I enjoy guitars and recording. Won't go into how I often go in circles about knowing I'm better with words than guitars but would happily spent the bulk of time on the music.

So anyway, yesterday I was working on a tune and just wasn't feeling it, wasn't getting it, and I had the thought, "wow I suck at music." I even took the thoughts to the point of imagining giving away my equipment, or selling it cheap. Why did I ever think I was any kind of musician?

Now, as I entertained these thoughts, another thought whispered, like, "well now that you are saying with rather clear, strong affirmation that you suck at music, get ready to see more evidence of how much you suck at music."

A few minutes later I decided to listen back to what I had recorded, when lo and behold, I couldn't help but think, "hm, actually that's not so bad, kinda like it...okay I know I'm no virtuoso but maybe I don't suck as bad as I was thinking earlier." Posted it on a site where I like to post my music, and actually got some positive feedback.

Can someone explain? I would've thought since I affirmed I suck at music, the universe would've given more evidence of this. Or was it a letting go of a need to believe I don't suck at music? Being okay with being a crappy musician? Doing it because of sheer enjoyment? Or having a moment of being able to take it or leave it?

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Interesting. I came on inward quest to ask an opposite but related question. Yesterday after literally decades of wanting to do this, everything fell in place for me to professionally record a beautiful meditation with live background music. I listened to it afterwards and was rather quite happy with it. A friend posted it on facebook but hardly any response from anyone and silence from friends. I was thinking this might happen so in a way I'm not surprised. Trying to visualise more responses!

(26 Jul '21, 06:46) Inner Beauty

well, because we have billions of thoughts and beliefs in our heads and not just the ones that we think we do... just because you were aware of a few of them dosent mean that there werent other influences..but why did you even post your music if you thought it was bad? did you want negative responses? i dont get it! or maybe you did know you are good!!! you see?. it depends also for how long you had this negative thought compared to your positivity about yourself...

(26 Jul '21, 08:14) myself

Apologies for potential misunderstanding. It was after listening back and thinking it wasn't as bad as I imagined (not great, just not as bad) that I posted the thing. Also, I was remiss in neglecting to mention that I lately began learning drums and began to add my beginner-level drumming to the recordings. The tune in question was the first I tried drumming to and decided to make it a weekly thing as an encouragement: the drumming on this tune last month vs a month later...

(26 Jul '21, 12:03) Kieth61
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Posted it on a site where I like to post my music, and actually got some positive feedback.

The big problem with making your feelings dependent on others is if you open yourself up to accept the praise, you also open yourself up to accept the criticism.

Best long-term approach I've ever found is, for whatever you do, your guiding standard is did you like it?

It's not about what you create, it's about the vibration that you infuse it with.


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So best state is to completely let go of any desire for positive feedback?

(26 Jul '21, 07:09) Inner Beauty

Love that last sentence. My dominant vibrations would tend to be a mix of Enjoyment (of the doing) and Doubt/Frustration because of not being able to play like so many virtuosos. Maybe a more positive way to think would be something like: imagine all the fun that awaits in learning a little something new all the time.

(26 Jul '21, 11:54) Kieth61

@Kieth61 - *"imagine all the fun that awaits in learning a little something new all the time." - seems like a good approach :)

(27 Jul '21, 04:59) Stingray

@Inner Beauty - "So best state is to completely let go of any desire for positive feedback?" - You can reach a place where you can be so dominantly aligned that you switch off completely from the negative stuff and only allow the positive stuff through. But I would recommend the default as being to basically ignore everything and everyone else except the guidance from your own inner connection which expresses itself as how good you feel in any moment.

(27 Jul '21, 05:01) Stingray
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