I hope this question doesn't get closed because I would really like to hear other's advice and thoughts on this topic.

For the past 6 months I've gone thru the worst period of my life, what I guess what people would call a major breakdown. I suffered injury at the hands of a doctor last year and began to suffer the side effects months later. I was a successful performer at the time and the injury was done to my face. I experienced aesthetic changes that freaked me out and facial pain that can overtake me at any moment. Initially I went to a therapist to help with the psychological effects but the whole "life is hard and just cope with it" method just made me feel worse and even suicidal. The thought that I would have to deal with this forever was devastating. So I began to seek out other healing. I went to Reiki and even started going to the Bruno Groening group because there were claims of healings.

Initially, when I go to the healing sessions, read books and websites like these I get inspired and believe that anything is possible and that I could heal myself or be healed and fix this. But then I look in the mirror or feel the pain and all that goes out the window. I think deep within me I just don't believe that I can be healed and that maybe all this LOA stuff is just crazy talk. Because as I try to put my wish out there and let go, I feel worse and get depressed that it wont happen. That I'm just not facing reality. So far as I've been on the path of reading, learning and going to the healing sessions, I have some moments that are ok but overall I'm just battling depression and just trying to get thru the day so that I could go home and sleep. I want to believe that all this could exist but I'm fearful that I will be disappointed and go crazy. Sorry for the long post but I hoping some people with real insight into the LOA, healing or just battling depression could share their thoughts.

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Hi Eve, the only reason your previous question was closed was because it was very similar to questions we have had before on the website. You will see links to those other similar questions at the top of that question so you can find your answers there. We do this "redirection" to the original question so that answers do not end up "fragmented" around the website, which makes it harder for others to find them.

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Thanks for letting me know, I wasn't sure how that worked. Still new to how the site works :)

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You're welcome, Eve

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I totally agree with Graham, that "Ask And It Is Given" would be a great book for you to read and ponder. That one was so helpful to me at a difficult time. Additionally I would like to suggest that you stop fighting these negative feelings. Worrying about them and fighting them only brings them to the forefront and gives them power. Gently replace negative thoughts with more empowering ones. This will be tedious, especially if you are in the habit of thinking disempowering ones. But little by little you will make progress and when you change your mind you will change your life.


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Hi Eve. It's not that the Law of Attraction makes things worse when we begin to start using it consciously, but rather those old habitual ways of thinking are soo familiar to us that although they may not be serving our well being, a part of us still clings to them tenaciously because of their familiarity. This part of our being is often afraid to let go of this familiarity and will often create resistance within us which leaves us feeling even worse. That's why for most of us, it becomes a process of letting go of our old limiting beliefs and our resistance to a new way of thinking, a little at a time, so we don't become too overwhelmed. We can then, gradually, replace those old habitual thoughts by affirming newer, uplifting ones.

Doubt will always try to creep in and thwart your plans when you decide to change and adopt a new way of being. The key is to always be alert to that and don't give it any power by dwelling there,simply refuse to give it any attention and continue to affirm what you want. Determination and persistence are an absolute when you want to bring about change, so you're going to have to draw on your own Will and resolve to never give up. Find one of those moments when you did feel inspired and begin from there.

Graham and LeeAnn have suggested a great book with practical exercises which, if applied, will definitely help you. Practice and repitition are key with most of the practices.If you are persistent, eventually you will begin to chip away at those old limited beliefs and replace them with ones that serve your well being. It won't happen overnight so be prepared for a bit of a ride, but if you stick with it you will see results. Good luck :)


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What you wrote is exactly the pattern I go thru and the habits that I know have always gotten in my way. This issue is just so big I can't ignore it. Thank you very much for the encouragement...if I can get some determination going then maybe I can get out of this victim mode and hopefully make some changes happen! It's the believing in the LOA that I need to give in to.

(12 Feb '11, 08:43) eve

No it doesnt Eve.It will eventually make things better.This may take a while but LOA always works.

It will bring you what you predominantly think/meditate/dwell upon. Changes wont happen overnight,you may have to learn how to think,i know that most people think they know how to think,and they do...but not in a constructive manner.

Have you read" ask and it is given" Eve? I would do,its helped me and other family members to begin to learn the skills needed to allow manifestation. It gives much practical how to advice thats missing in a lot of other teaching.

I hope things pick up for you Eve.I could waffle on and give a lot of other advice but something tells me that the previously mentioned book may open the doors to something real for you.



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Monty Riviera

Thank you Graham for the book suggestion. I read their "Law of Attraction" a few years ago but never read "Ask and it is given". I will read it and hope for the best.

(12 Feb '11, 08:37) eve

I really like the audio book version of "Ask and it is given" have it as an mp3 file in my mobile phone so it's always with me and also Elkhart Tolley's "The power of now" Not only are they great information/ inspiration I find them calming.

(12 Feb '11, 09:47) ursixx

Yep ive read Tolle too.A differing perspective than some but well worth some study.

(12 Feb '11, 10:24) Monty Riviera
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Hi Eve, I have a low threshhold when it comes to pain so I am not going to tell you to ignore the pain. I dont know you but I sense that in this experience there is a great opportunity for you to go within and find out what the universe is saying to you. While you continue to seek help for your medical condition I would recommend like the others that you stock up on spiritual books and spiritual friends (if you have). This is a time for spiritual awakening and you have come to a wonderful website. Another wonderful book that you can download for free is "The Master Key System". A must read if i may say so. As Abraham would advise it is now time for you to awaken to the joy that is inside you. You need to find things and people that make you feel good and hold onto those tight. Make an effort everyday to practice feeling good. Read the book "Ask and It is Given".

I would like to share with you that I went through a horrible experience early last year that left me completely devastated. That was when I got an email inviting me to this website. During that time I had to reach deep within for the only thing I know that could heal me and that was my spirituality. I download so many books and read each of them and they made me feel better for a while and then I would start feeling down all over again. To Top it off I got another bad experience again late in the year and I felt that maybe the Universe was trying to kill me because there was no way I could handle all this pressure. It took a lot of soul searching and tears before I figured out what I needed to do and it is exactly what I mentioned earlier was to follow my joy. I started practicing some of Abraham's methods but now I am living it on a daily basis. Abraham talks about being in the "Vortex". This is being connected to the source with no resistance. That is where you need to be. You will be amazed at how you can turn you life around.


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Thank you so much for sharing that Drham. Much of what you write resonates with me because I know exactly the feelings you describe. Being in the performing world, looks were always a big deal and keeping my self esteem up was a challenge. Since this affects my face it has made me confront many issues about who am I in the inside. Also, I had long ago put aside childhood issues of being victimized but all those bad feelings came back. I will keep reading, and get my hands on those books mentioned. It's so hard sometimes but if you all have had success then maybe there is hope for me :)

(12 Feb '11, 08:34) eve

sit down and meditate wall gazing do it each day as long as it will take!(to reach the light) it will remove negative though and every thing else stuck in your mind! once that is done you will see the light!


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What does the LOA, and New Age Thoughts has to do with one’s depression or bad situation getting worst? It is said that we create our own reality, so it is up to you to manifest your desire to be happy or unhappy alike!

Therefore, it is for you to decide what direction you want to take in your life, and no one person can change anything for you in your life, except you. You have to work towards your goals to manifest them appropriately, and the universe will do the rest for you, and once you have discovered how to do things in a certain way, your desires will be fulfilled within the proper time!


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