I have been listening to Wendy Kennedy (9D PC) http://higherfrequencies.net/ for a while now they have been recommending that you ask yourself questions during the day.

The way this works in practice is that as something comes up, grabs your attention, ask yourself what you are feeling, how does it feel in your body, what thoughts are you thinking and then look for deeper meanings. An example would be you see something on the news, you examine how you feel ... does it feel fearful, joyful etc. Why does it make you feel this way? The answer lies within you but you have to practice this a bit before clear patterns start to emerge. For example, you find yourself feeling envious every time you see someone living in luxury ... what thoughts are your having, what is the underlying feeling etc and then eventually as the patterns emerge you start to work out what the underlying belief is and then you can change what you are pulsing out. Without the questions, you may never gain the conscious awareness that an attitude of lack underpins your vibrational offering.

This idea is also brilliantly described in the fantastic book The Path to Empowerment by Barbara Marciniak (also channelling the Pleiadians). In it they suggest questioning everything, including what they are saying!

Some channellers appear to discourage delving too deeply into the whys and wherefores so how important is it to be fully conscious of the thought patterns and beliefs behind your vibrational offering? Or, is just feeling better enough to sort it all out without bothering with the questing aspect?

EDIT: 2 December 2013 This question reminded me of this Harry Hill clip - apologies for the poor quality of the clip.


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reasoning promotes growth
knowing who you are the goal
experiencing perceptions
provokes mind with questions


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@fred Is that a good thing though? Thanks for answering - your answers often stretch me in a good way.

(28 Nov '13, 08:09) Catherine

catheine, with the potential to be as fully self-conscious as possible, what mankind was designed for

(28 Nov '13, 11:23) fred

@fred My thoughts exactly. Thanks.

(29 Nov '13, 02:56) Catherine
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The questioning will help up to a certain stage; however the act of thought and analysis has its own boundaries of limitation.

When you are questioning and having a dialog either with yourself or others you are essentially stuck within a specific containment system of behavior and information that is incapable of giving you access to the source of real change.

It is as if you were given a deck of cards, each with a single word upon it, and you are expected to express, analyze and sort out your problems by limiting your vocabulary and analysis to only the words that are given to you.

"Thinking" is highly limited in trying to sort out your problems because when you "think" you cannot reach beyond the limits of your intellect.

Inspiration is a reference point that is outside the reach of your intellect.

With every thought and every motion of your consciousness you constantly slip back and forth between inspiration and intellect.

We as a society un-fortunately have become blind to the fact that this is happening within us.

A good way to understand this paradox is to observe yourself when you are breathing.

We are all aware of our "in-breath" when we breathe.

But we tend to ignore the fact that every time we breathe in we also have to breathe out in order to make room for the next in-breath.

So although we are breathing in and out...in and out...we only tend to pay attention to the moments of breathing in... Breathing in....breathing in.....and so on.

Imagine if we only paid attention to the moments when we are breathing out instead of breathing in?

Imagine how horrible that would be?

Your inner attention constantly paying attention to breathing out Carbon dioxide again..... and again...... and again.

When we are in the middle of THINKING something, it is essentially the "breathing out" stage of the consciousness mechanism especially when you realize that there is actually a "breathing - in" stage within consciousness that we have learned to completely skip over as a matter of habit and evolution.

The breathing - in stage of our consciousness takes place a fraction before you begin a thought where you are accessing pure potential possibility.

Unfortunately most of the time, you are reaching into this pure potentiality with a pre-conceived anticipation.

That very anticipation immediately reduces our access to that potentiality to things that are within the light of our understanding and our prior experiences.

That anticipation is your "Question"

Whey ever you go about trying to understand anything by formulating that desire into a question, you have cut off your access to comprehending the energetic response that is triggered by that question.

Because the act of questioning is the act of paying attention to the moments when you are breathing out.

By questioning you are triggering the process of listening to inspiration and then converting that inspiration into an understanding that is expressed in thoughts and words, however, you only notice the data after you have converted it into thoughts and words.

Your thoughts and words are limited to only what you already know and understand.

So you are constantly limiting your ability to understand inspiration by insisting on questioning and questioning and questioning everything.

The truth is we are constantly converting inspiration into understanding in real time by constantly oscillating between inspiration and quantification of that inspiration.

We do that within every moment you have a conversation within ourselves, or with others.

But we constantly ignore the inspiration part of that relationship in the same way that we only pay attention to our in-breath when we turn our attention to our breathing.

The unfortunate part of this is that the in-breath portion correlates with the inspiration part of our thought process and the out-breath correlates with the thinking or spoken part of our consciousness.

So by trying to "think" your way you are essentially trying to breath fresh air by only paying attention to your outward breaths.

That doesn't mean that you are not breathing in, it is that your attention is only on the breathing out part of your breath, even though you are actually breathing in and breathing out while your attention is only on the breathing out part of that experience.

In the exact same way, when you are "thinking" and "analyzing" and "talking" with yourself and others, your attention is only on the out-breath or analysis portion of your constant flow of inner inspiration that is being triggered into action by your act of "thinking".

If you turn your attention to the in-breath equivalent of your consciousness you will describe that attention as "listening"

When ever you are thinking you are actually listening and analyzing that listening into your existing limitation of past knowledge and belief system.

So you have to learn to break the habit of paying attention only to thinking.

Because if you are thinking, then you are actually listening and thinking at the same time, but you are only paying attention to thinking.

This is where "silence" comes in.

One of the purposes of reaching inner silence in meditation is to train your attention to listen to that flow of inspiration and refuse to analyze it into "inner chatter"

With enough work and patience you can learn to break the habit of analyzing everything into a constant chatter in your head.

We were not designed to invent inspiration, which is essentially what we are tying to do when tying to understand by questioning.

We were designed to ask and receive guidance.

That means we Question with the intent of "receiving" an understanding and then let it go.

We allow inspiration to strike us with the answer instead if insisting on arriving at it with our own effort.

This means the understanding is not arrived by questioning.

The understanding is arrived by listening and allowing.

So when on a spiritual quest, it is far better to listen and allow instead of asking questions.

If you are inspired to ask "OK how do I listen and allow?" then you have missed the whole point of this answer.


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The Traveller

@The Traveller This looks really interesting - a lot to think about here (joke) but I need to come back and re-read later in the day when I have more time. Thanks so much for answering.

(28 Nov '13, 02:39) Catherine

loved it..,excellent ...:) thnk u fr sharing .

(28 Nov '13, 02:43) supergirl

@The Traveller OKay I've now had a chance to re-read through your answer. Isn't creation (presumably the reason we are here as creator beings rather than just pure consciousness) a balance of the masculine AND feminine? The question being the masculine and then letting go for the answer. Without asking the questions you aren't really directing the energy or creating - you just are. Maybe that is what we are ultimately aiming for?

(28 Nov '13, 04:02) Catherine

For me, I always found Buddhism too passive (feminine) and Christianity too action centred (masculine) - shouldn't we aim for a balance between these two?

(28 Nov '13, 04:05) Catherine

@Catherine Anything which doesn't involve thinking I'm all for. lol Thinking is way over rated ... at least for me ... I'm more of a sensory person & silence is golden ....... Actually I ask questions before I go to sleep .....

(28 Nov '13, 04:32) ele

@ele Asking questions before you go to sleep ... yes, I find that one of the best ways but TT is saying don't ask questions at all.

(28 Nov '13, 05:06) Catherine

@Catherine Sorry - I was sort of joking cause I've been talking way too much. I think its good/ great to ask questions - then you need silence to hear your answer. Sometimes the answer will come when I'm doing something repetitive & monotonous & NOT thinking - just being in the now -- like snow shoveling for hrs or going round and round with my SP mower for hrs instead of using my rider. Both are good & really did love SG's answer & like TT too. All views on your ? have merit..

(28 Nov '13, 05:49) ele

@The Traveller Your answer is the revealed secret of the human's breath. You made me feel wonderful through out your answer. Thank you very very very much.

(28 Nov '13, 23:56) PERFECT GOOD

@ele That's about it for me too ele. Snow .... already?

(29 Nov '13, 02:59) Catherine
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You might consider this... Seth weaves this idea of self-observation and questioning with his concept of Resonance Dynamics and his theory that you create your reality through your perception.

In his book Resonance he suggests several different dynamics of observation for different situations in physical reality. For example, one dynamic that works for me on a day-to-day basis is wondering/thriving. This path assumes you are on some sort of regimen of awakening. Let's say I am on a path of choosing Loving Understanding instead of anger. (This also works for me in matters of health, abundance, etc.) Throughout the day I ask myself, "I wonder how I will get an opportunity to create LU rather than anger?" I'm very light about. It's not a serious task. It's fun. So you are creating these potentials to allow the universe to respond to you.

Sure enough, because you are a reality creator, you get an opportunity to practice LU. And because you have just wondered about the probability, you remember that you are on a path of awakening. So the odds are good that you will not give in to anger but will manifest LU. It's sort of a "remember to remember" strategy.

Then, because part of the dynamic is anticipating a positive outcome, you do. You thrive. He also calls this the magical child perspective. He has other dynamics that come in handy for different situations and for different personality types. Hope this helps further the discussion…


answered 01 Dec '13, 04:40

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Mark Allen Frost

@Mark Allen Frost I did look at buying that book Mark but the cost was quite high for those outside the US - it sounds really interesting. This technique sounds really interesting. Thanks for answering.

(01 Dec '13, 10:11) Catherine

@Mark Allen Frost - Excellent answer. You are reminding me of the fact that the Universe hates a vacuum; "I wonder why I always have such good luck?" is actually stating my good luck as a fact, so the question has to be answered, and my higher self will present me with proof of my wonderful good luck... Love it. :)

(01 Dec '13, 14:07) Grace

Catherine: You can order the new Seth books at any bookstore. Our distributor is Ingram, the largest in the world.

(03 Dec '13, 20:10) Mark Allen Frost

Grace: Yes, Seth uses the idea of the vacuum in his new books. He articulates it more in terms of electro-magnetic influences.

(03 Dec '13, 20:12) Mark Allen Frost
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I believe the questioning person have already known the answer. But in regard to increase the faith the person put across the question to listen the same answers from all persons.

But after listening to answers the person need to be corrected by himself/herself or should correct the answers of persons by giving some examples or proven methods. And this is called "development".


answered 27 Nov '13, 21:11

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@Perfect Good I'm not sure I'm completely understanding what you are saying - could you expand on it a bit please but thanks for answering.

(28 Nov '13, 02:33) Catherine

@Perfect Good I've re-read your answer now. Interesting point you make about me knowing the answer already - for me, I have found questioning to be really useful but I've been around here long enough to know that others have other viewpoints and also that my own viewpoints/beliefs are constantly changing. I was interested to hear what other people thought and who knows I may change my own opinion! I change my opinion all the time.

(28 Nov '13, 04:08) Catherine

@Catherine I believe that to the most extent we should not come to any conclusion or judgement. It creates limits and boundaries.

(28 Nov '13, 23:07) PERFECT GOOD

@Catherine stop judging start exploring.

(28 Nov '13, 23:08) PERFECT GOOD

@Perfect Good Understood.

(29 Nov '13, 02:31) Catherine
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Yes! Ask yourself first: Who am I? Close your eyes, then you will realize (real eyes) that you are a being of consciousness, a spiritual being acting in a physical frame! Or you are a child of God, or "image of God" (Genesis 1:27) Hence you have only one Father, who is in the heaven (Mathew 23:9) all others are your brothers and sisters.

Whether male or female, you all have the same experience. You will find a traffic of thoughts that are like clouds, which come and go. Now look at the gap between thoughts, and slowly widen the gap between them, then gradually go beyond your thoughts, and you begin to feel your true being, the substratum of your body. There you find that there is no longer thinking, and a great shift occurs in your feeling! So far you were feeling peaceful, but now you experience you ARE peace, happiness and bliss... and so on. You never knew these were already there deep within you--hence you were searching for them outside! These new experience is the expression of this substratum, the pure self or the soul. Anything that happens from the outside will change our feelings.

If we wish, we can continue maintaining the same feelings and with our attention inwards, we will feel loosing of mine-ness, or will feel "poor in spirit," (Mathew 5:3) or non-possessive and non-attached to our own body, assets and relatives (all of which appear, stay for a time and disappear after a while). At the same time, you will experience a richness as you feel now you ARE the very wisdom, purity, peace, love, happiness, bliss and power in miniature--the very "seven" highlights of your Heavenly Father (compare Revelation 4:5). You feel so relieved as you now feel a oneness--a feeling of one Father and one world-family; and you will see that your behavior changes automatically. That is, the "virtues" emerge and will begin to radiate from you for the rest of the day, making others feel they are in God's kingdom when they are with you. What a blessed condition this is for you and others to be in!

What is in store for him who thus effectively radiates the above qualities of his heavenly Father? He continues to live even after he has left his body, the physical costume, without experiencing a gap in between. (2 Corinthians 5:1-10) Jesus unequivocally declares: he "has crossed over from death to life."--John 5:24.


answered 29 Nov '13, 01:07

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T D Joseph

@T D Joseph Thank you for answering. Wouldn't we just have stayed in pure consciousness though if that is all there is to do? The whole point of splitting in separate bits of consciousness is to create or am I wrong in that?

(29 Nov '13, 03:19) Catherine

catherine, Separation is a reality. God, the Supreme Soul (Father) is separate, and his children--individual souls are separate. The only difference is He is infinite in qualities, and we are limited in qualities; yet all are eternal, like our heavenly father.

(29 Nov '13, 04:02) T D Joseph

@td joseph (2 Corinthians 5:1-10) Jesus unequivocally declares: he "has crossed over from death to life."--John 5:24. very good. you might also like: Whoever discovers the interpretation of these sayings will not taste death." http://www.gnosis.org/naghamm/gosthom.html Have you found the beginning, then, that you are looking for the end? You see, the end will be where the beginning is.

Congratulations to the one who stands at the beginning: that one will know the end and will not taste death.

(29 Nov '13, 10:04) white tiger

Anyone here with two ears had better listen! There is light within a person of light, and it shines on the whole world. If it does not shine, it is dark." When you see your likeness, you are happy. But when you see your images that came into being before you and that neither die nor become visible, how much you will have to bear!

(29 Nov '13, 10:12) white tiger

The heavens and the earth will roll up in your presence, and whoever is living from the living one will not see death."

Does not Jesus say, "Those who have found themselves, of them the world is not worthy"?

(29 Nov '13, 10:13) white tiger

White tiger, Thank you for that, I found very useful things from the site you cited.

(30 Nov '13, 00:47) T D Joseph

thank you @td joseph..i always love ur answers cos they contain many bible verses n i love reading bible verses. thank you :) God bless...

(30 Nov '13, 03:43) supergirl
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yes it is very important. "The unexamined life is not worth living." - Socrates. The questions to ask yourself you were posing e.g. why am I envious? ... sound like Shadow Work - Jung/Debbie Ford.


answered 27 Nov '13, 12:55

Inner%20Beauty's gravatar image

Inner Beauty

@Inner Beauty Debbie Ford - that's a great book. I agree shadow work is really rewarding. Thanks for answering.

(27 Nov '13, 14:02) Catherine

Actually Debbie Ford wrote quite a few great books before she passed earlier this year.

(27 Nov '13, 20:51) ele

Hi @Catherine, Great question! I've always wondered just where this line is, myself.

I think that it may be best to just notice and acknowledge your feelings, and their physical location and effect they are having on your body, as opposed to figuring out what may be the underlying reason you are feeling that way. That way you don't get bogged down in all the circumstances that led up to your feelings, which is where I personally can get lost. At that point, they are simple to release and tap away with EFT.

I'm not advocating denying to myself that I found jealous or other unpleasant feelings in myself when I see someone enjoying something I would like to enjoy, as in your example, only that I want to recognized them, and realign myself to Source, where I can see things from a much better vantage point.

Once aligned, I tend to feel soaring happiness for people who are enjoying themselves. It brightens my day, and encourages me that if they can live that way, so can I! It goes much the same for any other feelings I would rather not embrace. Viewed from higher vibrations, they look so much different.



answered 27 Nov '13, 14:43

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@Grace You sound like you're more in the Abraham camp - sort of? I've found deeper questioning really useful but I guess it isn't for everyone.

(27 Nov '13, 17:34) Catherine

@Grace I've just re-read my comment - sounds awful when I re-read. I know you to be incredibly deep and thoughtful - I feel what you are saying here is not to get too bogged down in the thinking process - that's good advice.

(29 Nov '13, 03:01) Catherine

@Catherine - No worries, I understood. :) I am glad you pointed it out; I don't think I worded my answer well. I am a born deep-thinker, but I have been learning to do my thinking from a different starting place....

(01 Dec '13, 13:28) Grace

...What I should have expressed in my answer is that if I take the time to align when I feel a difficult reaction,I can look at circumstances from a higher perspective, and I can think more clearly, considering all the angles without my thinking being clouded by the pain of details of conversations, what-ifs, poor mees, etc.

I believe that thinking from this stance helps me manifest more understanding, peace and happiness, rather than confusion and sadness, which was my "Pre-IQ" MO...

(01 Dec '13, 13:28) Grace

...Still, I have to say, there are large elements of letting go of entrenched belief, surrender of a sort, and trust in my own power to manifest what I focus my thoughts on in this way of thinking, that probably does result in feeling more, and thinking less...

(01 Dec '13, 13:37) Grace

... I also trust in the idea that I can depend on my own higher self to present me with any underlying issues holding me back by bringing them up to my attention to be healed, which sort of brings me full circle, because that is what I believe would have triggered the uncomfortable response in the first place. I hope all that makes sense. :)

(01 Dec '13, 13:46) Grace

@Grace I love those points Grace.

(01 Dec '13, 15:22) Catherine
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i totally agree with the traveller. what he said ..i l summon it in simple language.., these are few lines that i read in the monthly spiritual magazine that comes our home of "brahmakumaris".

the man of intellect has all his questions..but the man of surrender has all his answers.

if you will analyze life, it will become more n more difficult.., but if you simply live it..n enjoy it..see how it transforms into ur "desired life".

that why it is said "shut up..n listen"..to ur source. it wil guide u better.

love,light and blessings ur wayy..

supergirl ..


answered 28 Nov '13, 02:48

supergirl's gravatar image


@supergirl I was thinking I hadn't seen you around for a while. Thank you for your answer - nice piece of advice "if you analyse life ..."

(28 Nov '13, 02:54) Catherine

Love it @supergirl "the man of intellect has all his questions..but the man of surrender has all his answers."

Your Answer is Most Excellent My Dear ... Simply Suburbulous Supergirl

(28 Nov '13, 03:26) ele

@ele I only read one of her books but it was really insightful - I found shadow work quite hard though.

(28 Nov '13, 04:04) Catherine

thank you so much @catherine and @ele.., i am really so glad that u liked it. @catherine..yaah..i got little busy with creating my beautiful life..so, couldn't answer or comment but, still i followed IQ,whenever got time. and really i would recoomend you to read more of brahmakumaris books.., they speak a lot about law of attraction and cosmic energies. i have learnt a lot from them. love,light and blessings.. :))

(28 Nov '13, 04:24) supergirl

@Catherine I enjoyed her last book - Defying Gravity. Check it out at a local library. Did you see the Thanksgiving poem I posted on Jai's question about love turning to hate which was Debbie's ?

(28 Nov '13, 04:28) ele

@ele No, I will check it out - thanks.

(28 Nov '13, 08:08) Catherine

@ele whoops - I think I've added that comment about Debbie Ford to the wrong thread. They should be under Inner Beauty's answer.

(28 Nov '13, 08:11) Catherine

supergirl superanswer. Thank you

(28 Nov '13, 22:52) PERFECT GOOD

Hi supergirl
"the man of intellect has all his questions..but the man of surrender has all his answers." (I LOVE THAT!!)

Thank you for sorting that out with such simplicity!

(28 Nov '13, 22:54) The Traveller

its my pleasure @the traveller n @ perfect good. i am really glad that u both liked it. i am glad that i could share little sort of knowledge that i have with u all. all thanks to you guys. thank you..:)) God bless..

(29 Nov '13, 12:12) supergirl
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seek and you shall find. if you miss something you have a question. this should tell you that you need to understand something, what does it mean? what is the meaning of all this? or are you to afraid to admit to your self that you do not know everything, if you ask your self it might be given to you. Ask and it will be given. clean the inside of the cup, see your reflection solve your division, know the light that you are, until the water and the light become one. overcome and go above. knock and it shall be open for you.


and you shall know the truth and the truth will set you free.

Let there be light ,be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.


answered 28 Nov '13, 19:04

white%20tiger's gravatar image

white tiger

edited 28 Nov '13, 19:24


@ I like always 'Let there be light, be the light that you can be'.

(28 Nov '13, 23:12) PERFECT GOOD

@White Tiger Not afraid at all WT - I know there is much I have to understand.

(29 Nov '13, 03:05) Catherine

No it isn't important because talking to yourself and answering yourself is classed as insanity. But if you ask yourself a question with no intention of answering it then what is the point of asking it in the first place?


answered 28 Nov '13, 13:38

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are you so sure about that:talking to yourself and answering yourself is classed as insanity. the genius, the truth seeker have always been those that asked them self question and found answer. insanity would be to not ask question and to not seek answer. if you do not believe me and cannot see it inside. look outside, do you see this computer screen if someone would not have seek the answer and find the answer to create this you would not see it right now since it would not exist. I could also-

(28 Nov '13, 23:27) white tiger

say look at Einstein, at first he was not a mathematician, he was a truth seeker. later on he learned algebra to put is answer in mathematic value. we could also look at the Greek and other society that did the same. even in meditation who is the observer and the observed? is it not the same one? when you go look at your self in the mirror to fix your hair or brush your teeth or to look if you look nice are you insane?

(28 Nov '13, 23:33) white tiger

@dilbiz Interesting point about insanity - recently I've come to feel that a lot of people who are classified as insane are actually having spiritual experiences. I'm not saying I'm right to be asking myself questions - others clearly think it isn't the way to go and feel strongly about it. I'm simply saying I find it useful. It isn't for everyone.

(29 Nov '13, 03:09) Catherine

catherine, if it is happening to you, the question why ought be over how you are caught off balance and do you want to stay there

(29 Nov '13, 18:43) fred
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