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Since music could lift up our feeling, including purifying our intention, so i am curious whether in this community, there are some people having experiences with music that would change their feelings to a celestial state or heavenly feeling.

  • It's not (just) about happiness, it's not (just) about having spirit, and so forth, but it's about music that would lead you to improve yourself, as a trigger for ourselves to do better, to help others, regret of what we have done in the past. Mostly it could make us having a sudden lovely feeling. It could put ourselves feel like being alone (only with God), somehow it would make us know what love is without understanding it.

  • It could be from different genre, since we have different sensitiveness. It could be from slow music, hard rock, instrumental, classic, pop, or disco. It could be happened and it's not because someone tends to have rude characteristics that would make them fall in love with hard rock music, but it's because of the specific genre could make our feelings vibrate to a specific feeling. It's when we saw a beautiful landscape or we were watching sadness, or we were watching tragedy that would make ourselves a little bit or more touchy.

But yes, naturally, a very soft music (if it fits to our character) tends to soften our feeling even better and it will let us to feel about what tenderness is, or what super tenderness is.

I have difficulty to find it, and perhaps we have the same case. If that so, please provide your links.

Thanks in advance :-)


asked 02 Dec '13, 23:59

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@ursixx thanks for remind me and for the link :-)

(03 Dec '13, 05:44) Seremonia

@Seremonia, do you agree that this is a duplicate question? Please confirm and we will close it since we do not permit duplicate questions on Inward Quest. Thanks

(03 Dec '13, 05:52) IQ Moderator ♦♦

Agree! :-)

(03 Dec '13, 06:04) Seremonia

@Seremonia, thank you. This question is now being closed

(03 Dec '13, 06:08) IQ Moderator ♦♦
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