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I've heard many people say that life is hard and they have to struggle just to make ends meet. I was there at one time. I was born into a poor family, and struggled to make a living. But that's not my experience anymore.

For one thing, I am in my mid-20s and I am wealthy, meaning I am making money through investments without even having to work. I have more than enough money to provide for anything I desire. I live in a large, beautiful, 7-bedroom home with a loving family, in a peaceful area of my town, and I am traveling around the world for pleasure. And second, I am loved by all women that know of me. I have beautiful, loving, healthy women drawn to me for love. In fact, I am having sex with any woman I desire, by merely choosing her, and it doesn't even matter how I look, what I own, whether she's already in a relationship, or if she's a lesbian, or even if I'm not her type. Once I choose her, she feels great attraction and love for me, and she wants what I want, on my terms. I have everything that I desire. I am living in abundance.

I believe life works on my terms because I imagine what I want, and it becomes my reality. I simply imagine the thing I desire, believe that it's already mine, and life arranges itself to give me just what I imagined, regardless if what I currently see and hear in my present world denies it. The interesting is, I don't even have to struggle or compete for what I want. What I believe I already have is then drawn to me, quickly and effortlessly. The world is mine to do as I please.

People who have a scarcity mentality, who see life as a constant struggle, will find what I say hard to believe. But as taught by Neville Goddard, your imagination creates your reality. What you believe to be true about yourself will reflect in your world. I am sharing this with you so that you might have some insight as to how to have life work on your terms. Life can be as easy and fulfilling as you believe it can be.

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That's all nice to hear, Terrence. Good for you. Just one question though...aren't you the same person who posted Why can’t my life work on my terms? : . I'm not being critical, just puzzled

(24 Oct '11, 19:57) Stingray

I'm guessing that you are posting the details of your "imagination" for us

(24 Oct '11, 20:15) Stingray

HaHaha the question about the spiritual joke was on another page i think.

(25 Oct '11, 00:06) white tiger

A miraculous transformation. You have been stung by the Stingray. This is hard work my friend. And it does not happen overnight. When I said dream, I meant WORK THE DREAM. NOT, LET THE THE DREAM WORK YOU.

(25 Oct '11, 05:14) The Knights Alchemy

@Terrence - this feels, to me, to be a great affirmation! Say it with enough intensity and it is sure to manifest. Affirmations are worthwhile ONLY if you can change your state of mind, belief patterns by using them.

One man's belief system can be another man's delusion. Depends on your perspective.

(05 Jun '13, 07:19) Dollar Bill

"as taught by Neville Goddard, your imagination creates your reality'

Great minds think alike..

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”

                                        ~ Einstein

"The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination."

                                        ~ Einstein
(05 Jun '13, 17:38) ele
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I think this is an inspiring question, I am surprised others put it down so much. This reminds me of when Frank R. Wallace made the book "Advanced Concepts of Poker" and discovered Neo-Cheating. He found this same concept could be applied to all of life.

By your post it seems to me you have a pretty good grasp on this. It seems to the world like you live in a magical world but really it is simply the correct aware application of brain power. "Zon power." I believe that Derren Brown knows this when I see his demonstrations he puts on. It is simply playing on the bicameral mindset most still live in, as in the comparison between the Iliad and the Odyssey.

I was just thinking of times when people did what I thought instantly. One time I was at a store and looked behind a girl to something I wanted. I was just about to tell her, "Hand me that game behind you." and she grabbed it off the hook and handed it to me! I said nothing and yet she responded to my thought! Another time I was at a restaurant, I ordered a soda. After the waitress walked away I changed my mind and said to myself in my head, "Wow I should have ordered this one instead!" This was a strong thought at the time. She returned back to the table with my second choice just like that was what I had ordered in the first place! She never knew that I did not order that.


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Wade Casaldi

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Some of the things spoken of here happen to me as well although I have no idea why for it seems to happen and than disapear for a long time and than all of a sudan happen again. I wish I knew why so that I could harness this amazing power.

(26 Oct '11, 04:42) Paulina 1

Yes exactly and according to Neo-Tech, we can train to use our brains so that we experience this always. In other words this becomes normal life to us. I believe when I see people like Darren Brown that they must be the ones that practice this kind of control over their own minds. Me I have studied all my lessons but for the big transformation that takes a lot, much like that Matrix movie where Neo needs to choose to take either the blue pill or the red pill. That is a big decision to make and most would choose the blue pill and have everything be the same because change is uncertain.

(26 Oct '11, 06:07) Wade Casaldi

Change takes effort and is scary however having read all my lessons I retain the knowledge of how I can make life better. It lets me know how to wake up from the bicameral mind and to if and when I chose switch to whole brain Neo-Thinking living in a world most couldn't imagine.

(26 Oct '11, 06:14) Wade Casaldi

For some of us, sameness is scarier than change. We wish for change, praying for it and searching desperately for because our life depends on that change. And when we find it, Like Derren, we embrace it and make it our own, for now we have permitted ourselves life. I believe that if it comes and goes without too much incidence then the power wasn't a desperately needed tool for your survival. Derren Brown explained how he used to be...i think it was bullied or something along those lines...and learning those powerful skills has saved him and me (I'm still learning) and saved others too!

(22 Dec '11, 00:50) Parammama
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If all you say is true than good for you and if not than all I can say is dream on for you never know when some of your dream might become reality.


answered 26 Oct '11, 04:38

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Paulina 1

Just make sure you dont confuse your reality with your dream.

(26 Oct '11, 04:44) Paulina 1

you were born on your terms and with your wisdom,
you are using your will power to consume your appetites to satisfaction,
as long as you don't feed on others
your future should remain charmed


answered 26 Oct '11, 23:55

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