Let us assume that you are given the task to create a new religion, better than any that has ever existed before. A religion that would eventually unite all followers of main religious systems we have now. Free of any disadvantages, corruption, well-thought, bringing an end to religious wars. Or would you choose that there would be no religion at all? What consequences would it carry? Or maybe your religion would be more like a psychological system?

Write about it briefly.
I can't wait to see your ideas.

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Given a chance I don't think I would create a new religion.

I'd rather encourage people to look for their Truth within. Everyone is searching for the Truth within a set of doctrines written and enforced by other human beings. Admittedly, a lot of these were written by some who were aware of their own true nature but at best they can be used as pointers to steer us in the right direction.

When I think of the word Truth, the phrase know thyself always springs to mind. I think until we look within and begin to realize our true nature or Higher Self and integrate that with our own individual aspect of consciousness ( in other words the personality known as Michaela, Asklepios etc. ), we will always be looking for the Truth everywhere except the only place we can find it.

If every human being were concerned only with their own individual quest for Peace and Truth, we'd pretty much be living in a Utopia or Heaven.

This is merely the point I am at on my journey and I in no way would try to deter any of you from staying within the framework of your religion if that is what's working for you right now. Neither do I know that what I've written is my Ultimate Truth - as my awareness continues to grow my interpretation of Truth may change accordingly. I've come to realize that nothing is etched in stone.


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I see not the problem in creating a new religion as much as keeping it from having all kinds of rules and rituals added to it. When Jesus came he made it simple to love our neighbor as our selves and to love God with all our heart. But along the line many different rules and rituals where added to this so it became a religion, then that became many more as each branch of a tree grew from what they each chose to believe and emphasize also what rituals and rules they chose to add or subtract. This lead to Christianity having so many facets that it seems the only thing in common is, Jesus, but anything pertaining to and including what they believe about him no not in common.

I believe that Jesus saw this even in his time with the many sects of Judaism at his time, I believe he came to break that mold and have no religion but a love of God and Humanity, in other words giving humanity a relationship with God instead of ritual and rules he taught us to get to know God. Unfortunately while the master is away the children play, so humanity said "what did Jesus mean by this and that?", and next the religion of Christianity came about with it's many rules and rituals as the Catholic version that divided in so many ways into others with other rituals and others with less. Basically Jesus came to make it simple and humanity had to mess with it to make it complex.

So I believe religion is not the answer, relationship with God is the answer.

Think of it this way, God comes knocking at your door and you see God is here, he comes in then you start praying and light incense, you go into your chants maybe dance around. Then God says "I just came over to talk, why are you doing all of this stuff, don't you want to listen to what I have to say?"


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Wade Casaldi

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Totally agree with you, Wade. Jesus came to break all molds and teach us to love ourselves and others, disregarding if they were 'sinners' or not. He loved EVERYBODY. That's the only rule we should be following.

(23 Jun '10, 11:24) BridgetJones09

BridgetJones09, I read Wade's post twice, and I don't see anything about "sinners". What are you reffering to?

(26 Nov '10, 19:22) Asklepios

What is religion? I am going to assume that you are taking about the worshiping process. This is a tricky question, because God has been trying to pound into our thick, little skulls that He is there for thousands of years. The results of this process are enclosed in a book called the Bible. Now, if you want to create a new religion, then you would have to either create a new God, which man has been doing for thousands of years also.; or, you would have to create a new way to worship God. Michaela suggests that we look within ourselves, and find out about our Higher Selves. The result of this process is to come to know the Truth about ourselves, and we will know peace. But is this religion?

Religion, by definition, is the worship of a Power Greater than Ourselves. If we find our Higher Self, are we to then worship that Higher Self? I agree that through meditation, we can come to know great Truths- about ourselves, and the World- but in the end, we are still stuck with that worship problem.

I am afraid that the truth is that we have tried everything under the sun in regards to worship. Humans have worshiped the sun, the the moon, and the stars, all with the end result that we come back to he fact that God Himself reached out to us, and made Himself known to us. That is a pretty hard fact to get around. Maybe I should repeat that: God Himself has reached out to us, and wants to love us, and wants us to love Him back.

So, in the end, I guess we are stuck with the endless variety of religions available to us that worship this persistent God. I could suggest a new religion, based on loving this God. It would be all-inclusive, and it would be based on that Book that tells the story of how God made Himself known to us. But I guess there probably is a religion that already is just that.

Blessings, Jai


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Hi Jai, As I stated in my opening statement - " Given a chance I don't think I would create a new religion " I don't think I inferred anywhere that 'looking within' was a religion.

(22 Jun '10, 11:24) Michaela

I am sorry. I did not mean to imply that you did infer that. I guess I was not clear enough. Jai

(22 Jun '10, 15:04) Jaianniah

No problem Jai :-)

(22 Jun '10, 15:48) Michaela
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