Dr Brian Weiss (Many lives, many masters) stumbled across past life therapy in his work as a psychotherapist. Whilst under hypnosis, one of his patients starting recalling moments of high emotional drama from "past" lives. As she recalled difficult and painful experiences from previous lives, her "real" life improved - the idea being that by re-experiencing these traumatic events enabled her to integrate them and move on from them. Dr Weiss would also guide the patient forward to their death in that life and then to the awareness, from a higher perspective, of what that life had taught them.

I came across this book many years ago and loved it. At the time, my understanding was that these past lives were in the past - previous to my now existence. My understanding now is that these lives are concurrent with this life SO my question is this, if Dr Weiss was able to guide people towards their death in these "past" lives (not really in the past but happening right now) then wouldn't this suggest that some things are mapped out in advance? So is the moment of our death in this life already decided and played out and able to be tapped into by another version of us living in this now moment in a so-called past life?

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Love the question, @Catherine. I've wondered about this, if the "past" and "present" overlap or overlay each other, it brings up so many questions.

(29 Oct '12, 16:39) Grace

I read that book last summer a real eye opener!

(31 Oct '12, 20:31) ursixx
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Every time we have an opportunity to do or not do something, alternate realities are created in which all possible outcomes do. We decide which one we will take, which one we put our awereness in. Everything is Now. It is our left brain that breaks into a linear progression, and our right brain that creates and connects with All that is.

So, if someone were to tap into a life that happened in a past life experience on earth, and choose an alternate path to have put my awareness in, or the way feel about the one we chose, we change the way we remember, or our emotional response to life events Now.

Our bodies are like tuning machines that allow us to raise our vibration. We are attracted to our parents by our vibration matching their combined vibration. We then can raise, lower or keep the same vibration. Whichever one we choose, is what affects our vibration and attracts us to where we go next.

Try my time travel experiment, and go back to a time you would change, and tell yourself what you need to know then to have what you want now. Then watch for things that are different. They won't have unfolded the way they would have if you had made that choice, but the results will show up miraculously. Don't have expectations about how they should show up. Just expect a miracle, and look for things that are different.


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Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess You are impressing me with your answers of late. I think I am wrapping my head around the whole infinite parallel realities but I still trip myself up with it and get confused. Thanks for responding.

(29 Oct '12, 15:02) Catherine

@Fairy Princess, this is a terrific explanation, thank you.

(29 Oct '12, 16:38) Grace
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