Consider: why are some people discovering that the get rich quickly is just not working?

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Most of us are not adept at instant manifestation or getting rich quickly because we let our limited beliefs hold us back.

If we could get ourselves to a place of pure uncontradicted thought and hold that thought with unwavering faith and no doubt whatsoever, the LOA would have to bring our request. Because of our limited beliefs we usually let doubt creep back in "old habits die hard".

However, working at uncovering those old beliefs and instilling new ones usually requires a lot of practice and repitition but the more we stick with it and work on cultivating those new beliefs, the more we will see positive results yielded - persistence is key to strengthening our faith. We just have to believe without a doubt that it will happen, and it will.

To that person at the end of their rope, I'd say - stick with it, and never,never give up. Those who are successful have encountered failure, sometimes many times, but have refused to let it defeat them and as a result they succeed eventually.


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Has anyone done an experiment where they did nothing but get to a place of pure uncontradicted thought and hold that thought with unwavering faith and no doubt whatsoever, just to try it??

(27 Oct '10, 16:00) Back2Basics

Thank you for your great words of encouragement, and I will certainly share it with my friend.

(28 Oct '10, 03:12) Inactive User ♦♦

According to Abraham, if we can hold that thought for just 17 seconds,we activate a matching vibration and begin to attract similar thoughts.If we can manage to hold it for 68 seconds, the vibration is powerful enough that the manifestation actually begins.

(28 Oct '10, 11:30) Michaela

You're very welcome Vee :)

(28 Oct '10, 23:52) Michaela
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It is so important that your friend find some form of HAPPINESS !NOW! Meaning to find something POSITIVE taking place in his/her life & focusing on that with genuine GRATITUDE, thereby allowing more of that POSITIVE energy to flow in their life.

Stingray made the simplest comment that caused a MAJOR shift in my life, like I TOTALLY got it--and--have & am ACTING ON IT & life is flowing more than ever, ever, EVER before--and it is TO GET HAPPY!! Yep, that's the KEY to it ALL!!

Getting HAPpY (to me) means that I have to want my good more than anything else--more than being right, more than allowing fear to run my life, more than ANYTHING! & I do this by maintaining my vibrational levels in higher modes by focusing on how I want to feel &/or on what I want. Then I pretty much find a way to ignore the rest with confidence that me BEING HAPpY NOW is the POWER needed to make POSITIVE changes, one day at a time.

I also realize that it is just as easy to focus on the good things happening in our lives---even if there is only one or a few. Focusing on our good provides ammunition for more good "stuff" to appear in our lives.

GRATITUDE journals are amazing too. They really assist energy alignment by helping us to notice that we really do have more good in our lives than we recognize or take for granted :)


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Sounds like you "got it", figure8shape :) It really is as simple as that. It's obvious once you "get it" but getting to the point of "getting it" can be tricky for many people

(29 Oct '10, 17:12) Stingray

I will share your insightful answer with my friend, and I will encourage the same approach of being happy now. Thank you for sharing your experience, and ideas.

(30 Oct '10, 04:08) Inactive User ♦♦

Hi Vee, I think we get too caught up in the material world at times. Having wealth is not necessarily limited to money. However wealth from a spiritual perspective is recognizing that you can get whatever you want from the universe and that there is enough to go around for everyone. More importantly though is the joy that comes from knowing that and knowing that all your request are answered. You do not have to wait to see it, you only need to feel it. If you feel the joy of knowing that your request will be honored then you can let go of the actual manifestation of that.

What would be the point of having the money and not being able to experience the joy of knowing that it is coming from within and there is a whole lot left to draw from.


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I will share your comments with my friend. Thank you.

(28 Oct '10, 03:25) Inactive User ♦♦

return to earth with a better understanding what is going on,
and resolve why it is that you are entitled


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I think your answer will put a great big smile on my friend's face. Personally, I like your answer. Thank you.

(28 Oct '10, 03:31) Inactive User ♦♦

The world of the spirit is a mirror of this one and visa versa. Jesus likened the kingdom to a tree. He often used analogys from nature.

Spiritual things grow as seeds grow.Its just the way it is. If a farmer wants a crop he has to plant well in advance of when he wants his crop. He cant decide the day before that he desires wheat,plant his seed the next morning and get his crop.

Theres a process..fact. Jesus knew this and all the great revealers of spiritual knowledge know this too.

Faith AND patience. The biblical power twins. We have to FIT IN to the way things are.We cant change spiritual laws. We work WITHIN and with them.



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Monty Riviera

I agree with you that we cannot just expect a miracle over night, and we have to be patience; but when someone is down and out, it is sometimes hard for them to reason logically. Thank you for your answer.

(28 Oct '10, 03:22) Inactive User ♦♦

Your right Vee,when people first come to God/.Source their often at their wits end.They need a litle seed to eat before their crop comes in.I think thats where the rest of us come in. We can help plug the gap so to speak.Hopefully when that person begins to receive they will do likewise to another.

(28 Oct '10, 08:18) Monty Riviera

Remember, what you want is results. Money is a means to a end, spend time focusing on the result. If money is what you need to get there it will come through the LOA. P.S Dont forget to feel good Hj


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Hj 1

Yes, result is the key word; I will pass on your answer to my friend. Thank you.

(23 Nov '10, 05:16) Inactive User ♦♦
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