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(A general post for those who are maybe 'lost' with questions to manifesting and stuff......)

Everyone loves this movie for one reason or another. It seems that Forrest Gump just seemed to get the absolute best out of life in a unique, spectacular, miraculous way; a sporting hero, a celebrity, beloved war star, multi-millionaire, true love.....

Does anybody else agree that this is the best given example of a modern day, western person living life to the 'fullest' via no resistance, no expectation, only wonder and oblivious acceptance of life?

I would have to say that Forrest Gump is a great example of how to manifest anything in your life via the approach of just 'being happy' and not really worrying. I felt inspired enough to post this, but watch the movie again and perhaps you'll realise that the law of attraction is really just the law of love.

asked 21 Dec '11, 12:57

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I believe he is as the innocence of a child is very powerful in an unknown way to the child. The child or in this case Forest Gump and representation of the ignorance of everything including danger gave him a command and control and bravery that others "More intelligent" would have to work hard to have!

The reason being that there is no fear when you do not believe there is anything to fear, a reasoning mind more mature over thinks things to the point of fear and self doubt. This leads to, "I could never do that." Or "You are crazy if you think I'll do that I could get killed!" No in the innocence he had unknowingly full control of the beast of life experience.

The fool card in the Golden Dawn deck shows a baby holding a leash and on the other end of the leash is a terrifying beast being obedient to the baby. This is because the baby doesn't know it should be scared, to the baby it is just a big pet. Innocence is powerful because it is not corrupted by fear. As Paulina points out very well the absents of fear is love and love rules over everything. This was the secret of Adam and Eve having dominion over everything.

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answered 21 Dec '11, 16:04

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Wade Casaldi

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Yes that is right for childish innosence is the absence of fear and the absence of fear is love. Love rules when it comes to manifesting so if you realy want to manifest become like a child.

(21 Dec '11, 21:50) Paulina 1

Good point yes loves rules! :-)

(21 Dec '11, 22:25) Wade Casaldi

Hi Nik, Forest Gump is absolutly loveable and yes it is that childish innosence and total trust that makes him so loveable. Behind this loveable man stood a fantastic inteligent woman, his mom. I dont think he would have been half as loveable if it wasn't for his mom. Lucky fella. He is truly like a beautiful big child full of love and because he gave love wherever he went he got love and a lot more in return. Love is the happy ingredient that manifests the good stuff in life like nothing else.

Yes you could certainly say that Forest Gump is the best example of zero resistance.

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answered 21 Dec '11, 22:00

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Paulina 1

what are the characteristics that most make him admirable,
is it something that we'd want for our own;
the lack of fear and that individualistic mind
that is near absent of programmed fear

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answered 22 Dec '11, 00:01

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i agree with what has been told by all of you at this point to the exception of one thing in the movie he still has add resistance going to war getting bullets in his ass not being able to understand people. and people not being able to understand him and judging him and seing him has a foul. i think that he was out of balence being innocent in a not innocent world and that was what he was missing to understand other people and for other people to understand him.

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answered 22 Dec '11, 01:42

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white tiger

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