I really like the music background in the "Getting Into The Vortex" guided meditations, but have been unable to find the artist who made/plays it. I would like to find additional tracks done by this artist.

I have done a Google search, nothing, so far.

Any idea?

asked 10 Jul '12, 08:15

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Dollar Bill

edited 10 Jul '12, 08:17

@Dollar Bill, there's no need to make this question Community Wiki (I've removed it) because there can be a definite answer to it. Questions are generally made Community Wiki when they are just asking for personal opinions/experiences rather than definite information

(10 Jul '12, 08:21) Barry Allen ♦♦

Ok, @Barry Allen, I was also asking for other similar meditations people like in my earlier question.


Should I somehow rephrase that question? Not after garnering points, nor to question your decision, just to understand.

(10 Jul '12, 08:40) Dollar Bill

@Dollar Bill, what you are asking for with that other question is probably always going to be Community Wiki because you are asking for personal experiences rather than a single, definite answer to a specific question. In a few years time, the same people may have different answers to it. See IQ Meta for more information on Community Wiki decisions.

(10 Jul '12, 09:18) Barry Allen ♦♦

@Barry Allen, thank you for explaining that. I concur. Bill

(10 Jul '12, 15:04) Dollar Bill
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@Dollar Bill-I think the composer was Phil Brown http://philbrownsounds.com/?p=30#more-30


answered 10 Jul '12, 09:08

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@Satori, I've converted your comment into an answer because it answers the question directly and so will be easier to find for those who have this query in future

(10 Jul '12, 09:21) Barry Allen ♦♦

@Barry Allen-No worries,Thanks:)

(10 Jul '12, 11:14) Satori

@Satori - Thank you very much! Got the answer. It will be fun to find other work by Phil Brown! I think the music for GITV is masterful!

(10 Jul '12, 15:08) Dollar Bill

@Dollar Bill-Your welcome,It is great,plus he had to compose it in an unusual time signature to suit the breathing technique.Here is some of his other music here http://www.cdbaby.com/m/cd/philbrown12

(10 Jul '12, 15:29) Satori
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