For those familiar with Cellular Memory,

Has anyone had an unexplained or odd event from either a past life experience or a traumatic event earlier in life that our minds have "forgotten", Manifest itself into reality.???

An earlier question from another IQ member had prompted this question....

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Thank you Jai... :)

(10 May '13, 20:20) Dragonflybreeze

'Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.' I don't know how much this holds true in the LoA, but I do know I regularly have repeat injuries where I forget safety guidelines I set for myself before, or if I start rushing and/or not paying attention. For me (with these trivial examples) it seems I will repeatedly get a bonk on the noggin until I finally get it and stop forgetting whatever it is that I should be remembering. On a larger scale it's a lot harder to say.

(11 May '13, 03:18) Snow

how do you recognize that the manifested event comes from cellular memory?

(11 May '13, 04:27) ru bis

The way you know it comes from cellular memory would be if you actually remember an event and it Does repeat.

(11 May '13, 11:45) Dragonflybreeze

the link is not working for me

(11 May '13, 13:09) Fairy Princess

the cellular memory process is another name for the law of attraction, it functions in exactly the same manner, just uses different terminology

(11 May '13, 14:01) ru bis

Actually Ru Bis it is very different. Also, Fairy Princess, you might want to type it in manually as I just tried it and it worked. Also, you could copy and paste it as well.

(13 May '13, 19:39) Dragonflybreeze
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The law of attraction functions on the dynamic relation between positive/negative ... cellular memory as described in the article functions on the dynamic relation between positive (positive emotional charge) and negative (negative emotional charge).

Seen from this angle everybody on the planet is manifesting into their reality on a cellular level simply because we are living vibrating beings, whether we are conscious of it or not.

alt text


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ru bis

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