Just wondering.....has anyone ever used their minds to reverse baldness and regrow lost hair before? Would hypnosis help? I have lost a lot of hair and want to regrow every bit that I lost.

I am still young and started experiencing baldness from the age of 21. I hear that massaging the scalp with unsalted butter works wonders....but then what kind of unsalted butter? and how long does it take to regrow it?

I do not like being bald at all.

I'm willing to do anything to get my hair back using my mind.

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I know how you feel, the first time I saw the back of my head on video was upsetting. Now every time I see the back of my head is upsetting but I'm dealing with it better so it is less so.

(19 Feb '14, 05:30) Wade Casaldi
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The absolute answer is yes. Because you are the creator of your own reality, you have full power within you to create absolutely anything you desire. Even if or maybe in spite of losing your hair at a young age you can decide that no, that's not what I want now, so I'll change my mind and reverse the process.

As you looked in the mirror and noticed your hair getting thinner, you probably didn't like what you saw and began imagining your future self with less hair and at the same time you attached negative emotion. In other words, you didn't like what you saw and what you imagined the future would be. In yet other words, you believed and expected that as time progressed you'd become bald. And that is one way to attract things into your life.

The relative answer is it all depends on you and only you to declare and decide how you want your hair or any other part of your body to be or look. Although you can imagine a future reality in which you have more hair, can you believe it and can you feel good about it absent the - in your face - current physical circumstance of not having it?

The difficulty lies in belief. That's why it's easier to go with the general consensus that baldness cannot be cured. However, if your belief is strong enough anything can be overcome. Think about people like Lance Armstrong curing cancer and you'll have evidence of that.

Here are a few suggestions which may help you:

  • Do some serious research into scientific hair growth techniques and/or products. Choose the one that feels right to you. Use it and believe it will help you.

  • Shave your head completely (optional) and you'll no longer notice the loss.

  • Every time you look in the mirror imagine/make believe/pretend that your hair is as you'd like it.

  • Every night before sleeping, in your imagination see yourself exactly the way you want to look. Imagine and act out in your imagination what your friends and family actually will say and how you'll reply to them once your hair is restored. See it, Be it and Feel it all in your imagination. Do not allow for the possibility of failure. Do this for 10 minutes religiously and seriously for two weeks, without fail!

  • Buy a book called The Power of Awareness by Neville Goddard. The beauty of this author is he doesn't mention channeling or non-physical beings, so you don't have to believe in yet another thing and can get on with what he teaches about imagination, using the evidence of his own life.

  • Don't bother telling anyone else what you're doing in your imagination. They won't believe you and may try to dissuade you.

At the end of the day anything is possible, it really depends on how much you want the change and how much of your life you're prepared to devote to manifesting that change. It is done :-)


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Great advise Eddie!

(20 Nov '10, 16:23) daniele

Thanks daniele. I'm paying forward what was paid forward to me :)

(24 Nov '10, 01:46) Eddie

I didn't use it for baldness but,I did imagine my hair longer when I imagine myself. Eventually, I had dream of me with much longer hair and my hair has been growing very fast and much healthier. I also started taking better care of my hair as well.


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We don't get many questions on this metaphysically-focused website that revolve around what kind of unsalted butter to use for anything :)

...so I'm guessing you might be a newcomer to many of these ideas?

I can't personally answer your question about reversing baldness and regrowing lost hair since (and I know this must be annoying to hear) I still pretty much have all of mine at an age when most men have lost most of theirs.

However, if you are new to these manifesting ideas, can I suggest trying Manifesting Experiment 1 and then just follow any inspired actions/processes that you are drawn towards as a result?

If you are going to do this, it is important not to listen to what others say regarding the validity of any action/process you feel inspired to try, and not to look for confirming physical evidence that a particular process definitely works.

This is because if something feels valid for you then it is valid for you regardless of what anyone else thinks.

And, as Liam mentioned above, you might also want to take a look at: Can I regrow my hair by creative visualization?


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Your question is not weirder than some of the others I have seen on this site.

(20 Nov '10, 05:09) Tom

Yeah, especially the one on cannibalism. I suppose we could use the unsalted butter for that. :P

(23 Nov '10, 20:06) Vesuvius

They say a picture if worth a thousand words - Use your older pics from the days when you had plenty of hair on your head. Look at them as often as you can and imagine that this IS you NOW.

This would lead you to visualize yourself not just with hair , but also younger !

You could also visualize that you are extreemly happy and satisfied with the way your hair looks and let divinity do the rest. That way divinity will either lead you to more hair or change your mindset so that you no longer feel bad about your hair (or rather the lack of it).


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The way your hair grows is strongly determined by heredity. Or, to put it another way, this particular manifestation decision was already made before you were born. Hence, it will be difficult to change it.

A better question to ask yourself might be, "How can I be happy and confident with the physical form that I have now?"

Our society is obsessed with physical appearance. We all want to be taller, more muscular, have better skin, have whiter teeth, have larger boobs, have larger....Well, you get the idea.

Please don't go down this road.

Wouldn't it be better to focus on making the best of the health, skills, talents and attributes you already have, rather than something that is ultimately superficial?

If you strive to become the best person you are meant to be, and project your internal beauty outward, I promise you, people won't care what your hair looks like.


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AweSoMe Vesuvius!!! Totally agree!

(20 Nov '10, 04:21) figure8shape

Why don’t you ask your Pharmacist the question about the unsalted butter, and how to use it?

I heard you can also use Almond Oil, massaged into the scalp twice daily, but you can discuss it your Pharmacist first.

You can also use your imagination along with these other treatments to re-grow your hair, or you might want to consider having a Hair Transplant. Hope this helps.


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I absolutely think yes! Law of Belief - if you think you can, you could. If you think you couldn't, you won't.


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So I guess this would also apply to regrowing teeth? If you can conceive it you can achieve it?

I have a gap between front teeth after a bad fall on the sidewalk, and other dental issues. I know I'm not alone. If just one person could do this with the power of their mind, it would give hope to many.


answered 19 Oct '16, 19:59

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Delphine, your teeth could realign - it does happen - or you could manifest help realigning them. I'm adding my comment here as the subject touches me. Ten months ago I still had dental problems but manifested an extremely nice dental surgeon who did four implants and billed my insurance company directly. It was funny because someone who knew about my problem "casually mentioned this" to me. Now the problem is solved. Yours can too!

(20 Oct '16, 06:29) Amaries

Thanks Amaries. Part of my issue here is that I am very wary of dentists and most dental procedures. It seems the implants are working well and I'm glad for you.

(20 Oct '16, 16:33) Delphine
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