Hello everyone,

I've been playing with the Manifesting Experiment 5, today I did #4 and with the Vibrational Spreadsheet in general. I sense there's great power in them and their methodical nature and I've gained a lot from them.

I'm not invalidating all these tools in any way, this is just a curiosity question.

I've heard Abraham say: "There's no bottom", regarding wanting to solve a problem by rooting it out, how if you go to the root of the problem, you are focusing on that and basically will start attracting similar thoughts, etc. There was also a video from Abraham I saw (couldn't find it now), about a guy saying he was on a "seek and destroy" mission and how his focus was basically creating a feedback loop.

I actually posted this related question a couple of years ago.

I just wanted to know, what in particular is responsible in these experiments to be able to counter or dissolve that feedback loop and actually get ahead. When you're describing and focusing on what you don't want (to be able to clear it up after) you could easily do a lot of 68 seconds focused on unwanted things.

So, how does these experiments address that? Thanks again.

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Regarding 68 seconds of feeling bad...

You don't need to worry about 68 second blocks of focusing on bad-feeling things. Your power of creation without your Inner Being's assistance (indicated by good-feeling emotion) is miniscule in comparison to aligned creation.

Abraham have said many times that one who is connected to Source is worth millions who are not.

For more information, see Is Hollywood actually creating a World Catastrophe starting from the USA through its movies?

Regarding "there's no bottom"...

I would completely agree and have cautioned people about this numerous times on this site. For example, Is it true that we can't clean up our entire life? Law of Attraction will eat you for breakfast if you keep chasing everything negative in your life in an effort to wipe out all the "bad stuff" :)

What is happening with these vibrational-molding methods is instead something quite different...we're engaging with suppressed/numbed emotions in order to establish how we are really feeling and then using that information to mold our vibrational setpoints. This is not the same as wrestling uncomfortable subjects to the ground.

Let's make this clearer with an analogy...well, an analogy using two previous analogies :)

What messes most people up is that they've covered up the speedometer in their car so they can't see how fast they are driving. It's a bit like sticking your head in the sand hoping that, because you can't see it, the incoming tide won't drown you :)

alt text

That means that a person might think they are driving at a speed their car can handle but, in reality, it's falling to bits in front of them because they are going too fast for it.

These vibrational methods are revealing the real readout on the speedometer. They do this by eliciting your genuine (often self-suppressed) beliefs about the subject, and since a belief is just a repeatedly-thought thought, and since thought always precedes emotion, this exposing of the real underlying belief also exposes the real underlying emotion.

Notice that both of these methods (and others) don't then say go and wallow in that unpleasant emotion as long as you can...and get yourself kicked real good by the Law of Unpleasant Attraction :)

Instead, they get you started on changing the underlying belief in conjunction with that newly-exposed emotional indicator. Exposing the emotional indicator is only exposing what you are already feeling but are hiding from. It's not making anything worse than it already is :)

Having the information that the exposed emotional indicator gives you as you mold your beliefs is vital because human beings cannot focus on two different thoughts at the same time. So, while you are thinking the belief that is troublesome to you, you cannot then simultaneously "step back" from it and contemplate whether it is an acceptable belief to you or not.

On the other hand, the emotional guidance system works in parallel with your thinking system so you can engage with a belief, and then your emotional indicator will simultaneously let you know whether this is an appropriate belief (habitual thought) for you to continue thinking.

This is why there is all the emphasis on emotional guidance. Thought-based guidance cannot do the job alone.

Exposing the genuine emotional indicator lets you know how fast you are really travelling in your car and you can then make informed decisions about whether to ease off the accelerator pedal or get a new faster car that handle your lead-weighted foot :)


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Thanks for the answer @Stingray. Made it really clear. I really liked the speedometer analogy, very true.

(18 Jan '15, 11:24) Kriegerd

Hello there, I'm not sure what this manifesting experiment that you're talking about is but I think I can answer this question in a general sense:

IT IS BECAUSE THEY PROBABLY DO NOTHING TO COUNTER OR DISSOLVE IT OR GET AHEAD OF THE NEGATIVE FEEDBACK LOOP, BUT SIMPLY DEVELOP AND SUSTAIN A MORE POSITIVE FEEDBACK LOOP. Think in terms of states of mind. When you develop a positive state of mind all your thoughts/feelings will be in that zone and lead to corresponding circumstances. It's all about perspective and choice of focus. Any process/experiment that gets you focused on something that makes you feel better and eventually places you in the good feeling zone regardless of technique used, places you in the ballpark of corresponding thoughts/ideas, feelings and circumstances so from there. If you divide Infinite Potential into 2 zones i.e. pleasant and unpleasant, then when you are in the good feeling zone you're in the zone of pleasant potential from which only correspondingly good things may manifest and this includes good thoughts/ideas i.e. solutions/better ways of looking at things, more good feelings, and soon enough the seemingly physical conditions. When you dig (: believe me I did this for 4-5 years before realizing it can turn counter productive :) to get to the "bottom" of the issue what happens is you get a few nuggets that you turn around yes, but you're also deeper in the hole of that type of consciousness. Remember when you do a root cause analysis what you're doing is looking at all levels of problem, it is an almost 100% problem focus. The "almost" is because there is always the desire for the solution that is also at work (: the intent behind the root cause analysis :) and this what sometimes makes you find those nuggets but overall there is too much of a problem focus and what that generates is more problems. This is also why society keeps going around in circles generating the same thing fundamentally over and over because it is easily fooled by difference in form but neglecting the underlying nature of the issue. The idea is to switch to the positive focus not fight the negative.


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Thanks for the answer @harsha. I also spent some years on "hunting" things to clear up, now I'm working on switching my focus.

(18 Jan '15, 11:21) Kriegerd

This is so true, there is no bottom.

Wars are fought to end all wars. Arguments are started to get to the "bottom" of who's right,

yet it just leads to more and more.

Forgiving is better than starting endless wars. Being happy is better than stressing to get everyone to agree with you.


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