In the Churches I was taken to as a child they told me this meant to believe what I was told by the religious 'authorities' and accept that they knew what was up and let that be that.

This of course bothered me to no end, as I constantly asked them questions they could not answer and they got mad at me for it because I wasn't doing what I was supposed to.

I've thought about this as I've grown and I started to ponder the meaning of "child-like faith". When I think of a kid and how they approach new topics, I'm reminded of the scenario I'm sure we all know too well. "Why?" [Answer] "Why?" [Answer] "Why?" [Answer].

Was Jesus suggesting we simply follow like sheep (He was after all referred to as a shepherd at times) or was he suggesting we approach everything with the curiosity, open mind, and questioning of everything we see?

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Knowledge of the ages but the purity of the child.... Don't think Jesus wants us to go around "blindly". probably just to look to him as a teacher, someone that had a deeper understanding and knowledge of right and wrong, to be king to others...etc.. I know what you mean about some of the church leaders.... they like to brainwash you, it would seem....

(25 Apr '13, 18:58) Dragonflybreeze

I like your definition... :)

(25 Apr '13, 18:59) Dragonflybreeze

Believing anything is ok, because everything is illusion. It doesn't matter whether you believe it all, like a kid would do, or nothing at all, you get the same result. Down side of believing anything is that it's an easy way to control others and people will use this opportunity to mess around with you. Believing nothing prevents you from that.

Overall, your question uncovers the very nature of the bible. A master plot to take over the control of the world. Give people something nice and

(26 Apr '13, 04:50) CalonLan

...intangible, so its existance cannot be proved and they will be forever captured by its mysterious nature, which won't let them sleep. As they will thrive on it and engage in process of imagination and fantasizing for the rest of their lives.

Once the existence or non-existence of god would be proven...people would just forget about it.

Very well, clap clap clap to whoever came up with the idea of Jesus, god, and all this bollocks and took the time to spread it around. =) It's the...

(26 Apr '13, 04:53) CalonLan

...longest running show in the history of man kind.

(26 Apr '13, 04:58) CalonLan
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Simply to see, hear and feel with wonder of all there is. A child's mind is unlimited, untainted. Children love innocently and don't hang onto to experiences for too long, while many adults do. As a child nears the age of 9, they begin to accept the societal conditioning that begins to chew away at their innocence. The key is to not let this happen, so they can enjoy their inner childlikeness into adulthood. Childlikeness is the way to peace and joy. Observe children at play. They never give up, if they do it isn't for too long. They have a persistence that there is always play to be had no matter where they are. They believe without seeing. It just feels good to believe. Seems simple and naive, and yet it is oh so effective. We need more adults remembering this so that this world can begin to evolve into more love and we can safely live together in peace and childlikeness. Try it. Be childlike in all you do and see for yourself what happens.


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Jesus took the children on His lap, and said that we all should believe as they do...trusting, open, utterly dependent on Authority, innocent, free of questions- just BELIEVE. To believe as a child is to trust with one's heart that tomorrow will come, the sun will shine, the world will be there, the food will appear, and so on. It is a mind-set. Total trust that God will supply what we trust that what happens to us is all right in the long faith, in other words. Using the Faith of a Child is as close to Total Faith as Christ could give us.

We all know that real children wiggle, are full of questions, get into mischief, and generally are not what Jesus had in mind. But the child who goes to bed just knowing that tomorrow, Santa will come..or the Easter Bunny, or the Tooth Fairy...that is the Faith that Christ refers to here. (Please pardon the irony here!) Children trust like no other humans trust. Babies do not question from whence their milk just shows up or not. It is that kind of trust that we must develop in ourselves. No questions asked, in other words, just trust.




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Agreed Jaianniah, I d have a question though, that perhaps was not addressed earlier in the Bible... If a child continually is lied to or hurt, the child will in time stop trusting. I believe that Faith in God and trust that HE has a plan for your life, For a Good life. (just please do be careful, there are those individuals that would take advantage of a child, so please remember that when practicing childlike trust. :) )

(25 Apr '13, 20:56) Dragonflybreeze

Agreed 100%. A child has complete faith that, as Jesus famously said, "All things are possible to them that believe," because the child has not yet developed the limiting beliefs that most adults develop by attributing false power to physical circumstance. Because the child has not yet developed his or her own "story" or "history" on which to base judgments, limiting beliefs, thought-forms, and general mental noise.

(28 Apr '13, 15:07) lozenge123

I think childlike faith doesnt dip too heavily into the dreaded " hows "

When were on the brink of thinking ourselves onto a new life " track" we often get stuck on how will this happen, how can it happen, how can i possibly get this thing or situation.

As a child we dont generally spend any time thinking about how. When my grand daughter wants some sweets she just asks grandma who then goes to the kitchen ,gets them and hands them over.

At 3 years of age i dont think the how question even arises. The "process" or "method" of the sweets manifestation is not taken into any consideration. Also the question of said sweets being withheld is again not even in the equasion.

Perhaps this is what Christ/We mean when we said this.


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Monty Riviera

Thanks for this post.What I believe this to mean is , now walk with me; How can any child please there parent ? Simple , by being obedient . No parent likes a wild kid , when the parent says to do something they expect it to be done. God is the ultimate parent "FATHER" we have to believe him against all odds. People make God this and that ,BLAH BLAH BLAH !!! God is LOVE , look that up . That not meaning lust !!!!!!


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"God is LOVE, look that up."- Great words, I love it :)

(01 May '13, 10:51) Nikulas

it may be the vibration
cycle of the human brain
that the child sees his world
in theta instead of beta


answered 28 Apr '13, 05:38

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