Ah, in the great state of california which I've lived my whole life and been exposed to such a variety of things! Which one religion/belief should I choose and settle on?

I found this more humorous than anything. So the two weeks ago I flew to Arkansas to stay for a couple days where my lovely aunt lives in a very small town and I expected to gain nothing in the religious, spiritual sense. She introduced me to something I had never explored before but had heard; wicca and wiccan concepts and she has been practicing this for quite some time. Now, I was pretty confused considering where I live I hadn't met one single person who believes in this religion. And in my large social circle I have someone who belongs to them all. So I studied and discussed with her the concepts and was thrilled and then later quickly annoyed when my brother discovered this and started teasing me about it. He said "you switch from this belief to that belief, this religion to that religion. Why don't you man up and pick one already". I, at first, wrote it off because I've always had that "bigger brother" mentality to back things up and have since he was born. And as stupid as that statement may sound, it struck a chord that resonated with me. I have no actual belief system other than that outside of law of attraction. So, that being said, is there one I should actually choose and stick with instead of going so deeply into one and then quickly losing interest? What are your thoughts?

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And what is any religion good for anyway? If you need fairy tales to comfort you, wouldn't Snow white and 7 dwarfs do just fine?

(03 Oct '13, 03:54) CalonLan

.. and why would you ask us to choose a religion for you? Hard not to notice the recurring theme in many of your questions "What do we think?" hmm ... Not sure if you are coming back under a new user name or if you are truly gone. I did enjoy many of the answers given to previous questions asked by you. Wishing you the Best & if you do return, I would like to hear what you think ....

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I wouldn't think you'll be able to "settle" on anything. I thought I had settled on something years ago. But have now changed and developed my beliefs . In fact its happening continuously. Theres stuff I believed 4 years ago that I now find ridiculous, and theres stuff I found ridiculous that I now believe and practice.

People who " settle" on a religion invariably are involved with strict structured religions which are often thought out by other people! They then follow the herd, often they do this because the herd tell them that their religion is the right one, and everyone else has at least a fighting chance of ending up in some kind of hell.

Should you settle on anything in life? Don't people preference's often change?

Some believe that change is the only constant.


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lovely sir, thanks.

(03 Oct '13, 11:12) Romel

Your welcome Romel

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Why have you got to choose any religion? Do you feel insecure and feel you have to follow someone. If you study the law of attraction you would know that you and only you are in control of everything and everything you need is you.


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The answer for me was to create a "do-it-yourself" religion.

Delve into some varied teachings and see which ones feel right to you. Talk with different people. Walk (or run) away from those who insist you do it their way or else. You may find (as I did) that the teachings that feel right to you have a common base which you can appropriate for yourself. It becomes more of a challenge to explain to others like your brother what you believe in but it becomes a good exercise.

Four good things to start with: 1. You know about the law of attraction 2. You are familiar with wicca now 3. You are spending time reading on this board 4. You have your little brother who you can view as your teacher and accountability partner if that helps you.


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There's more than one way to London. Aproach religon in the same. Generally, if you live your life in the most ethically and morrally way you can then why should God have a problem with 'how' you found him? To pick a religion you only need to look at the tree (you can tell a good tree by the fruit it produces). Ask around about the religion, who goes, how do 'they' live? What 'extra' demands does the religon place on you such as "if you DON'T attend service or donate money we will all look at you in a low way!" In other words, does the religion make you feel guilty about yourself? Religons shouldn't use 'your' feelings to their advantage.

Bottom line here is if you don't feel happy in the religion then it isn't for you. However, the main reason for religion is that you become a 'better' person and if you can see and feel no changes then maybe it isn't working for you and you should seek something else.


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I am Christian. You need to find what satisfied and empowers you. There are many sects of Christianity. These from, you have full command and authority to you are nothing but a helpless sinner saved by grace of Jesus sacrifice for you.

A religion can make you grow and empower you or (unfortunately) it can shut you down and stifle your awakening.

So what I have to say is don't just pick one and stick with it. Think of this not like only picking a pair of shoes to buy. Think of this as more important, like picking just the right tool you want to buy.

Take your time, only your whole future of who you are and what you become is ridding on this choice, not to mention your soul even.


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