Hello everyone,

I was wondering if anyone can help me with this. I have had palpitations for the last week.

My heart starts to beat very fast at some point for no apparent reason and the goes back to normal. It happened when I am going to sleep as well. I practise meditation every day and I am not stressed in this period.

Does anyone have an explanation for this? Is anything happening in the Universe that could be causing this heart beating so fast? I have never had problems with my heart. The funny thing is that I was talking to a friend and she has had the same thing happening to her starting in the same period as mine. Is anyone else experiencing these palpitations?

Any ideas what could be causing them? Could it be something relating to the shifting of poles? Comet Ison? Opening of gateway? I am really not an expert in this.Is there anyone who knows more about this?

Thank you for your help! I would be very curoius to know what is going on and if anyone else is experiencing this.

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Are you by any chance in menopause?

(25 Nov '13, 05:25) maugi

no, I am not

(25 Nov '13, 06:00) kimuse
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Here are the 9D Pleiadian Collective talking about the vibrational conditions on the Earth plane during November 2013. You may (or may not) find it casts some light on what is triggering your "condition" :)



answered 25 Nov '13, 09:41

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@Stingray That is great - explains a lot!

(25 Nov '13, 10:10) Catherine

@Catherine - Yes, I've noticed a few people around these parts having a bumpy November :)

(25 Nov '13, 10:30) Stingray

thank you this is very useful!

(25 Nov '13, 14:52) kimuse
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Sorry as a medic, I would always look at physical causes first before jumping into the Universe causing them! Drinking alot of caffeine, coke,chocolate or maybe even alcohol? I'm sure you're not but worth thinking about. If they persist more than a few weeks best get them checked out by a doctor. It also depends on your age obviously if you're older and especially if you are saying you're not stressed then best to check it out. If you get the all clear, then you can start thinking about psychological causes.


answered 25 Nov '13, 06:09

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Inner Beauty

Thank you for your comment. I don't drink coffee, coke and rarely eat chocolate. No alcohol either. I will see if it continue, but it's not happening all the time. Only certain moments and lasts for few minutes.

(25 Nov '13, 06:13) kimuse

great that it's not affecting you too badly. Probably will just go away of it's own account, these kinds of symptoms often do.

(25 Nov '13, 11:56) Inner Beauty

thank you, talking with my mum she is now having they same symptoms. Very strange though..

(25 Nov '13, 14:53) kimuse
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Everything has a substratum: "Pure consciousness for the universe; consciousness for our body; Cause and effect principle for all happenings.'--Gita 8:3

The consciousness, atma, or soul is the ruler that causes the palpitations! It is the same force that oversees the digestion when you are sleeping and many other vital works ....


answered 25 Nov '13, 04:44

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T D Joseph

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thank you.

(25 Nov '13, 14:54) kimuse
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