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How would you react if an archaeological discovery revealed that most of the Gospels came from an earlier Greek myth.

Suppose a parchment were discovered that clearly predated the time of Jesus, but it contained almost all of the New Testament accounts of his teachings and his life, including the crucifixion and resurrection. Only the central character is someone named Attis who lived in Asia Minor after being born of a virgin and a Zeus-like god. The parchment is inspected and tested by scientists and declared to be genuine and from an era before Jesus' time. Scholars eventually conclude that the long forgotten myth of Attis was adapted and embellished by a group of Jewish reformers during the Roman occupation of Palestine, and there never was a Jesus of Nazareth
The whole story is made-up. But IF this all actually happened, I ask you, what effect would it have on your beliefs in Jesus' divinity? So I am not questioning was Jesus real or not or are the scripture true .
Just your reaction to the supposition

Thank you all for your answers.
The question was more about your reactions to the supposition. Not the Supposition itself. In the link i added in the comments is a link to a book about authoritarianism. There is a term used in the book right-wing authoritarians (rwa) simply stated
"Right-wing authoritarians are people who have a high degree of willingness to submit to authorities they perceive as established and legitimate, who adhere to societal conventions and norms, and who are hostile and punitive in their attitudes towards people who don't adhere to them. They value uniformity and are in favor of using group authority, including coercion, to achieve it."" I recommend this book! It is easily read and not a dry text book. Take the tests in the book learn more about yourself and your beliefs.


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Do you know of the legend of Mithras or Horus?

(14 Dec '13, 04:48) Wade Casaldi

@ Wade I have heard of them. But that's not what the question is about . It is a question about your reaction to the supposition.

(15 Dec '13, 03:18) ursixx

ursixx, it would have me explore the possibility, to know instead of imagine on others words

(15 Dec '13, 05:21) fred

Didn't fully actually answer your question ursixx. So I will say my reaction would be identical to what I feel about scripture now. The new "proof" would be a written document as old as the others with a fresh set of "experts" who say its authentic. I would be back where I started!

(15 Dec '13, 05:27) Monty Riviera

This is the same issue being debated now on Survival 2020 magazine. Not that I agree with this debate but here is some more information.

(29 Dec '13, 15:23) Wade Casaldi

@ursixx When I saw your question ~ I thought this guy has wayyyy too much time on his hands. He needs a job. lol Saw your comments to me under Live Chat ~ NOT going there. If you wish to discuss it, take it to Meta cause what you said made no sense if you recall what I said prior to the the question being closed & our posts dissolved.

(30 Dec '13, 20:55) ele
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There is a question among biblical scholars as to whether Paul wrote "Hebrews". So?

Who wrote the Gospels or when, is irrevelant to me. I get good insights when reading the Bible as well as many other popular "inspired" religious books.

The message comes through!

When you get a letter from a Loved One does it matter which mailman delivered it?


answered 14 Dec '13, 06:02

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Dollar Bill

Good point ursixx. We and I mean "we" as in very large sectors of mankind, have deified these writings and declared them " Gods word".

Yet we simply havnt a definite idea of exactly who wrote them, who they were, what they were and where and when they wrote it.

We can of course find "our own" proof of the validity of any document, but its not what I would call "proof".Just because somethings written in a document written by someone ive never known doesn't for me mean it comes directly from the mouth of some being called god whos outside of my own consciousness and entirely separate from me.

The legend of Mithras as Wade has mentioned has many of the core characteristics of the story of the physical Christ.

I would say this thou, I wasn't there at the time! No one I know was.

Much could well have been added and subtracted from these documents, I have a suspicion that within the vaults of the catholic church lie many secrets that would put the cat amongst the pidgeons in relation to what we call scripture. Like it or not the roman catholic church have had more to do with gathering together these documents and deciding whats in or out . Those of a protestant and evangelical bent have been handed a document by this church, who have been custodians of these writings for 2 thousand years.

I do what most people do with these writings, take what resonates. Most people do of course, but they wouldn't admit it.


answered 14 Dec '13, 05:20

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Monty Riviera

Having proof for or against something will not have any effect on people. From the beginning of history, everyone knows anger brings more problems than the situation you are angry about--this is something everyone has understood from HIS OWN experience! Yet anger rules over people. Lust has brought even emperors to shame! Yet lust too rules over people! So is greed! Interestingly, Jesus has observed: Good people will continue to do good, because that is what they have been practicing. And the bad people will continue to do bad, because that is what they have been practicing. (Mathew 13:35) Jesus did so many good things (if written down "even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written." John 21:25) This includes his showing of power over natural forces and death itself. Yet people killed him! Not only him, even all others those who tried to correct the system were shaved off from the earth!


answered 16 Dec '13, 05:50

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T D Joseph

In my understanding, the past is unreal. A supposition, if you will. There is evidence, which is technically further supposition, to establish a belief in a remote past, though the past and all things allegedly from the past are observably unreal, as they exist now, and not then.

With that said, and hopefully understood, the narrative of 'life of Jesus' matters not to Christ within You. The story is an example and reminder of Who You Are, and is not the only story around that does this. Just one of the most celebrated or revered.

So, I would find it genuinely humorous if the story came earlier than what is believed currently. It would tickle my funny bone. And then, I'd consider the story again and take from it what I currently take from it, where the Message is greater than the human adoration of the messenger, or idol, if you will.

"Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever believes in Me will also do the works that I do; and greater works than these will He do"

This trumps all that was done on the the cross and all notions of sacrificing one's self for the alleged sin of others.


answered 21 Dec '13, 12:53

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@jman Do not doubt that many have sin against them self and other. yet you cannot change the external by the external, the change needs to be done with in by one that have eyes to see, the simple fact that one is sinning show you that he is in darkness and do not know what he is doing, if he was not in darkness he would know what he is doing he would not do this to himself and other. if it would be as simple to just kill someone on a cross to erase sin then sending Jesus would have been a-

(02 Jan '14, 04:18) white tiger

great waste of time and resource. Follow is word not is flesh. the word will not pass away the flesh is pass away. The fact is that they killed is flesh to not see or hear is word, and they failed since they still resonate today. And one that seek can still find the way the truth and the life.

(02 Jan '14, 04:27) white tiger

@ursixx, It would make no difference. Even if they found the Gospels came from Delta quadrant's planet Tok'onath Prime, written by an alien race we know nothing of.

Since I learned to form a perception and then dismantle it and form a contradictory one, only to arrive at the point of understanding the object of my perceiving where both of my point of views meet.

I don't need jesus nor buddha to guide me what to do or where to go. Lao tzu taught me well to not follow any teachings. lol =)


answered 02 Jan '14, 03:33

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too good to be just a comment.

(06 Jan '14, 10:13) ursixx

... sneaky ... lol!

(06 Jan '14, 22:28) ele

heh, I almost made a rage comment about someone * me off by deleting my comment which I was sure I made =)

(07 Jan '14, 09:20) CalonLan
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I wouldn't care. It's not about the mythology. It's about the MORALITY. The Ancients held on to these stories for a reason.

Jesus Christ, the idea of a Savior whether Jesus, Horus, Krishna, it speaks about The Golden Rule COMPASSION for others - HELPING others, not withdrawing into your own mind for happiness but to also SHARE the happiness with others.


answered 21 Dec '13, 12:32

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there is all ready a document like this it is the gnostic gospel of Thomas. it is not Greek, in my case it would not change anything except that I could maybe learn something new if there is something new in it. see it that way Jesus, Buddha Bodhi Dharma, Enoch, Hermes, many of them have achieve and experienced the above even if they use different language and have different understanding. on many point their puzzle pieces match and they did not know each other in this world or the teaching of the other. if I ask you what is a tree or what is the sun. you have seen it and will give a description that will be very similar to someone else. then what would change? unless you have a deeper understanding or new fact relating to it, it would be the same. and we would all know what you are talking about because it is something we all know. am I telling the truth? also in this world many are prone to error so seek the truth first. do not believe blindly. seek until you find.


answered 22 Dec '13, 14:25

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white tiger

My point for mentioning Mithras and Horus is that there are books, videos and articles that exactly say the story of Jesus was based on earlier stories.

This has no effect on my faith except to strengthen it. Not from defiance or denial but from confirmation. Christ is through all time from the beginning. Names may change but the essence of being remains and so these other stories that are earlier Krishna was one too that I remember, these reinforce my faith in Christ.


answered 15 Dec '13, 08:41

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Wade Casaldi

confound their language. In confusing their language, making each clan understand each other but no one else, God produced the desired response, despite their intentions. And who says God doesn't have a good sense of humor? you know the babel story.

(29 Dec '13, 11:24) white tiger

Archaeologists have long desired to locate the Tower of Babel. They have been unfruitful in their efforts. There may be Scriptural evidence for why the ruins have not been found. The land of Shinar is shown in Zechariah 5:11 as a site for the city of Babylon. The ancient city of Babylon was located some 80 kilometers south of modern-day Baghdad, Iraq (Douglas 111). The Bible confirms that Babel and Babylon were both located in Shinar. Of the history of the Tower of Babel, Hayes states:

(29 Dec '13, 11:28) white tiger

This episode (Gen. 11:1-9) was included . . . as the capstone of . . . primeval history. . . . The original story was . . . to explain the existence of multiple language groups with its play on the words Babel (Babylon) and babal ("confuse") (146).

(29 Dec '13, 11:28) white tiger

@white tiger I hadn't thought of it that way but yes this explains a lot. It is all the one same thing. When they finally find the tower of Babylon and rebuild it the world will be reunited in understanding and harmony. The world will recognize the birth place of every belief, language and religion.

(29 Dec '13, 15:11) Wade Casaldi
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