Ok I will be working on various focus blocks I have in my life. What I wanted to know is can I put my focus blocks in my manifestation box. I also have a manifestation box but I understand that if you worry a lot about a particular issue, the best method to use is the Focus Block Method. Now once I have done my focus blocks and I am really content with how I feel at the present time can I put it in the manifestation box? Or Is this contradictive?

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@Evolme4412 - You'll probably get longer answers from more experienced folks, but FYI, a general rule of thumb with this stuff seems to be: if it makes you feel better about the issue, or about what you're trying to manifest, then do it.

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Focus Blocks statements are lists of believable affirmations to yourself that follow on from each other to gradually make you feel better about a subject.

A request in the Manifesting Box is a precise, detailed, carefully-written document regarding what you want written as though to someone else to give you the feeling of "letting go" so you can invoke the idea of Focus & Allow

Because of that difference in focus, the methods as they are written don't have any direct connection.

One practical way of using both methods together would be to think about your request and note any negative emotions or limiting beliefs you have about it and then clear those up in advance using Focus Blocks.

Once you have done that, and from that place of feeling neutral or good about your request, you can then write the request in detail and release it into the box.


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