Hello friends!!!

I am feeling/manifesting like 'law of attraction bless and communicating with universe' had abandoned me and I am so sad :((((

My last year was full of ups and downs I had great manifestations although I didn't get the final results but I always felt law of attraction and universe are reacting with me, for some reasons it was my fault, the distraction I had didn't get me 'the thing', there were also outside circumstances, it is not easy to live in Middle east with all its contradictions, peace, wars, struggles, wealth, oil,... it is the land where you can find your treasure over night, on the other hand it is the land where you whole life can be destroyed in days, but overall it will always be the oriental challenging land that I am adapting.

Well the changes in the area, in the general view, is good to my benefit economically I mean, which could be a manifestation, the rise of the capitalist systems such Russian & Chinese interact with my business views more than with American & European which is monopolized to those who adopt certain attitudes and policies which I don't.

Also to sleep promised of third world war starting off from your neighbors countries, that will burn you, everyone & everything, which according to LOA you have a part of that incident and you are because you are fearing it(by the way I wanted to discuss with you that thing if we are manifesting our end as the whole world is threatened but I really won't to promote that idea so I didn't), could distract you from your peace and focus, although I visualized peace and I got it, as things settled down.

As a conclusion I am far from everything related to my beautiful, peaceful source and its laws, regardless if I have part in that or not, I just want to get back and I need your help.

I don't support talking about policy since it only divide, also I won't promote negativity by talking about it, note that even living under these conditions I am so positive and you may find it funny, but I really enjoy all these contradictions, it really enrich my emotions but yet war still scares me, so I felt I have to give an overview why I am so empty now, feeling universe no more as it did forsake me :(

I was far from this page and I think I missed a lot, I am asking you to restart, refresh & recharge me, I won't read pages I want to practice, so can you link me to some exercises such breathing, those visual exercises such in master key, but hey I want simpler, I am not familiar to that book and I don't know why :), games that I can play with universe so I can get back to this circle of peace and feeling good

waiting your suggestions!!

Love you

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Seth gets this question a lot from his clients. I see you follow the LOA path. Let me share a bit about how Seth sees reality creation and how he might answer your question.

In his new books with us, Seth refers to the manifestation process as one of Resonance. The manifestor resonates their reality into existence in the 3rd dimension within a Telepathic Network that connects you to everyone and everything else - All That Is. So your ongoing Personal Reality Field represents a habitual strategy of Reality Creation. In other words, you get what you focus on and what endures is what you habitually focus on.

Seth might say that you are focusing less and less on what you have and more and more on what you don't have. A game you might like to play to turn it around is CPA: Consecutive Positive Assessments. It's his technique to pull yourself out of the habitual creation of negative realities. It's simple. You challenge yourself to find something positive, something beneficial, something that supports you in each moment of your waking reality. Yes, you may fall back into the negative. That is expected. But then you redirect your focus back to what is of benefit to you in that next moment.

The theory: your perception creates what you think of as bedrock reality. So improved perception and focusing on the positive, recreates your reality at a higher frequency. When you notice the improvement, you endorse yourself and continue on the path of CPA. Hope this helps. MAF


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Mark Allen Frost

I appreciate you answer a lot!!

I agree on that: 'you are focusing less and less on what you have and more and more on what you don't have' it is a common behavior and it is habitual,

(13 Oct '13, 08:29) r0la

sometimes you may continue your habitual thought thinking it is better and more secure than new paths you may afraid to try, afraid from the experience and the results too, new failure could destroy the resting belief and that is the core of the problem, since it is involuntary action.

(13 Oct '13, 08:36) r0la

I realize that my habitual path of thinking is hurting my belief system, this process comes in the right time to heal my self in that simple way, yet I still need more details and information if you can advise me some link that will be so appreciated

(13 Oct '13, 08:37) r0la

Here's the link. Thought Reality is the book. Resonance is also a good book for learning Seth's approach to Reality Creation.


(15 Oct '13, 22:51) Mark Allen Frost
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no time for brooding reflections
on what is not happening for me,
the grander scheme of the cosmos,

in the half hour before dawn
or after sunset in stillness
often returns thoughts of


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I will never quit seeking my thought of plenitude, thank you to remind me.

(13 Oct '13, 08:39) r0la

In 1923, nine of the wealthiest people in the world met at Chicago's Edgewater Beach Hotel. Their combined wealth, it is estimated, exceeded the wealth of the Government of the United States at that time.

These men certainly knew how to make a living and accumulate wealth. Attending the meeting were the following men:

  1. The President of the largest steel company,

  2. The President of the largest utility company,

  3. The President of the largest gas company,

  4. The President of the New York Stock Exchange,

  5. The President of the Bank of International Settlements,

  6. The greatest wheat speculator,

  7. The greatest bear on Wall Street,

  8. A member of President Harding's cabinet.

  9. The head of the World's greatest monopoly

That's a pretty impressive line-up of people by anyone's yardstick. Yet, let's examine what happened to them 25 years later:

  1. The President of the then largest steel company (Bethlehem Steel Corp), Charles M Schwab
    lived on borrowed capital for five years before he died bankrupt.

  2. The President of the largest utility company, Samuel Insull, died penniless!

  3. The President of the then largest gas company, Howard Hubson, went insane.

  4. The then President of the New York Stock Exchange, Richard Whitney, was sent to jail.

  5. The President of the Bank of International Settlement, Leon Fraser, committed suicide.

  6. One of the greatest commodity traders (Wheat Speculator) , Arthur Cutten, died insolvent.

  7. The greatest "bear" on Wall Street, Jesse Livermore committed suicide.

  8. The member of the US President's Cabinet (the member of President Harding's cabinet), Albert Fall, was pardoned from jail just to be able to go home and die in peace.

  9. The President of the then world's greatest monopoly, Ivar Krueger, committed suicide.

What they forgot was how to "make" life while they got busy making money! Things come and go, the change is the only constant. Those who put their trust in things that come, remain for a while and disappear after some time (like health, wealth and relatives/friends) are bound to suffer, feel dejected .... Hence we need two kinds of education. 1) One is how to make a living 2) The second is how to live.

The former is known by everybody; and the latter is simple--learn from the past and say good-bye to the past; enjoy the present; and welcome the future. Nothing will ever happen to anybody, which he does not deserve, as Law of Cause and Effect is omnipresent. We can easily have the above attitude if we know our real worth. We are the children of God, spirits in these costumes called bodies. Hence we have infinite potential, as we are the exact representation of His very being!--Mathew 23:9

Nelson Mondela knew this very clearly when he said: "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine as children do. It's not just in some of us; it is in everyone. And as we let our own lights shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others."--tdjaum "AT"gmail.com


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T D Joseph

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Actually the quote is NOT Nelson Mandela's. It's from a book by Maryanne Williamson "A Return to Love". (reflections on the principals from a Course in Miracles)



You are in very good company - both @Cal & I have posted the same quote. Beautiful - One of My Fav's & soo true. Thanks for posting it & I'm sure @r0la will appreciate it.

(15 Oct '13, 01:22) ele

@ele, actually that quote is pendulum swinging. It only appears to me now, that I have moved past the point of needing to be motivated I can see how the quote and the thought of Maryanne is structured. My light doesn't frighten me, nor does my darkness. I know I'll always be better than average, if I care to go for it. And I'm egoistically confident about it. lol. So I see now, how the quote uses negative to perpetuate positive, and although it helps people feel more confident,it won't balance..

(16 Oct '13, 03:31) CalonLan

..them, but keep them swinging. They'll always need these encouragements, until, they find the center's still. And when they do, the whole world stops swinging. And you are able to observe it more vividly. Meaning of everything and everyone will be obvious in any situation and there's never 'not' enough time for things you want as each moment is valued for what it is. =)

(16 Oct '13, 03:31) CalonLan
(16 Oct '13, 04:51) ursixx

@Cal hmm ... pendulum, you do sound more confident that you did earlier. Shine on..


Don't worry about being better than average @Cal

"You can only drink 30 or 40 glasses of beer a day, no matter how rich you are." ~ Adolphus Busch

(16 Oct '13, 06:42) ele
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