Do you really believe we chose our life before we were born?

How could you believe such a thing if there is not a bit of evidence for this?

At least with the LOA in our physical lives, there is quantum science to shed some light on our manifestation experiences.

So why do you or don't you believe in choices before conception?

Thanks !

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If you dive into and fully explore the idea that we create our own reality, you discover that it logically follows that this means we create or choose our own life and death experiences.

Scientifically we know that energy can only be transformed but it always remains. So consider the ideas of eternally existing as everlasting energy and the present moment of now. Then you may have the realization that we are eternal life experiencing different facets and perspectives of itself. So in a sense, I'm communicating with myself and so are you because there's only one of us.

I believe up to the point when I know, beyond belief. But this knowing is not something that can be rationally proved or even held onto because it's the felt oneness of all life, which is greater than our limited perspective of reason and logic. I like to see it as a paradox and leave it at that :-)


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If you are implying that somehow our lives are mapped out before us and we are just walking along a pre-determined path, then there is none of that.

It wouldn't make sense to have absolute freedom to create whatever you want in life through the application of focused thought and yet be fatalistically stuck on a pre-determined path. The ideas just contradict each other.

But what there is instead, is a choice of overall life theme you wish to play with.

This is no more fatalistic in idea than you deciding broadly where to go on vacation and then leaving the decisions about what to do when you get there to the time you arrive.

If you decide on travelling to a very cold, icy country then obviously what you can do is going to be constrained by those extremely cold temperatures...sun-bathing on a tropical beach is probably not going to be the first thing you think of.

So in that sense, your life theme may have an influence on the choices you make after you are born but even that does not need to be are free to create whatever you want whenever you want, and that even includes changing the circumstances of the theme you originally decided upon.


answered 22 Oct '10, 06:03

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I feel you must first resolve the question are you a reincarnation or a one time life here. Choosing birth to me is like choosing one door or another into your house, doesn't matter, once your in - your in and it is up to you what you do there. I do not think people born to extreme poverty, violence or a life that would end in infancy would choose such a thing. I feel I am a continuum since the inception of life itself. Yet is is my interest to awaken that reality in this lifetime, or not. Doing so includes the spiritual practices I have done as well as sciences. It is never one or the other. I find spiritual attitudes towards biology as mere vehicles counterproductive to fulfillment of our desires to reach our full potential, as intellectual attitudes that all spiritual practices and knowledge are mere myth. Beliefs are thoughts practiced so what you think is again a belief precluding reality. The banner of life at present is '' be in the moment '' which is practical, but in reality of spiritual and science the moment is immeasurable.One could not be in an actual moment of reality for even as I type this the first letter is far away gone from it. So many of our perceptions of life are flawed as we seek answers. As in meditation the energetic field you are actually in moves far beyond light speed, so calm is not calm at all. The seeker often becomes addicted to the seeking and misses the joys and passions of life.


answered 08 Jan '11, 00:48

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Darrell 1

Life continues to be a mystery, so I think the bigger question is what are your beliefs? Personally I believe that life is a gift from God, and we are here for a purpose to share our life experiences. In my opinion, when we were born we were given a life task to complete on our journey of life. Our book of life contains our life purpose, and history that we will relive on the day of resurrection, when the death will rise up, and we shall be judged according to our deeds, and work here on earth. The thought of live before conception is of such a highly spiritual nature that speculation becomes irrelevant to its true nature. The nature of spirituality is scared to spirituality, and is mystics to humans.

I certainly believe we have choices in life, and we have to work towards our goals to succeed in life; and we are therefore responsible for creating our own life style, and wealth in life, although it is not the same challenge for all of us. If we are responsible for choosing our own life before we were born then, I think this world that we now live in would have been a very different life experience for all of us. I can assure you there would be no such thing as universal poverty. Since everyone would have had exactly what they wanted in life, and I do not expect that anyone would choose poverty.

I see life as a test to challenge our survival skills, ability, knowledge, trust, faith, consciousness, to see how strong we are physically, and mentally; and to see how well we will make use of our spiritual gifts, and talents to create our fortune in life. Even though our circumstances in life may be different, and some of us are rich and some of us are poor, nonetheless all men were born equal, and the end result is the same for all of us.

Science has since advanced and modern technology is very sophisticated beyond our imagination with the computer age, but there is still a lot that we do not know, so there is still a lot of work to be done. The physical aspects of things are much easier to relate too, because we can see it, for we cannot see energy, the spiritual aspects of things, but we can feel it, and use it to our best advantage. So I think your question is a matter of opinion, and belief, because I do not think anyone knows for sure.


answered 22 Oct '10, 04:44

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Inactive User ♦♦

Yes, as in my previous answers, I do believe that we have chosen our life before we were born.

If you believe that we are vibrational beings who can create any anything we want in this physical reality, then it does not make any sense to assume that we have created everything in our reality with the exception of the circumstances we were born in.

The Law of Attraction is a universal law. It does not only apply when we are physical beings on earth as you are implying with your question.

As to what can be proved or not in this physical reality, you are referring to things that we can prove with our scientific minds and with our physical senses. I believe that there are many things that exist on this earth around us but since we cannot perceive them because of our differing vibrational dimensions, people think they do not exist. So, trying to prove everything from our limited three dimensional reality is not valid.


answered 22 Oct '10, 10:38

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Pink Diamond

No i dont to answer the question.

If i had a choice prior to existing as who i am on this earth,then is who i am here,who i was before?

If you looked back on some of the tyrants of history,were these beings good people in there pre life ( to this reality ) existence? Or were they very faulted/misled/evil even before they started life in the here and now.

Assuming we go on to something better and become better ourselves then the path trod by each individual is an upward or improving one. Each person becomes a little more loving,perceptive,compassionate,enlightened etc etc with each incarnation.

If this is the case how much worse was Hitler in his previous existence?

Cant really believe were on step two or three so to speak. I think were at the beginning of the journey. But i cant prove that,and i may be wrong.



answered 22 Oct '10, 13:40

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Monty Riviera

In terms of greater reality, in the no-time non-physical state, yes we're all facets of oneness, creator, god or the divine. We always have been and will be eternally. IMHO after hanging out in bliss for (insert a time period), we chose to forget our true nature and have some fun. Our primary purpose here on Earth is a game of remembering this point, then through incarnations to gradually or rapidly work our way back to that which we have always been. Meaningless? Probably 8-) In seeing this, Hitler or anyone else doesn't come into it because it's not our work to figure out another's path...

(23 Oct '10, 04:54) Eddie

Ni im with you there,we must all concentrate on who WE are. I just cant wrap my head around this being anything other than stage one of my existence.However i suppose whatever stage we actually were or are at we may be tempted to assume its always our first stage.

(23 Oct '10, 10:23) Monty Riviera

Everything is a** choice - Right now I choose to believe I chose this life before I was born.

True faith in anything requires no evidence. We can never really be open to the great beauty of life if we are always looking for evidence - life is what we choose to perceive.

Some interesting and diverse answers here but you get to choose which one resonates with you most.


answered 22 Oct '10, 14:22

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I really do not have an answer. All I know is there are many times in this life, where I somehow have a past memory. I guess they call this De-ja-vu.. It's happened now so many times in my life, that I have questioned if we choose our life in the beginning, or if we are shown our life's passage while in the womb. If you really study a newborn, their eyes act as ours in REM sleep. They sometimes smile and chuckle, they sometimes screw up their brow and cry, as in distress. I ask myself, what point of reference does a newborn have for a dream life? They hear a heartbeat with water noise. They also hear family members voices, and I would assume some outside noise. How can they dream without real life memories? I pose the question to you. I am just sharing my observation...


answered 05 Jan '11, 04:21

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Interesting point....I wonder where we would draw the line between random brain activity creating "things" in the mind of the infant vs. the thought coming from an extrral event.

(05 Jan '11, 18:59) Back2Basics

most draw that line where they are most comfortable drawing it lol :-)

(25 Apr '11, 19:43) TReb Bor yit-NE

yes we chose our lives and obstacle in our lives! but as being of light energy it seams easy from the other side of the mirroir and we take on often alittle to much so the cross we carry (karma) is often more heavy that we have though! but the divine plan is perfect everything happen for a reason in proper time and understanding that is also part of the journey to evolve as counscience! on the other side of the mirroir we exist as being of pure light and counscience all separate individual counscience but all united together throught the grace of the source of light (god)! one that find the narrow gate, samadhi nirvana, jivanmukti etc. can experiance that! we believe we are just body and mind but we are so much more!


answered 22 Apr '11, 03:50

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white tiger

We only "BELIEVE" in things that we are not sure about.

If we were sure about it, we would describe it as "Knowing" instead of "Believing".


answered 23 Apr '11, 15:20

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The Traveller

I hear you Traveller :)

(23 Apr '11, 18:58) Michaela

sounds like a circle of confusion.....

(25 Apr '11, 18:21) Back2Basics

I do think that it is true, I am a channeller and my source explains this to me. My son has c.p. (cerebral palsy), this is his life. It goes to what the soul needs. and this is one he has not experianced.. the soul needs all experiences. My son was a warrior( in his past life). He used his body in his whole life, he NEVER used his heart to love. In this life he is handicapped BUt he loves unlike any other can. Those who have a loved one with this understand, he NEEDED to do this, his soul REQUIRED this experience so that he could feel lack of body and an overabundance of love. I used to HATE the fact that he was haniycapped until I adopted my new belief system from my source. I always think that how can someone choose life that si "bad" ? After you realize that a "bad " experience is only a point of view and 99.9% of all "bad" experiences you can find either good, a lesson , or experience out of these, then they do not seem so they ??? I hope this helped.

love n light,



answered 23 Apr '11, 18:11

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TReb Bor yit-NE

i used a portion if this on the answer from this question, i am not trying to be repetitive BUT it saved me typing time !!! lol

(23 Apr '11, 18:13) TReb Bor yit-NE

the truth will set you free. experience and enjoy.

(05 Sep '11, 04:24) white tiger

thank you my freind,, it has been awhile,, love n light

(08 Sep '11, 13:38) TReb Bor yit-NE
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I would say just"NO"


answered 25 Apr '11, 08:09

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Nothing before you were born. Nothing after you die. While here some are damn lucky and others have lives that suck beyond comprehension. But all eventually age, decline in health and beauty, fall apart, suffer then die and return to the Earth from which we came. Eventually our sun dies too and so does the Earth and every memory of our flash in the pan lives. That is not fantasy, it is fact. So enjoy every good, happy, sensuous thing while alive and accept and tolerate the bad. Never waste a second trying to figure out why anything happens. This IS all that we have. Life is not fair - it just exists.



answered 05 Sep '11, 02:12

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Robert Allen Schledwitz

Wow this is a depressing picture you have of life! Very dim, my faith in God gives meaning and purpose to my life to be happy and enjoy life. Hadn't I this faith I suppose I'd be bitter too.

(05 Sep '11, 03:43) Wade Casaldi

not bad robert but i would not say accept and tolorate the bad. i would say learn from it and grow and change that bad if you can in something good. doing so you help yourself and other. experience and enjoy

(05 Sep '11, 04:27) white tiger

Wade: Are you saying I cannot love working in my garden or playing with my cat because I do not believe in your imaginary friend you call God? I am not depresses by my mortality. On the contrary it makes every moment very special. For there is no pie in the sky when you die. Nor was there one before you were conceived. Please keep your Faith if it works for you! Peace

white tiger: I will defend what I care for and try to change things I can which are simply cruel. That is built into me as a natural response. But I do not focus on what is bad unless I can alleviate it, Life is short.

(06 Sep '11, 14:48) Robert Allen Schledwitz
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