In the Kybalion it says that you can actually change the frequency of material objects to make them come into harmony with your own vibration. I understand how we can change the vibration of our own thoughts/moods etc, but how would one go about changing the vibration of a material object? For example say I have seen an apartment that I would like but i don't quite have the funds; I understand in traditional LOA that you need to raise your own 'abundance' frequency, but can anyone throw guidance on how to alter the vibration of material objects as it says you can in this ancient work. thanks oh i see that i need to create some more character to ask this question! i remember now this site being real fussy about everything... ok well if you are reading this and you haven't come across the kybalion , I have been reading it and also some of the commentary by Doreen Virtue which is quite interesting. They Kybalion seems to be a kind of forerunner to modern Law of Attraction Books like The Secret and the work of Abraham that enough words now?

hi there lozenge! one reference to it is under 'sacred principle number three - the principle of vibration', where it says and I quote: 'With a little reflection, you'll see that the Principle of Vibration underlies the wonderful phenomena and power manifested by masters and adepts who set aside natural laws. In reality, they are simply using one law against another to accomplish their results. They have learned to change the vibrations of material objects and other forms of energy and perform 'miracles'. Remember, he who understands the Principle of Vibration has grasped the sceptre of Power.'

Yeah i get the axiom but its the objects bit that intruiges me!

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@jodie, good question! I have the Kybalion too and would like to know. Can you possibly provide a page reference, or quote the section in question?

(05 Oct '13, 20:44) lozenge123

@jodie, I've taken the answer you posted and added it to your question. If you attempt to by-pass the minimum character limit in future by adding filler sentences to a question, your question will be closed. Also, do not use the answer box for making comments. Use the "add new comment" button under each question or answer

(06 Oct '13, 03:13) Barry Allen ♦♦

yeah but there is not enough room under the comment boxes won't let you paste all the words from what i can see which is why i had to put my reply in the answer box? I haven't been on this site for 2 years or was a mistake ok?!

(06 Oct '13, 06:31) jodie

@jodie - when you visit someone's home, you play by their rules. I see @Barry Allen's remark as a statement of the rules of this site that we all follow.

If you don't like these rules, or consider them "rude" and "controlling" you have a choice to participate and follow them, or not.

(06 Oct '13, 06:51) Dollar Bill

i remember so much the vibe of this site now... i won't be here long don't worry! I also see people in real despair asking questions and 'regulars' here saying: pull yourself together/we've told you what to do etc unbelievable... !

(06 Oct '13, 07:28) jodie

@jodie it is true that many questioners are in a place of despair. and many that answer have also been in similar state and base their answers on their experience. I don't think there are many "regulars" that are certified therapists. So your statement can be true that so answers do appear very brusque/ blunt,perhaps lacking in pedagogic.IMHO I have enjoyed your input and sorry to see you leave

(06 Oct '13, 08:01) ursixx

@Dollar Bill : did I miss something? "rude", "controlling"?

(06 Oct '13, 08:03) ursixx

@ursixx - Jodie edited a comment made after Barry Allen's comment and removed those words.

(06 Oct '13, 08:07) No Brainer

Yes she did; but I also deleted a very rude comment too & she doesn't fully understand.

(06 Oct '13, 08:22) ele

@Jodie, like ursixx said I believe there are those of us who would be sad to see you leave. I don't know why you feel you're encountering a specific vibe, especially not one which instigates you saying it'll make you not stay long. Irrelevant of the cause, keep in mind tone is going to change from conversation to conversation, but I assure you irrelevant of how you may feel after any interaction you're welcome here.

I hope a fresh look things seem better here. Peace.

(06 Oct '13, 08:25) Snow

thankyou snow and ursixx i do really appreciate what you have said. it is kind of you & lots of good people here.its just so much more controlling & cliquey than other spiritual forums around the net...i see all these people suspended and warned against etc..just felt like a dictatorship form day 1-'can't do this/can't say that' & regulars all warning off etc etc so yes, just not for me for long & i'm sure i'm not the first or y are all these people suspended?! but thx i really appreciate it x

(06 Oct '13, 08:41) jodie

also i do wander what is the point of being able to revise a post, that you have changed your mind about if all the revisions are below it?! no doubt i'll get loads of answers from the regulars putting me in my place about this petty stuff...just the way it rolls here i do believe....

(06 Oct '13, 08:44) jodie

in fact this site reminds me of the old testament..and i really don't think i'm projecting, just to get that in....!

(06 Oct '13, 08:46) jodie

Very few people are actually suspended here as a consequence of behavior. It's much more common for the accounts to be voluntarily closed in the interest of using a new one.

The only real areas where mods (should) intervene 'seriously' are obvious, such as verbal abuse, harassment, excessive vulgarity, being detrimental to the community, etc.

What you notice more often are usually just reminders regarding how the site is structured. There's a certain 'protocol' which isn't exactly written law~

(06 Oct '13, 08:49) Snow

~but instead in the interest of maintaining order. Simple things like making sure comments aren't being made off topic or excessively makes a big impact on readability & quality of contributions & correspondence, and helps to keep the site running easily and smoothly.

If someone is coming off as "putting you in your place", that's a failure on their behalf unless you're really doing something warranting a strong wake-up call. Otherwise just take it as a friendly reminder to simple guidelines.

(06 Oct '13, 08:52) Snow

people like that ele above,, jumping in to show how horrible the newcomer is...

(06 Oct '13, 08:56) jodie

As for revisions, they help keep context clear in situations where questions and answers see a lot of changes.

As for the site, rules, old-testamenty, feeling 'oppressed', etc. I understand the sentiment, I've personally been banned for behavior issues here before. That being said nobody is really unreasonable, I think there was just a misunderstanding here.

Maybe you're not projecting, but perhaps taking it too hard? Give it a bit, you'll see it's not really so bad. =)

(06 Oct '13, 08:57) Snow

lol "that ele" relax @jodie chocolate? cup of coffee? tea?

(06 Oct '13, 09:06) ursixx

lol ursixx and snow...ok u guys win! i concede

(06 Oct '13, 10:46) jodie

"people like that ele above,, jumping in to show how horrible the newcomer is..." @jodie - I believe I was saying how 'horrible' (rude) I was & you aren't a newbie, so please don't play victim. Being a victim is totally disempowering & a very low vibration. I think you deserve an explanation. "jumped in" - no, I was here all along. I was the first to vote up your answer & lozenge's comment. I thought you asked a very good question. After you made your comment to Barry & accused him (A)

(06 Oct '13, 20:39) ele

(B) of being mean to you & saying you hadn't been here for 2 years, I realized who you were & I recalled what happened. I made my comment prior to Dollar Bill making his. This is the comment I deleted "con-trolling, just kiddin' & perhaps lol & then I think I wrote, I remember you now, you were here the first time I was here or around the same time I started.." You have a copy of the comment I made in your email You can copy & paste it here if my memory is incorrect. When I realized

(06 Oct '13, 20:41) ele

(C) my comment could be interpreted as being both rude & insensitive, I deleted it. It was never my intention to hurt you. As for my intention - it was to remind you in a humourous way of what happened last time you were here & not to make the same mistake again. I also went back to that thread & read all your comments. I realized you did not understand exactly how comments, answers, edits & deletes worked. I saw you edit your comment to Barry & I thought bravo! You thought about what

(06 Oct '13, 20:44) ele

(D) you wrote, saw it from a new POV & by editing your comment, you made an empowering choice - to correct your error. Too bad Bill could not have been gracious enough to delete his comment to you when he saw you corrected your mistake & all this could have been avoided. Welcome back Jodie & I wish I would have said that earlier. My apologies for the misunderstanding. @ursixx thanks -- me bad - I know most ppl don't 'get' what I mean - sort of like WT - hard to fathom.

(06 Oct '13, 20:50) ele

I think both @Snow & @Ursixx did an excellent job answering your questions @jodie. To be honest, I've received a warning myself & if there is a next time I could be out. DB forgot to mention you could click on "how to use IQ" which is located at the upper right hand corner of each page & this will answer many of your questions. I think it would be a good idea if you got more familiar with how things worked around here. (cont 1)

(06 Oct '13, 22:05) ele

(cont 2) Another good place to get info is IQ META. You'll find the link at the top of the page - click on the word Support & it will take you there. It's also a good place to ask questions.

(06 Oct '13, 22:06) ele

He who cannot forgive others destroys a bridge over which he himself must pass.

Ritu Ghatourey

(07 Oct '13, 03:11) ursixx

@ele - When Jodie corrected her comment, I tried to edit/delete the comment I made regarding same, but was unable to do so. The time limit had passed.

(07 Oct '13, 04:26) Dollar Bill

@Dollar Bill I was the first one to vote up your comment. I was so happy to see you make it & admire your initiative to do so. I think it carries more impact when it comes from a member with higher Karma. It's hard for me to understand how @Jodie can know so much about subjects such as the Kybalion; but yet doesn't seem to know how to conduct herself or how to post on IQ. She also mentioned she posts on other forums. My apologies, I should have known you would have, if you could have.

(08 Oct '13, 00:17) ele

@jodie You objected to me 'butting' in' on this question & again on another one. What I fail to understand is why you didn't object to @No Brainer. She wasn't here when you were last year & she rarely posts & wasn't active on this ? either. Did you not object because you knew who she was & thought it was her right to do so? Seems like @Snow butted in too after me. Again, no objection. Sorry you have a problem with me.

(08 Oct '13, 00:20) ele

@jodie Last year when you were here, you said you didn't know what a troll was. I will provide you with a link. Also check out flaming & incite. When a member tries to pit other members against another user, it could be construed as trolling especially when the person who does so claims to be a victim. Trolls also consider themselves separate from the social order & trolls do not abide by etiquette or the rules of common courtesy or house rules.

(08 Oct '13, 01:23) ele

omg... i didn't even see all this stuff from ele till now...i held back a great deal in how i wrote to you when u barged in on another post.. but now reading this, I honestly think you have some kind of problem....!! i can't believe what ur going on about, or how seriously you are taking all of this!! This is a spiritual forum fgs..! I have only been on this site for about 5 or 6 days in total - ever...and yet ur writing all of this..^^^ ? ! I honestly don't get it...

(08 Oct '13, 09:40) jodie

either you must be some kind of control freak, or you are about 18 or sth and into all that internet arguing! I had no idea u'd written all this stuff above about me till just now! Its just madness! I came here to ask a question about an old book of wisdom and i end up with someone like you 'having a go'! Unbelievable!

(08 Oct '13, 09:41) jodie

I am honestly bemused by your reaction and a bit , by this site.. I don't know if anyone else has read all your rampages above, and if they can fill me in... etc, if you are known for doing this? i don't know what to say!! just keep out of my way...? Is there an ignore function here, so we can ignore each other? Seems that would be best! i thought from what u said about me on an another question u were a bit over the t op, but then i just saw this!! omg..what on earth! maybe i stick to my books!

(08 Oct '13, 09:43) jodie

it is embarrassing and NOT the purpose of this site to have all the questions dominated by petty arguments between you and I! which i'm sure will be rightly stopped here by the Moderators. so please just leave me alone, don't type to me anymore! i dont know what else to say!

(08 Oct '13, 09:51) jodie
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Psycomancy is the ability to read objects that people own.

You take a necklace or watch and you can tell every detail about the person. Nothing is hidden, all private details completely known.

This happens just from constantly wearing the jewelry. What happens is your energy is a constant influence on the energy of the object.

This entrainment of frequency can be seen by two violins. One has an open string played. While this string sings the other violin that is sitting near by sings also.

We as well do this in a purposeful way. Those that know Reiki charge crystals for healing, they also clear old negative energies. Also they can make healing objects. These as hankerchiefs or other objects like pillows for healing.

So we change the energy all the time whether we do this by will or just by wearing it, we change its energy.

Edit more added...

Maybe through astral projection. Watch Night Gallery episode 9 "The House." I'll tell you a synopsis of this show. A woman keeps dreaming of a house she goes to every night. Finally one day she is driving and she sees this house is real! She goes up to find out about it and finds the owner wants to sell it cheap! The realtor has to tell her it is haunted. She buys the house and again has her usual dream to be woke up when the door rings. She runs to answer the door just in time to see it is herself haunting the house.


answered 06 Oct '13, 05:19

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Wade Casaldi

edited 07 Oct '13, 00:55

the latter part of the quote in your question following the quetion posted discusses when 'he who understands the principles of vibration'. perhaps the necessity of an inward development is indicated.

(06 Oct '13, 05:44) fred

Like your violin string vibration. A Sitar does this also. As you play notes, other resonate strings vibrate. So you play a vibration and the other strings come into harmony. Just keep your finger clear of the resonate strings (offer no resistance) and a beautiful sound issues forth. LOA.

Also there are no standard tunings for a Sitar, it depends on the Sitar, the person and the piece being played. Very simple.

(06 Oct '13, 06:31) Dollar Bill

no fred, that is why i was a asking the question here on this site - i understand the principles of vibration and i understand how to charge a crystal or a talisman or other object, but i was wondering how you would charge say an apartment that doesn't belong to you yet?! Yes I am literally asking that question..!

(06 Oct '13, 06:40) jodie

Homes and apartments do change frequency. I have seen enough haunted shows to know that psychics go into a house where a murderer used to live. They would go in and feel this cold weird evil feeling all over. So yes even living in a house or apartment does take on your energy.

(06 Oct '13, 07:17) Wade Casaldi

thanks wade..i agree they do... i#m wondering how you can change the energy of a remote apartment say, that you've never been in... i guess you can try and do it by sending energy to it..with all ethical standards in place of course... yeah i think that must be what the kybalion means by it..! thx!

(06 Oct '13, 08:00) jodie

@Jodie - thanks for reminding me about the Kybalion. I just downloaded it for free. Check Amazon Kindle. Had heard about it before, am reading it now.

(06 Oct '13, 08:19) Dollar Bill

i have only just read it Dollar and it holds the answers to nearly all questions... except maybe the part where Hermes is asked, why did the All create in the first place, and Hermes says, shuush don't ask! Which i take to mean, either you are not enlightened enough to understand, or there is no answer... i'm still not sure about this yet...!

(06 Oct '13, 10:55) jodie
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Just beginning to read Kybalion. Find it very interesting. The same basic concepts we study. Have not yet gotten to the part about how you alter the vibration of material objects, but it seems obvious to me that ...

How you view objects "changes" their vibration since you are the director, the writer, the star, the cast and the audience of your life. Whether you alter your vibration, or your perception of the vibration of the object is immaterial. The important things is ...

As far as your apartment, you just need a mutual vibration. A simpatico and it is yours. I sense it is unfolding for you right now.

@Wade Casaldi, love the story of the haunted house!! You understand, also, that the 'haunting' of objects and places is often a mutual vibration. Places can stay haunted until the spirit is able to change their vibration, or the structure does.

And folks, IQers, @Jodie has come here seeking answers. Let's show her a little more love. Sometimes it takes a little love as well as reminding them of the rules to help people settle in.

We know to focus on the good, the strengths, the worthwhile and amplify those qualities. I see a valid question and a person seeking answers.


answered 07 Oct '13, 04:49

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Dollar Bill

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@wade casaldi that is so creepy wade!! it was scary to read honestly.. i got that creepy feeling you get when you see a horror film..i've never seen night gallery..

thanks @Dollar Bill! well if you keep reading when you get to that bit in part 3 see what you think.. i do understand what ur saying that there has to be a mutual attraction and the place will come to you, but they seem to be saying you CAN change the vibe of a place...mmm i still wonder some more about it. thx dollar

(07 Oct '13, 06:24) jodie

Bill - I'm in complete agreement. We need to show @jodie love & help her any way we can. Great idea.

(08 Oct '13, 00:21) ele
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