Recently I had a mind-blowing thought which came to my mind which I could not wrap my head around it. Maybe it is quite straightforward but I just cannot comprehend it at this time as my head seems to be exploding with ideas.

It's been said numerous times before that if a person has a belief that the Law of Attraction does not work... then he will attract more and more information and proof that the Law doesn't work.. which ironically indirectly proves that the Law does work. I agree with that.

But what if... the person has an underlying belief that feeling good will not yield any positive results?

The Law of Attraction is about aligning with who you really are, and that means trying to feel happy and joyous no matter under what circumstances. But it's also been said that the reality around you is the sum of all your beliefs. So.. if you have a belief that feeling good will not work, doesn't that seem to contradict each other? And which one will be the "ultimate winner" so to speak, or am I just confusing myself?

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perhaps this is something that only time will tell for sure

(01 Jan '15, 15:33) fred

I have an aunt who lives by this turkish saying:

"If you laugh a lot in life, then you'll also cry a lot in life."

Every time she is in a good mood when together with family and friends and everyone is happy, she says: "Well, that was a good laugh. I hope God doesn't let us pay for that." And then she looks worried and sad. Even though she was allowing her well-being to flow to her moments ago, she now chooses to block it because of a belief she holds on to.

And there are really unlimited and very creative ways how people choose to block the well-being that is flowing naturally to them all of the time.

However, there is no man-made creative limiting belief that can ever change the universal truths. One can create the experience of changing them, but one cannot ever actually change them. The universal truths say that the LOA is always active and that you are a magnificient being that will always exist...and that well-being is always flowing to you... and that everything is always working out for you.

So coming back to your question... even if someone believes that feeling good will not yield anything positive, it must still yield positive experiences if one feels good.

But how good could one possibly feel in the moment by thinking "feeling good isn't good?"? The inner being won't agree with that thought so one will feel uncomfortable as a that moment.

Because what is feeling good anyway? It is your inner being saying to you that in this moment you are thinking a thought that is close to universal truths. And feeling bad or less than good means that in this moment you are thinking a thought that isn't universally true.

And if one is thinking "feeling good isn't good" and consequently not feeling good by thinking so, Law of Attraction will still yield evidence and create the unique illusion that "feeling good isn't good". However, even if it then appears to be true that "feeling good isn't good" because of evidence all around one, it won't be actually true.

It will be a unique, creative, illusionary seemingly-true lie that one will be experiencing.


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@releaser99 yep that was what I thought at first too - that the belief would prevent the person from really feeling good. i.e. the feeling good to him may have been just an illusion due to the belief. Just wanted to hear more opinions regarding this.

(31 Dec '14, 22:28) kakaboo

@kakaboo I'm glad if I could act as a little mirror of your all-knowing nature :).

(02 Jan '15, 04:46) releaser99

This question sounds similar to my most recent one on energy healing. Here is the best answer I found:

I hope this helps.


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@EnlightenedOne thanks will take a look at it

(31 Dec '14, 22:25) kakaboo

Recently I had a mind-blowing thought which came to my mind which I could not wrap my head around it. Maybe it is quite straightforward but I just cannot comprehend it at this time as my head seems to be exploding with ideas.

To me, it is quite straightforward. Let's break it down simply... I have the following belief:

Feeling good will bring me unwanted things

While I'm feeling good, I will be attracting wanted things into my reality (Law of Attraction says so). However, while I'm feeling good, when I give thought to this belief, I will feel bad. Remember, a belief is a thought you keep thinking. This is what will cause the negative attraction.

In the uncanny scenario of feeling good when giving thought to this belief, you will feel more good, which means you will attract more unwanted things. However, if you are feeling good about the fact that you are attracting unwanted things, perhaps you actually want these unwanted things :)

In the end, feeling good is good, it is only when we feel bad do we have to explore and integrate.


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