questions about beliefs to him he won't have any problem answering them at all-

Have fun darl :)

(19 Jun '12, 08:01) Nikulas

@Nikulas, I'll consider that ;)

But right now, finding that love, let alone getting married is somewhere beyond the horizon. Or maybe it's just around the corner, can't see past either. So who knows.

And re PUA, it's true, you don't need it. If you suit up, suit up because that's who you are. A man in a suit. Not because it helps you attract others. I thought I'd like suits, shirts, ties. So I bought one. I had it once, I feel so "not me" in it. But when I put on jeans, leather jacket...

(19 Jun '12, 08:13) CalonLan

...I can feel I shine. It's so who Im, or more like who I enjoy being. The same concept applies to everything. Don't speak of Shakespeare if you don't read it only to look classy. Speak of it if you are interested in it. Don't drink and eat what doesn't taste good to you.

It's said you should be true to yourself. I say, be true to that version of you which makes you bright and gay.

(19 Jun '12, 08:16) CalonLan

@Wade- arigato Mr Karate

(20 Jun '12, 21:09) Nikulas

Wish I had that video when I was in my teens/20's. Like the guy in Swingers, I did tie myself in knots trying to "play the game" as I was told I should, including by my mom who cautioned me I couldn't let boys know how much I liked them. Now, in a way I can see the point. Neediness is not attractive and doesn't feel good, but the pure vibration of like/love without attachment--yes!

(21 Nov '19, 01:49) Delphine
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I wanted to post this in the comments but felt it might get a bit long so I decided to post it as an answer instead since it is community wiki anyway.

Now I would like to say first that I am not an avid supporter of PUA, I would like to look at this from a different perspective - maybe you attracted that video because you decided not to believe in PUA stuff anymore.

Just like how there are people who do not believe in PUA stuff, there are others who believe in them, and for those who believe in them they work for them (at least from a few cases which I have seen). I would not say that all PUA skills are effective, but there are a few which are different, especially those that ask you to change yourself first.

You say that you have spent 2 years in the years of pick up artist society, but honestly have you really done what they told you to do - such as approaching an X amount of girls per day etc.. If you haven't then it is not fair for you to say that they are useless.

Because personally I have read some of these stuff before for 6 months to around a year and think they make sense, except that approaching strangers was too hard and I gave up after 1 or 2 tries. Still, I am glad to have read some of those stuff before - because it was because of those stuff that I eventually ended up on this site (a guy who was good with women posted the link to psitek on a PUA forum and claimed this stuff is more important than any games you would ever play).

And no matter how you are going to deny it, people play these types of games everyday on a subconscious level (apart from love and pua scenes), you just don't notice it.

I just feel that a lot of stuff that you are supposed to do PUA-stype is close to impossible to do unless you are super confident and love yourself first... so it seems to go one full circle.

And anyway.. PUA-stuff is not supposed to help you to get into a relationship or a soulmate, they are supposed to help you meet new girls and get them into bed, so to say.. so it is like comparing apples and oranges.


answered 22 Jun '12, 07:21

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and one more thing.. just like how people in that video say that playing games dont work.. there are also people who claim that the LOA stuff and manifesting stuff is garbage.. so who are you going to believe? ;)

(22 Jun '12, 07:31) kakaboo

Sorry I am responding to this question really late, I just now saw it :(. I was actually heavily involved in the PUA community for a couple of years. Prior to PUA I had terrible relationship experiences. I had been in three failed relationships between ages 16-25. I was originally going to give you all the details but they are really long. If you want to know, I'll tell you because I think you could learn from my experience.

Anyways prior to PUA I was very shy around asking out girls because I had some really bad experiences with rejection when I was a kid. Despite the fact that I was attractive and in shape, I was very insecure and self-conscious.

After a series of really lame events and heartbreaks my friend suggested PUA to me. I had actually read PUA in the past from Doc Love and David D Angelo. I didn't care for David D's style as much but Doc Love resonated with me. That being said I didn't get seriously involved in PUA until I was 26.

PUA absolutely changed my life for the better. The first 6 months were brutal but by the time I reached the 1 year mark, my dating life had drastically changed. I went out every Friday and Saturday and even sometimes during the week and I would approach girls every where. Eventually I started getting dates left and right. I eventually got to the point that I was having to turn girls down because they were coming to be too much.

Eventually I learned which women were garbage and which ones were cool. Anyways I used Mystery Method and Doc Love for awhile, but I used a lot of other sites to help me too. I learned all about IOI's, IOD's, Body Language, etc. However it's my belief that true PUA should be about becoming a man and learning how to take control of your reality and get out there and get what you want out of life.

Having women in your life is actually not the true focus, it's a band-aid solution. I got a lot of good out of PUA but there are dangers of PUA too if one is not careful. To tell you the truth, PUA helped me learn that all of the Hollywood BS that this culture teaches us about relationships is hogwash to put it nicely.

PUA led me down a path of self-improvement. I started learning how to take action towards what I want versus just sitting there and waiting for something to happen. PUA is what helped me find EFT which led me to find Faster EFT and other methods that took me to the next level after I got everything that I could from PUA.

I also started studying healthy relationships outside of PUA and I identified the type of relationship that I wanted. I was single for 4 years between my third heartbreak and my current girlfriend. I will probably marry this girl. The thing was is that you have to become happy by yourself first otherwise you are going to attract a person who is also unhappy. A year and a half after my break up, I became content with being single and I told myself that I will not make a girl my girlfriend unless she was really special.

I made a list of 15 qualities that I have to have in a relationship 2 years ago and if a woman didn't have those qualities, I wouldn't make her my girlfriend. My current Girlfriend has all of those qualities. If you want talk more just let me know.

I'm going to eventually write a free ebook about my experiences and thoughts of dating and PUA the good and bad.


answered 09 Apr '16, 00:37

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The Phenom

@The Phenom, definitely interested to hear more about your experiences. But it is also interesting that this so-called David DeAngelo rebranded himself as Eben Pagan few years back and started selling more business and money related stuff.

(20 Nov '19, 10:43) kakaboo
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